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Adolf Hitler MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Adolf Hitler'
Adolf Hitler MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders


INFJ - 109
ENTJ - 20
ENFJ - 15
INTJ - 7
ISFP - 7
ENFP - 3
INFP - 2
ISFJ - 2
ESTJ - 1

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6W5 - 43
1W2 - 5
4W3 - 4
6W7 - 3
1W9 - 2
2W3 - 1
5W4 - 1
5W6 - 1
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

fi dom obvious self absorbed and caes about german identity se auxiliary nazi ideology is esthetic driven ni tertiary symbolic oriented (he pick the eagle from Nietzsche's book)ENFJ seems most likely. However you look at it Ni is subordinate to Fe and Se inferior makes no sense. Its sad that INFJs are so misunderstood.INFJs are thirsty and wouldn't leave me alone so I had to shut down my channel.

MBTI type of Adolf Hitler

. Nothing intellectual about that"What is known as the mastery of material was quite unimportant to him. He quickly became impatient if the details of a problem were brought to him.

Find out about Adolf Hitler personality type

. He was greatly adverse to experts and had little regard for their opinion. He looked upon them as mere hacks, as brush-cleaners and color grinders.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Adolf Hitler...Which of the 16 personality types is Adolf Hitler?.." SP - His surrounding people seemed frustrated at how un- or even anti-intellectual he was. This is generally not how INFJs are perceived.Someone whos not making it into the kingdom of heaven"Although Hitler tries to present himself as a very decisive individual who never hesitates when he is confronted by a difficult situation, he is usually far from it. It is at just these times that his procrastionation becomes most marked. At such times it is almost impossible to get him to take action on anything. He stays very much by himself and is frequently almost inaccessible to his immediate staff." - ISP. IP is obvious, but sensing because he used his image of strength to woo people over while remaining unsure about ideas. He was in general someone known for how he was able to inspire raw emotion, someone of charisma rather than ideas. He was a lot more inspirational rather than intellectual which is where S politicians generally succeed. (continued onto above post)I don't know about the coping with openness with it, but here I'm seeing more of a high consciousness that makes him uninterested on work aside political/militar issues."On several occasions when sufficient pressure was brought to bear he did attend but got up abruptly during the session and left without apology. Later it was discovered that he had gone to his private theater and had the operator show some film that he particularly liked. On the whole, he prefers to discuss cabinet matters with each member in person and then communicate his decision to the group as a whole." - SP, withdrawing to repetitive sensory vices when under stress, N would rather explore new stuff, J would get the job done"On the whole, few reports interest him unless they deal with military or naval affairs or political matters" - low openness (S)."Hitler is an ISFP" - scotty - 20/05/2017 - 05:44I sort of blindly went for INFJ because he's IF and people were arguing about which NJ but upon seeing what people actually had to say about him who knew him, ISFP makes more sense.I lnow someone who is infj and they are kinda like HitlerFlatly INFJ. There is a conflict. I (ENTP) really love the INFJs, but Hitler, maybe he goes beyond...INFJ 6w5. His tritype is 641. His paranoia of believing that he had a terminal illness even after his doctors told him that he didn't fits with 6. His criticism of others combined with a strong dislike for being criticized himself fits with 1. His social awkwardness fits with 4. His core was most likely 6's disintegration to 3. Both him and the singer Morrissey (also INFJ) share the same tritype.Unhealthy INFJ, detriment Fe auxillaryOne should not confuse an anti-social character with an introvert character, you analyze the primary function realizing the action of the individual focus, that is, see where energy flows, if directly oriented to the object of interest is extro. Same is the case of Hitler, is characterized as someone quiet, but his focus was objective, he too identified with the current values of the interest group, Hitler came to the point of being lost in favor of identification with the group, and energized to see which could stimulate this group (Fe followed by Ni). Hittler is an ENFJ anti-socialTechnically, as he was