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Adele MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Adele'
Adele MBTI type

Music Industry


ENTJ - 17
ESFP - 2
ESTP - 1

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3W4 - 5
2W3 - 1
4W3 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

idk you'd have to ask him c:I would believe that Adele scares him.i think he meant intimidating in an endearing way, not that she actually scares him lolAnd from what I know Adele has the best sense of humor, so if Medou is really an ENTP they should get along great.I mean she's just a woman, a singer. That's all.

MBTI type of Adele

. And he's a man. Yeah.

Find out about Adele personality type

. 2+2.Funny that you find her intimidating.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Adele.Huge ENTJ, explains why I've found her to be slightly intimidating but I'd love to challenge her.I had the same observation @butterfly, with a few ExTJ females.Which of the 16 personality types is Adele?.In my experience, ENTJ females tend to be emotional in a weird way ... For example the tear-laden wrath in "You Could Have Had It All" is something I've seen in another female ENTJ I knew (Te+Fi). Same with crying in public and that sort of thing. I think a female ENTJ will do whatever will get her what she wants or people to like her, even if it's playing into society's expectations of women. Adele is also known to be quite coarse (swearing, talking about drinking lots, etc.) and bossy. I remember reading an interview in a restaurant where she ordered everything on the poor interviewers behalf before they had the time to say anything. ENTJ/ESTJ can also be very strong family people. They take their responsibilities very seriously and will intensely care, even if they might not be end up as the most patient and warm parents. Honestly I don't feel like I know enough about Adele to say anything for sure, but I just wanted to say that I can *definitely* see her as an ENTJ.Do you have other arguments about her being ESFJ ? Not that I agree or not, it's just that I have the impression she doesn't reveal herself, so it's difficult for me to determine a type for her (but I have to confess I did not read that much about her)Despite my annoyance, I 100% agree with your opinion of CelebrityTypes. Hate it and think it's why so much of the typing on this site is wrong. Not sure why people come on here just to relay information from a separate, unreliable source.Super unnecessary response considering you aren't very familiar with her and I listed several of her other traits beyond that one. But thanks for your input!Snide aside, if there really is bad typing backed up by a ton of votes (I don't know much about Adele) chances are you can trace it back to - where bad typing reigns supreme.Oh no, she cares about her family. Must be an SFJ because SFJ's are the only type capable of caring about their family!I genuinely have no idea where the ENTJ votes come from. She's an ESFJ. Extraverted feeler, devoted to her family and privacy, openly cries and discusses her flaws, blunt and straightforward, funny.