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Anxiety disorder MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Anxiety disorder'
Anxiety disorder MBTI type



INFJ - 12
INFP - 8
INTP - 6
ISTJ - 3
ISFJ - 2

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6W5 - 6
4W5 - 3
5W6 - 3
5W4 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I think INTJ is the most anxious though because they are both introverted intuitives, and put the most pressure on themselves. While INxPs may doubt more, and INFJs may be more emotional, they are still a little more laid back.INxJs generally have higher anxiety levels than ISxJs, so if a tertiary Pi loop is the explanation you are going with for INxPs having high anxiety, then ISxPs should have more due to the possibility of Ji-Ni loop. But, they don't.

MBTI type of Anxiety disorder

. All 3 of: introversion, intuition, and perceiving can lead to a cycle of doubting, and being unsure and anxious, which has nothing to do with Si.@PureAtHeart do not be insolent, INXP's have tertiary SI, and when they make loop, is an anxiety disasterTo be an INxx in this world is already a disorderP types don't suffer from anxiety, stupid bitch.

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.Really any INxx type is prone to anxiety, it seems.