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Arnold Schwarzenegger MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'
Arnold Schwarzenegger MBTI type

Television, Movie Industry and Mass Media


ENTJ - 25
INTJ - 16
INFP - 1
ESTP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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3W2 - 14
3W4 - 3
6W5 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He is an INTJ that plays the role of an ESTP. The ESTP role in films and politics give the view of an ENTJ. Arnold is an exampled of a trained Se of INTJ. His dominant Ni is he was inspired by Hercules and wants to be a bodybuilder and movie star.

MBTI type of Arnold Schwarzenegger

. He use his military time Te backed when he was in Austria to get what he needed. His vision Ni was kept him going, not his Te.

Find out about Arnold Schwarzenegger personality type

. He came from a poor place from Austria and become a bodybuilder, actor in famous film, and a governor in CA. He never have an end goal he always keep on training harder and stronger and keep on going.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He always pushes his goal harder and never set in stone. He wasn't interested in getting to fight or confrontation.Which of the 16 personality types is Arnold Schwarzenegger?. He was admire by the strength and aesthetic of the body. That to me is an INTJ.So being governor and etc was more like a bonus to him of experience it in my opinion.Yeah, but Ne is less linear than Te. In the video I linked, Schawarzenegger literally describes exactly what is happening in each scene as it happens.Ne doms don't filter either.One thing I find funny about Te-doms is that they tend to think completely out loud, which can sometimes give them the appearance of being stupid (even though they usually aren't). Schwarzenegger demonstrates this in his DVD commentaries, in which he says pretty much every thought that comes into his head: to argue against him being an ENTJ, but I know bodybuilding INTJs (and those into martial arts practice too), also I know ESxP who aren't even into sports. Se doesn't have to do with sports, it's just the part of their 'fearless' tendency, if that makes sense. Also, bodybuilding doesn't require aggressive contacts, so I don't see why INTJs can't do that.I think he's ENTJ, not INTJ. It would seem odd for a bodybuilder to have inferior sensing. Also, if you listen to his commentaries on movies he's done, he talks nothing like an INTJ.I thing he is Entj, no intj.Stanley Kowalski is a caricatural and unilateral ESTP. An ENTJ with an active inferior Fi can feel like the antithesis of this. Marlon Brando was the consumate domineering alpha male of his time. ENTJ all the way.My speculation was that his reason of being bodybuilder is largely based on his vision about being something greater that he was which was at the time of his childhood and environment was anything but realistic. So I think he's more likely to be an INTJ than an ENTJ because a Te-dom is much more level-headed. He stated in many occasions that his "dream" back then was not comprehensible to people around them. He also stated that he chose bodybuilding because it's a non-contact sport, but rather something that benefits the mind and body alike, unlike boxing or football, suggesting low Se. sources: However, either being INTJ or ENTJ, he's kind of complicated characteristics, even exhibits some sort of Fe.I'm still undecided but to make that hypothesis you'd have to find evidence of Ni dominance despite his behavioral extroversion. I haven't found any, yet. Could you share something that points to Ni dominance?INTJ with enneagram3 which makes him appear more Extravert.@Debaser - (1) ENTJs are "smart intellectuals" too. (2) ENTJs are very strategic too and could feasibly use "psychological mind games" on their opponents. (3) Argumentum ad populum doesn't make your case. Most typing sites just copy and paste findings from one or two original lists, and one of those original lists is Celebrity Types. Lots of sites have Kanye West listed as an ISFJ, too—does that make him one? (4) That said, the fact that he described himself as a "loner" does indeed point toward introversion. However one quote doesn't make or break someone's type or counteract the evidence against INTJ that others supplied in this thread. Care to elaborate on why Arnold was INTJ and not ENTJ? (I agree NTJ makes sense and I'm undecided, though my hunch was extroversion).My comments are not directed at you. If you were not an egotistical, narrow-minded, hard-nosed and anal retentive INTJ who fantasise about "beating the shit out of me" behind his computer. My last comment about AS come from Total Recall. A book that I read, but apparently not you. Though, anyone can read it and then realize what kind of clown you are.First of all, since I know your comments were directed at me, yes, I, an INTJ, do lift. I'm not on Arnold's level (though I could be if I single-mindedly devoted myself to it as he did) but I'm not some fatass who sits on his computer all day. In fact I'm 100% certain I spend considerably less time here than you, a supposed ESTP (but actually not, just a totally delusional introvert), do, and I'm also pretty damn sure I could beat the shit out of you. Now, getting back to Arnold, he actually did say that he aspired to be someone who was a smart intellectual as well as powerful. Also it's amazing that you go from "antithesis of the INTJ" to "I can see him as almost exactly the same type as INTJ" (ENTJ) in one sentence. Do you even logic? I doubt you have read Total Recall either, or seen Pumping Iron for that matter. "Schwarzzy" was well known for his use of psychological mind games on his opponents and approach bodybuilding, and all other things in life, from a highly strategic perspective. This is hugely obvious in Pumping Iron. He also described himself as a "loner," and if you read his Reddit comments you can clearly see his INTJness in his writing style. There's loads of evidence of Arnold being INTJ. It's not a coincidence that almost everybody elsewhere has him typed as such, and most of the people typing him as such are not INTJs and aren't just trying to "claim he is of the same type." Even Celebrity Types typed him as INTJ. He is nothing close to the "antithesis of the INTJ." He's actually pretty typical. He fits the INTJ qualities of being independent, strong-willed, egotistical, visionary, single-minded and intense. These things are what being an INTJ actually is. Not some stupid stereotype online. As for Arnold being a "blue collar manual laborer," WTF are you even on about? Arnold has always been very smart and always devoted himself fully to whatever he pursued. He made his first millions in business before he ever even started acting and then became a politician. Your last comment proves your entire argument is fallacious because it is not based in fact and even if it was it is entirely about BS stereotypes. Utter fail.a blue collar doing some manual labors. Sooooo INTJ, yeah.He was an average student in school, and was described as playful, joyful and exuberant. People who knew him when he was a kid and a teenager would more easily see him as a blue doing some manual labor, in comparaison with his brothers who was seen as a potential white collar. Shwarzzy was not "abstract" or "intelectual" at all. Lol, all thèses INTJs who believe and claim proudly that AS is the of the same type than them are ridiculously funny. Do they even lift? Schwarzzy is the antithesis of the INTJ. I can see him as ENTJ though, but he could be a strong willed Se-dom as well.If you read his autobio Total Recall, and read about him elsewhere, you'll see that he was not an Ni dom.If you watch Pumping Iron and read about him, you'll see why he's INTj.Yeah, ENTJ makes the most sense.To try and understand why people have called him an introvert, I went and read his Wikipedia article. It only further reinforced my initial impression that he is an extravert, more specifically an ENTJ. For example, "[a]t school, Schwarzenegger was apparently in the middle but stood out for his 'cheerful, good-humored and exuberant' character." Why has everyone been saying INTJ instead of ENTJ? I do not understand.Why an INTJ rather than an ENTJ?