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Bruce Lee MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Bruce Lee'
Bruce Lee MBTI type

Television, Movie Industry and Mass Media


ISTP - 23
INTJ - 2
INFJ - 1
ISFP - 1

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8W7 - 12
5W6 - 2
6W5 - 2
6W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He was a phony, it's amazing the things people actually believe about him. Just watch him hit a heavybag. There's so many flaws in his technique.Seems like the ultimate ISTP stereotype to me.

MBTI type of Bruce Lee

. Calm, thoughtful, precise, philosophical, physical, headstrong.Those quotes make him sound like a type 5.

Find out about Bruce Lee personality type

. Idk why everyone is voting type 8. He wasn't an angry or aggressive person.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Bruce Lee. of the 16 personality types is Bruce Lee?.com/watch?v=aS4Vfh9xlyE I understand that he tried to develop his style in quite a ''scientific'' way, by breaking down what works in varied fighting styles and combining the principles in something more efficient, developing a more pragmatical style, something that ''works'', rather than seeing martial arts as ''art'', he had a more pragmatical approach, but at the same time analytical. Ti-Se seems to define his style.One could argue Te as well, but I think Te-Ni/Te-Si would take an established method and improve on it, while Bruce Lee broke several styles into their bare elements and put them together in something more practical, which is the ISTP approach to everything they want to master. Adding a philosophical substext to a very Se approach fits ISPs types very well.Ti-Se-Ni makes most sense. As for his extraversion in interviews, while he's indeed very smooth, charismatic and even warm, it seems somewhat ''forced'', not in the sense that it comes awkward -quite the opposite, but the way he accentuates every phrase and every charismatic gesture or word, seems like it's something he worked on, rather than came naturally, but like with martial arts and philosophy, he achieved a certain level of mastering over it.In other interviews as well, he comes of like he's in full control of every word he choose rather than letting it flow naturally, plus that he repeats certain phrases whole from interview to another. Overall, if I would to choose which function came last, between Ni and Fe, I would go with Fe because he seemed to master Ni in a more natural way , while his charisma gives the impression of something he worked on -albeit with tremendous success.Even then, the same impression remains, that he was one of the best examples of a type fully developed at all levels.*Bruce Lee asked Jackie Chain to hang together.While hanging out, Bruce Lee was sitting quiet, paying careful attention to how Jackie Chain was playing bowling.I thought ISTP was really unlikely because in the few interviews with fellow actors where he's described, he was shown to be really friendly. Than again, it kinda depends in what way for what purpose was friendly.Jackie Chan said that went he met Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee wanted to asked him to spend some time together.Bruce Lee was paying attention to how Jackie Chan played bowling, as if he wanted to learn from it.Another main actor from Enter the Dragon, said Bruce Lee invited him at his place and performed his technique of punching someone and pushing him down on his chair and with his chair further.He hit this guy and the chair broke with him.The guy saw Bruce Lee looked worried and tolled him something like: ''don't worry, I'm ok'', and Bruce Lee said back:''No, it's not that, nobody broke my chair before.'' Lol, like he care only that the chair broke or that his technique failed.So yeah, maybe he acted friendly in order to be able to learn all kinds of tricks from all kinds of people that would help him with his physical development. I still didn't find much on him as a person tough for some reason and ISTP is still rather unfitting seeing his warmth and sociability.Pure physicality is only a mere example of the extreme stereotype of Se. Se has more to do with hands on experiences and putting emphasis on a broad range of physical data. You are somewhat right about Ti-Ni being focused on understanding, except Ti is focused on logical understanding and Ni is focused on abstract understanding, same with Fi focus on emotional understanding and Si being on factual understanding. Understanding is a facet of introversion, so it all depends on what kind of understanding. Charm works the same way, as charm is a facet of extraversion. What kind of charm does it imply? Emotional charm would be Fe, creative or witty charm is Ne, a strong physical and intense charm is more Se, and a leaderly and more agressive kind of charm is Te. Functions do not imply ability, only method of acheiving that ability, which means what kind of process ypu use to perceive information and make decisions. The question is not what with functions, but why and how. I agree though that bruce lee is an ISTP, it's just that you arrived at that conclusion using the wrong reasoning.Couldn't he be ESTP then? I don't think he behaves like an introvert in interviews. He's not that far from Jean-Claude Van Damme when you consider the philosophy he tries to back his practice up with. I knew an ENFJ who was a very good dancer/performer, they can have strong Se/Ni as well. The inferior Ti would mean a compulsion to act and not to be caught in too much abstract thinking. That could fit too.That sounds like he prefers Se above all. I can't imagine a Ti-dom talking like that anyway. ESFP, ISFP, or ESTP?I heard some arguments that he might be an INFJ, but I think his way of fighting doesn't require a lot of thought process like Ni, for example "it hits by itself", sounds pretty Se for me. Although I think he is an ISTP whose Fe was very well developed and thus quite a courteous man.Watch his interviews ..clearly an Fe dom

INTJ 5w6