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Brainer MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Brainer'
Brainer MBTI type

Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and Social Sciences

Part of:
Personality Databank

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ISTP - 22
ESTP - 4
ISTJ - 2
ISFP - 1

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5W4 - 14
8W9 - 14
9W8 - 13
8W7 - 4
5W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

*pulls out gun* ︻╦╤─HE'S ONE DUMB SON OF A BITCHISTP he is not very confrontationnal like 8 . 9w8 make more senseBrainer reminds me of Nate Diaz https://www. youtube. com/watch.

MBTI type of Brainer

. I wonder who's secondary you areThe game is the game you feel me. Have you considered my offer.

Find out about Brainer personality type

. Pikup. I want him dead.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Brainer. 8k from my PayPal if you help me bring that nigga to justice. https://www.Which of the 16 personality types is Brainer?. youtube. com/watch. . . . . Do you wish this entry be deleted. Because moderators can't remove the votes unfortunately. Soon I asked him and his best firend to shut up he creates that. . . Lmao

We meet again, brother.

Damn lmao

I'm a 5 btw, and who the hell thinks I'm an ISTJ ?


Still got no real hold on my enneagram type

ISTP 9w8 sp/sx

Well thank you for trying to help me, I gave up on the tritype thing, I might as well be a 9w8, but I'm never fully sure

STP is a weird temperament, SPs are just weird people. NTPs are actually extremely polite by comparison. God bless the ISTP. Louisana baptist church I send you a telepathic prayer and the closest church including even buddhist temple if applicable to where this guy lives, where pikupyourpants lives, and where the prrson behind the mars user lives. tigergreengrass, too. light yagami should have taken the shiengami eyes what is pikupyourpants' name?

of couse taking the eyes would mean he would be doubting his intelligence and if he does that thats basically surrendering

I would recommend you to fuck off and seek mental help, retard don't post on my profile

We got ourselves some moronic alts with girl names (Ann, Emily, Emma) who spread their shit everywhere on this website.  They look all as autistic as josephty, so my money is on him.

"SPs are just weird people" hahahahahha best bullshit I heard in 2018

Databased "dumbest overall type". So, my vote is going to INTP.

Hey Joseph check this out

You're the one dumbest motherfucker here, not only you're a stupid cunt but you're also a salty son on of a bitch. Gtfo from my page you lame xSFP sensitive retard.

The irony that soseductive is the least seductive person here.

@Formerly Barainer Cry me a river, bitch. I am not going anywhere.

Any serious suggestionsfor his type? Guy is definetly doesn't understand when to shut up and thinks that he is the smartest in the world for reasons that he doesn't know, but what type could be like that? He is either a feeler or Te user who thinks Te is Ti.

Hahaha then stay being salty on my page, you're clearly triggered and offensed by some words on Internet

WOW! What a tough guy! What's next? You'll give me a foot massage? lol

mike ike might hate me for this, but i think he is an ENFP) He is definetly not Fe user. He puts his opinion like everywhere. Half of his posts probably have a word "idiot". We IxFPs are kind of less blut. (i think) ESFP might fit too. If i need to pick a thinker, then i would go with ISTJ. But he is too stupid for a thinker... ugh, i don't know.

"He is too stupid for a thinker" - This is not how the dichotomies work. One can't be "too stupid to be a thinker". Valuing logic over ethics and feelings when making decisions makes you a thinker, not intelligence.

I know, i've met enough stupid thinkers, so i should probably learn by now.

The fuck are you talking about ? fuckin weirdo

He probably thinks all thinkers acts like ISTJs, if anyone doesn't agree with him or acts the same way he does he is stupid. That's the xSFP logic for you. You don't even know how to use functions nor how they work.

I cannot hate you, you gave me a great compliment and I wish more people understood my greatness

@mike ike What an EGO!!))) You are totally ESFP)))


He knew exactly what he said, it wasn't just a random expression of self love

@Kawaii what seems to be the problem?

@Kawaii_tha_marten emmm... i know.

@soseductive your bias n one-word understanding of MBTI types/function theory is showing

Site of grandpas that knows everything better than you.

or maybe you're just that much ignorant

Bernie, are you a coward?

I have no idea why you're spamming my page

Because he’s autisitc

Because he's 10

Yeah, he is so disgusting. What an asshole! Am i right, girls?

soseductive plz can u lik evry skware inch ov muh wet pussay?

Bernie, is that you? That's kind of cowardly.

9w8? 8w9? You doesn't really strike me as a polite person who doesn't care.

I'm more polite IRL, but overall I don't really care about manners I find it a a complete and utter waste of time and energy. So what would you type me then ?

Again, didn't read about 5 and 6 that much, but you are kind of similar to 5s. I don't think you are 5w4, too... raw(?) for that. Maybe, 5w6? I think your number is 5 or higher, but not as hight as an 8.

I have a high 5, and probably has it on my tritype, 8 is my wing.

8w7 guys

>ISTP  My wet dream...

brainer i suposed you knew that i will make a post for saying that you are not INTJ.

No I didn't know lol.

you are NOT INTJ.yourNi is too weak and your Se is too strong  . you are also more likely aTi user than a Te user. even by Letter you are a clear sensor

You are quite clearly against letter but bring it up when it's in your favor.

i'm clearly against letter that's why i said "even by" and not "and"

Who in the F spammed 5w4 ?

But if you are against it, why even bring it up? It has no relevance because you put no weight in it, but I am just being nitpicky.

i'm against it but some people use letter so sometimes i tried to convince them with their own stupid framework. is that ok for you?

No, why would you try to convince them with a "stupid" framework? Isn't a stupid framework not worthy of convincing by your own standards?

I guess the argument seems stronger if it applies for both frameworks mostly used here.

I was just showing his slight contradiction.

i have not any contradiction here; like i said before i used "even by" not "and" that's mean i don't consider this one but i use it for growth my argument

You don't get it. I'll leave it at that.

It changed my vote to 5w4. I think it was originally 8w7.

I see someone's getting fun changing votes around here

you're the living definition of an STP. you're like the han solo of this site.

Wooooooh ! Definitely flattered here

I am sorry to report but the random name picker says you are INFJ. I'm sorry.

second namepicker result because i know people are more than just boxed: ENTJ

random name picker picks ENFJ random name picker picks 7w8. I will try again in a week and see if the results change.

I tend to disagree with what the random name picker picks. But ENFJ and ISTP share Ti and Se Ti - understands things with his own style of reasoning. Se - focuses on a lot of details