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4chan MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of '4chan'
4chan MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders


INTP - 9
INTJ - 3
ENTP - 1
ISTP - 1

[Famous INTPs]

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6W7 - 5
7W8 - 1

[Famous Enneagram 6]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Totally. I hate those stupid drumpfkins.I mostly stick to /a/, occasionally /his/. /pol/ was actually tolerable and functioned well as a containment board before 2015 but the Trump personality cult has gotten utterly insufferable.

MBTI type of 4chan

.4chan is full of smart people pretending to be retarded, Reddit is full of retards pretending to be smart.People posting on here need to realize that 4chan is more than /b/.

Find out about 4chan personality type

.4chan as a whole is like radioactive waste and needs to be separated from the rest of the world with strong barriers so that people don't catch cancer from its radiation in the form of groupthink and bad memes.b and pol are the fucking cancer of the earth/u/ is the only board where I think is decently worth to let my time waste in.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of 4chan./pol/ is where I go to escape from the cucks.Based on my experience on that site.Which of the 16 personality types is 4chan?. I would say there is also a huge amount of INFPs. Among them many who believe they are T types like INTJ or INTP. Fi is not a nice thing all the time.I just assumed that it wouldn't be all that much different if I actually hand-counted. If anyone wants to do the dirty work and count that up be my guest.Did you just do a CTRL-F to search for the number of mentions of each type, or did you actually scroll through and check to see if a person was saying "I am this type"? The thread you posted did have a lot of discussion about INTJs on 4chan, but most of the posts containing "INTJ" were not people saying they were INTJs. For example, here are a few of the posts that you apparently counted as people reporting to be INTJs: "OP here. I'm totally cool with being the idealistic dreamer though being an INTJ would probably help me make better decisions", "INFJ master race along with INTJ", ">INTJ who apparently underwent a massive life-changing event and turned into a master race INFP >implying turning into a feelfag is a good thing Faggot". Several posts contained the phrase "INTJ" several times, often as part of INTJ descriptions, and you counted all of those instances as separate individuals. If you actually go through the responses and count the times that people say that they are a type, INTPs are in the majority. If you pretend that every instance of a type cropping up in a thread counts as a separate person, then you are correct.The one I posted had INTJ over INTP 61-32, but it was from a paranormal forum. The anime forum just had INTJ up by 3-1 over INTP. The r9k one had INTP up 73-20, so it really just has to do with which forum I guess.I voted INTP. Most 4chan users seem to be INTPs, according to the MBTI threads that I have found on the subject. Those include the one that scotty already posted (which, I might add, included as many INTP posters as INTJ posters) as well as the links I will include at the end of this comment. It also makes sense that 4chan would be INTP based on its rapid-paced eccentric humor that generates an endless stream of new jokes/memes (Ne), its tendency not to take anything seriously (not Ni/Te), and its trickster-/prankster-esque nature (NTP). people just take tests and say that is their type. I don't think there is much reading-descriptions-and-matching going on.Lots of INTJ's