a highly unhealthy individual, typing is insufficient, but I'd say that if he had to be nailed down to a type it'd be INFJ, and it pains me to say that being an INFJ myself!Stupid INFJ like Thomas Retard Jung I hate all INFJs because they are Te-ishAll NFPs, even twisted ones with the end justifies the means ideologies, would see themselves as individualistic. This guy's doctrine is the collective over the individual all the way. NFP is not an interesting option, it's plain dumb. #scotty, you owned him!He was a good man. #hatersgonnahate.So who is really the first Nazi INFP? I was born after Hitler died."you have the sick society that Nazism was." At least we agree on something!Yeah! I suspect INFP more than INFJ. Think of the INFP inferior Te. This is an external system building motivation. Te is about making corporations, groups or societies structured. If Hitler was an INFP he must have loved making a society the way he wanted. And since it's in the inferior he was no good at it, combine being a pathological individual and you have the sick society that Nazism was.I hope you're getting my references.INFPs have better art taste.Exactly, your fucking lower."shadow ESTJ /ENFJ" You mean mirror ENFJ.He is very rational to be INFJ, and is very narcissistic. People think he is INFJ because he is good at handle, but he is only one INFP in shadow ESTJ /ENFJHe is very rational to be INFJ, and is very narcissistic. People think he is INFJ because he is good at handle, but he is only one INFP in shadow ESTJ /ENFJHe is very rational to be INFJ, and is very narcissistic. People think he is INFJ because he is good at handle, but he is only one INFP in shadow ESTJ /ENFJHe is very rational to be INFJ, and is very narcissistic. People think he is INFJ because he is good at handle, but he is only one INFP in shadow ESTJ /ENFJHe is very rational to be INFJ, and is very narcissistic. People think he is INFJ because he is good at handle, but he is only one INFP in shadow ESTJ /ENFJI'm completely and in a demostrable way sure that he is ISFP. His Fi-Ni loop remark rentlessly his, sightly, nihilistic way to think, highly confident on himself. Seeking with Ni the potential of his ideas of raise a, let us say, "superior race" and having visions of a better future. Se-Te describes the way he did, with brute force and abusing his potential.His main judging is always external, Germany this, Germany that. He's either FJ or TJ of that I'm sure. His personal values are way too simplistic to be INFP, his Ni-dom long-term vision is his chief characteristic.I interpret Hitler's unwillingness not to capitulate as a Fi symptom. His greatest frustration of losing WW1 was because of the capitulation which made him extremely unproud as a citizen of Germany. The capitulation of WW1 was probably his main motivation to start WW2 so he could make Germany a great nation again. I have a hard time typing Hitler, but I am quite sure he is a Fi user. Possibly I would type him as IXTJ or INFP enneagram 6.I think what makes the realization he wasn't an actual SJ, someone wanting to protect, but rather a very deranged ''idealist'' is this: I think an SJ, even a deranged one, would have prefer capitulation to destroying his own country.This makes it clearer for me that for Hitler what mattered was ''the vision'' (The Reich), and not the concrete thing (actual Germany and its actual people). For him, it seems, was preferable to loose everything than to betray that ideal which existed in his mind and had to become a reality.It wasn't Germany that mattered to him, but what Germany could have become, in the end, even Germany and the well-being of its people were disposable to his megalomania.Comparing him to Himmler it's quite easy to see why he wasn't an SJ. Himmler was considered methodical and attentive to detail, Hitler was not.His military decisions were a matter of insights and leaps of faith supported by his fierce conviction rather than any step-by-step process that could have been easily understood by other milllitary generals and the like.