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Anders Breivik MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Anders Breivik'
Anders Breivik MBTI type

Society and Culture


INTJ - 21
ESTP - 3
INFJ - 1
ENTP - 1
ISTJ - 1

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3W4 - 11
1W9 - 1
6W5 - 1
7W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

The Nkcdzy of his generation.INFJ with a vision of broken world, but understandable. He is idealistic, indifferent, and is more concerned with external actions that can help your outer world that both idealizes than himself.But what's being forgotten here is that Light's vision wasn't just "Destroy the problem" as that's similar to Breivik's philosophy, however Light wanted to completely reconstruct the entirety of the world.

MBTI type of Anders Breivik

. He had plans to change the way everything was run, that isn't just dedicated to eliminating criminals. His long term goal was becoming a God, not a murderer.

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.Yeah Sneeb, cause IxSJ's don't have conviction at all. It's the Pi-dom which creates the drive, Ni is just the intuitive version of it.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Anders Breivik. Light had strong but non-intuitive views. Same with Breivik.Which of the 16 personality types is Anders Breivik?. When their proposed solution is something as straightforward and short-sighted as "destroy the problem" chances are they're an S type.Ah yes, Light Yagami, the person who had such strong philosophical views of humanity and such a strong sense of idealism that he literally extended to trying to eliminate every criminal in existence. If Light is an ISTJ I'm an ESFP, and I'm an INTJ. Light is an INTJ as well, no question,Yet Light picked Mikami because their worldviews were the same. Mikami is presented as more 1-dimensional cause he's just a plot device. And Light is obviously supposed to be the smarter trickier one but that doesn't mean intuitive. And obviously there's tons of different kinds of ISTJ in the world - most are not trying to exterminate evil through death notes after all.What? Light is a total Ni user... Not an ISTJ at all. Mikami is an ISTJ though. You can see the difference between those two.Light has virtually no philosophy to speak of, just direct measures to eradicate what he sees as the problem. Being able to plan does not make one not an ISTJ. ISTJ can be very meticulous planners, and be very strategic. I don't see how he's much different from Breivik and Dexter.LOL Light Yagami is not an ISTJ.Maybe ISTJ does make more sense. I wasn't aware what his manifesto was about. So I guess both him, Light Yagami, and Dexter Morgan are ISTJ. That makes sense.The insight of perinence on ESTPs is too damn high.he's type is ''PIECE OF GARBAGE''. he is NOT INTP OR INTJ THE GUY IS DEFINITELY ESTP. estp are evil