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Attempt to type me :3 MBTI


INTJ - 3 vote(s)

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5W4 - 3 vote(s)

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Things to know about me:

Basic Information : I'm a 17 year old female, who never fits in anywhere, but that is okay.

1. I very much value my own intellect, I see it as a door to different dimensions that we don't fully understand but we can create a way for the knowledge given to order it. That is not with everything , however.

2. I hate school. I understand that I need school, because of the future career I plan to go into. The idea of school has potential, but the education boards are not finding potential in the right things. Also, school only is adaptable for a certain type of people. These people will deemed to be intelligent, but are slaves to system with 'boring'(subjective) personalities.

3. Above all things I am a weirdo. Used to hate the term, but now it has become one with the master. I love being unique and quirky and no one can ever change it.

4. I am very blunt, so blunt that I was nominated for 'most blunt' in my school. It is good to be straight-forward and not sugar coat things, in my opinion.

5. I find it hard to make friends.

6. I somehow an easy target to bully. I don't get bullied now, but It happened a lot when I younger.

7. I like to move on and not focus on my past. periodical periods, can be fascinating, but my own past is not something I care about too much. That being said, our own past can help form us in various ways, but our ambitions can show us the true function of being.

8. I LOVE cartoons! Manga, Anime, Comics (who is going to see Avengers: Infinity war?)

9. Books (classics, dystopian, fantasy) and drawing are amazing and will always appreciate my creative + imaginative ability.

10. I can be very childish.

11. I love listening to Classical, Alternative, Indie...but I do like Korean RnB.

12. I aspire to speak 9 languages. Currently, trying to self-learn Japanese, Italian and French

13. Will never stop being a space nerd.

14. I despise ignorance, from people. Ignorance can be conditioned, but as you mature and gain more knowledge, you have more control over it. I am mainly talking about ignorance where people actually have the knowledge of the topic. We all have a type of ignorance, because as humans we do not KNOW EVERYTHING. However, if you aware of the information, why do you aspire to fuel your ignorance and spread its fumes for everyone to breathe in?

15. I love empathetic people. People who can connect with emotions. It is something I can not do, and it is so easy to discuss that with someone who would understand, on a complex level. We need feelers.

16. I love mysterious people. But also, intelligent people, who you would deem to be an ass hole, but in fact they are just a meme-machine and troll filled with deeper philosophies and questioning.

17. Sense of humour is an essential commodity. I can be funny , but I love sarcasm, dark humour and things that people don't tend to find funny.

18. I love planning ahead. In both ways. I like organisation, especially when going somewhere, I must require information and plan for my own comfort. But also, I am very ambitious and won't allow others to get in my way.

19. I value my own content, over others.

What type do I appear to be, in your eyes? It may well be obvious. you may be wrong, but I am open to seeing your views.

Posted by EnigmaticFlan on forum Posted on 2018-04-18 22:59:58

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GUYS: I MEANT 'these people ARE deemed' not 'WILL deemed.' that doesn't make sense.

You seem pretty INTJ. Ni, Te and Fi all seem to be there.

MBTI type of Attempt to type me :3

. As for enneagram you seem 5ish, most likely 5w4

Je relate sur pas mal de trucs. INTJ 5 a priori, INTx en tout cas.

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