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Allah MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Allah'
Allah MBTI type

Religion and Spirituality


ESTJ - 8
ENTJ - 1

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8W9 - 3
1W9 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Yeah let's just start deleting people that others may find offensive. Great idea.Was this character necessary? I'm not quite a religious person myself but, I think a lot of people will be offended. I kindly ask, Please take down this character.

MBTI type of Allah

.There is no place in the Koran for contemplation. There is only belief and that one must do with all fours him head kissing the ground for 35 times per day.

Find out about Allah personality type

. According to the Koran it was Mohomad who argued with this fellow and brought the praying time for 5 times per day. Initially it was 35 I believe or something which is rather impractical.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Allah. Anyway all this indicates that he was an Si user. Si tends to believe because it had already been believed before.Which of the 16 personality types is Allah?. Not very contemplative. Infact the least of all contemplative functions is Si. He gave no space for contemplation. Just get down on your knees and kiss my ass 5 times per day was his rule.