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Are Ti And Ne similar function? MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Are Ti And Ne similar function?'
Are Ti And Ne similar function? MBTI type

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And also https://thoughtcatalog.

MBTI type of Are Ti And Ne similar function?


I Just mean by themself, not in full type

The confusion lies in *explore* and *discover*. To discover you have to unearth.

Find out about Are Ti And Ne similar function? personality type

. In other words you take it apart and something reveals you something. That is Ti.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Are Ti And Ne similar function?. To explore nowadays to go out and investigate. My other criticism is Fi and Ni.Which of the 16 personality types is Are Ti And Ne similar function??. Look at the word *reflect* *wonder* *explore*. The reflect can be association as reflection of yourself similar to Fi. I know some may think Ni and Ne are similar too. Wonder and explore may look similar but different. Explore focus more on spatial investigation. Wonder focus more of awe-inspiring. Which I think is closer to Ni imo. Last few comments: Te wanting to win is very vague. May as well put as: I want to organize my thoughts together. Fe is stereotypical but for most part accurate. Si is surprising didn't mention like the past. Stable is okay, but right path can go without.

Ti is an internal map or framework used to make decisions. Ne is a pattern gathering fuction used to percieve the external world.  Ne is good linking ideas while Ti is good dissecting them. So, no. They aren't similar.    

Ne creates possibilities, Ti narrows them down.  Not very similar at all.  I don't really like their descriptions but its just my opinion.