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Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW'
Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW MBTI type

People of Science


ENTP - 11
ENTJ - 7
ISTP - 4
INTP - 3
INTJ - 3
ESTP - 2
INFP - 1
INFJ - 1
ISFP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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8W7 - 7
5W6 - 5
7W8 - 5
4W5 - 1
5W4 - 1
6W7 - 1

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MBTI type of Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW

.Don't said nigger ever again, niggayes but we talk about power they have no power so they can not threaten or country with their stupidity . Trump can and do it like he did with ecology .

Find out about Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW personality type

. he denied our planet his dying because of us but that is a fact .Sjws are more plenty and reflects human weakness in a much greater way though.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW. Psychopaths like trump are fewer and farther betweencan't decide who is more stupid SJW or racist? SJW pisses me off but they're not dangerous . i can kick they're ass quite easely but racist like trump have more money and they're dangerous and stupid.Which of the 16 personality types is Anti-Social Justice Warrior aka. Anti-SJW?. that's why i think we have to destroy trump and the SJW nextur right only an xntj would care abt being one of theseWtf are these nigger votes, i had to log in just to call out on this bullshit. ENTPs (especially women ENTPs) are sjw af, i've met more sjw entps than anti-sjw entps. Same with intps, although intps have more anti sjws, a lot of them have a sjw streak, intps will often have a defeatist attitude of "if you can't defeat them, join them" and so they will appeal to feminist values because they think it gets them laid. The true answer is xxTJs, especially xNTJs, they are the biggest opponent against sjws besides xSTPevery people in this site are anti SJW . I don't like SJW because they're too whiny to make someone understant they're goal and they see racism and sexism everywhere but racist conservative are even worse than them