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Aphex Twin MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Aphex Twin'
Aphex Twin MBTI type

Music and Music Industry

Part of:
Richard D. James

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INTP - 13
ISTP - 4
ISFP - 2

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5W4 - 11
9W8 - 2

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He is clearly a thinker too, IxTP. But voting INTP for his inventiveness, but yeah, he could very well be ISTPHe's a very chill one if so. He was reconfiguring televisions to make interesting sounds when he was 11 and studied engineering in college. There doesn't seem to be any emotions/causes in his music either.

MBTI type of Aphex Twin

. @STANKA and REALBIGCHEEKS: What makes INTP so out of the question. I'm not necessarily saying he isn't ISFP, I'm just wondering.

Find out about Aphex Twin personality type

. Strong Ni. Not INTP.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Aphex Twin. . INTJ,ISFP, OR ISTP.Which of the 16 personality types is Aphex Twin?. groove. de/2014/12/25/25-questions-for-aphex-twin/ On how the process of music making has changed for him over the years: (Fi-Se answer) "It hasn’t really changed. You are just recognizing what mood you are in and then do the right things accordingly. There’s a time when it feels right to fix my equipment, tidy my space up and get ready to work. Imagination, for example, is always better in the night, so basically after midnight. The morning – when you get up, have a coffee – is best for finishing things. And I try this by making music. When you make music and you listen to it, it changes you and then it gives you an idea of something new to do. Everytime you make music, if you’re on form, you should be imaging what you want to hear, which is basically how you want it to be. ” http://pitchfork. This is not the cantankerous Aphex Twin of the monosyllabic answers and intentional provocations. Instead, here’s a 43-year-old guy you could easily imagine sharing a beer with at a hotel bar—slightly neurotic, a little mischievous, mildly self-deprecating, sure, but generally pretty down-to-earth. He even talks about his kids. Any visual interview shows him using Fi.