(it's a general picture I found of him reading from different sources) He definitely had big vision tough, and according to a book written by his friend for 4 years, he had already had this grandiose plans made in his head when he was just a young man with little prospects. He very likely wasn't Te-dom because of this: ''Mostly he left it to his listener to put the right ‘weight’ on a thing and so understand what it was he had been talking about. The military, for example, used to terse and clear orders, had to endure a discourse of one or two hours and they would still be uncertain what he really wanted.” ENTJ makes themselves more easily understood, and surely by military generals and commanders, but he often baffled them.Even Goebbels said you can't make him understand logic, which is an odd thing for someone to say about an ENTJ. Also, very unlikely ENFJ because he didn't like to compromise his decisions at all, if he thought he was right others opinions were of no interest to him.Also, INTJ is very unlikely, even if they're Ni-doms first and that could explain his 'mysterious' thought process, because he had a need to be surrounded by people, which makes way more sense with aux-Fe than aux-Te.At the same time, he needed to withdraw when a decision was unclear, in order to decide on its own.He's quite revengeful for an INFJ...maybe... But his enneagram makes it clear for me.Also don't forget INFJs are prone to routine. Listen to the speach he gives at 33 minutes, it's definitely intuitive-oriented. The rigor thing is also very much like a Se-inferior.The documentary is called: Hitler, the private man, by Guido Knopp and Maurice Philip RemyBefore that documentary, I also thought he was an INFJ, but now I am not sure at all. I think he might well be an ISFJ and I am almost sure he was a 4. Actually, Claudio Naranjo also said he was a 4. Here is the documentary I watched: To be honest, I watched it on TV from 30' to the end. You will see they talk about his habits.I have just watched a documentary on Hitler and they say Hitler was a routine addict, doing the same things all the time in his personal life, noticing peculiar details such as the ear size of an acquaintance that just went to the hairdresser, talking how Germany was so good before, etc. He wanted to find back the Germany in which he used to live. I think a 4 ISFJ or ISTJ is not impossible.So you are saying he might be INFP?Actually he never was charming in order to convince others. He was an autority, he would just explode and get angry and call you a fool for not agreeing with him. Sorry for the spam btw lol.@bobnickmad I havent been studying Luther that well but I think he might be an ENFP. Oh and btw, Hitler was extremely awkward in social situations, he isnt a Fe user.Yes. La Hire, his urge to reintroduce different traditional ideas is why I think he is a Si-Ne user. True he did believe in the power of will and ignored his generals quite often. He even ignored important facts. But then again he was mentally ill (speaking in terms of narcissism, PTSD and maybe some kind of Schizophrenia). His futuristic ideas for military doesnt necessarily mean he is intuitive. But I have to say, that I also suspect him for being an exetremely unhealthy INFP. This is because he shows signs of very strong Fi use. I am just very sure he uses Si, Te, Fi and Ne.Vision of the third Reich may sound like reintroducing the tradition but its actually a synthesis of different ideas and philosophies that Hitler encountered. He is no wheRe as traditional as one would assume. He was very futuristic about military and believed in power of will while disregarding his general's sound practical advice. Fe is tricky with him because he isn't a stable fellow. He could be kind and charming socially but iron fisted with his ideas and policies.He didnt believe in facts all the time because he was inspired by Nietschze. Hitler wasn't creative at all, he copied all ideas (Si). He was just an extremely unhealthy ISTJ making him look like some intuitive.Strong Si user. He was extremely loyal to his country and could recall details as no other. His paintings are also very detailled. Plus he was contantly quoting philosophers etc in real life. Hitler did a lot based on his memory/experience. Thinking he is an N user is a mistake. The Third Reich is a copy of several cultures and thus not his own created vision. His speeches don't contain Fe but Fi because of his outbursts.It's good to see people have identified that he's an introvert. INFJ's can be very convincing leaders too.Sx/so 1 works for Hitler, has that rigid type 1 to him and reformer quality.You're downplaying ESTPs. Yes they don't really organise but are very expedient and opportunistic. They don't like to be in charge like ETJs but are persuasive leaders when needed. They dislike philosophical discussions but are the ultimate realists and discuss practical possibilities better than intuitive types. That said Hitler is far from being an Se-Dom, infact everything points to Se-inferior.ESTP? Really? ESTPs are not organized, don't care about being in charge, and prefer light discussion over serious talk.Who the HECK favorited Hitler?