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Beyonce MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Beyonce'
Beyonce MBTI type

Music and Music Industry


ESFP - 14
ISFJ - 11
ESFJ - 5
ISFP - 2
INFJ - 1
ENFJ - 1

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3W4 - 9
9W8 - 7
3W2 - 4
2W3 - 2
6W5 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Yeah she's confusing. Because who she plays on stage is not who she is off stage. To be that way one has to know how to create a persona which Ni users are good at (ISFPs, ENFJs, INFJs, so on). But she's so obviously Fe but when she talks it's all about concrete facts, so she can't be an xNFJ.

MBTI type of Beyonce

. So now I'm thinking perhaps the persona she has on stage is a by-product of being 3w4?When it comes to ExSJs, not ISxJs tough. I think ESJ and ENJ are similarly in how physcical they appear, nut ISFJ are not that physical like she is, unless we talk about muscular ISFJ males like Vin Diesel, but the kind of stage presence Beyonce has seems over an ISFJ.

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. So I think ESFJ makes more sense, her feminism seems pretty misguided and naive (''who runs the world:girls'', yeah that describes the situation of women in 3rd world countries..Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Beyonce..), so it's probably influenced by others, rather than her independently developed vision.Which of the 16 personality types is Beyonce?. She does seem ISFJ in interviews, but maybe it's some kind of social anxiety involved -she stutters allot, but she manages to get rid of it on stage.Don't believe the function magic. SJs are quite a bit more physical than NJs.Yeah I agree that she seems ISFJ in interviews. I could see ESFJ too. She just seems a lot more comfortable with the concrete than with the abstract in conversation.Hmm I've considered ENFJ in the past because I could see Fe in her and the physical nature of her performances made me think she probably uses Se but I ultimately decided against it because I really struggled to see Ni in her and she seems too introverted to me? I think she comes across as more of an ISFJ in interviews, but she kind of confuses me a bitI would say Beyonce is ENFJ 3w4 (3-6-8 tritype). The Fe and Ni are pretty obvious. She's not a Ni-dom because it would have been present during the Destiny Child years... she really became her own later on when she went solo and from there developed her vision. It's only when she went solo when she started experimenting with different personas (Ni) like Sasha Fierce. Her lyrics are not cryptic nor rife with symbolism the way INFJ lyrics are. Her lyrics are written with a larger audience in mind.also, has anyone typed her sister (solange knowles/solange)?i've never actually met her (tfw :( ) but i think she seems very. esfj/enfj to me? very extroverted feeling? to me but i dont know her personally though :( she seems like a sweet lady though i would love to meet her and i have a mild crush on her eheWhoever voted SFP clearly hasn't seen her interviews. She's incredibly different off stage.