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Buddha MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Buddha'
Buddha MBTI type

Religion and Spirituality


INFJ - 54
INFP - 6
INTP - 5
ENFJ - 3
ISFP - 1

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9W1 - 16
5W4 - 11
9W8 - 3
1W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Seriously I can't believe it's 2016 and people still think he was a rapist. HE WAS NOT CONVICTED OF RAPE. He was convicted of grabbing the girl's ass or something, it was bullshit.I believe being a Buddha (meaning "an enlightened one"), he would have transcended all types and functions, and used all parts of his brain equally.

MBTI type of Buddha

. The same thing with god or Jesus.@impeccable, what kind of types are more likely to take so long contemplating things just to arrive at a answer they are comfortable with? INxP would be at the top of the list.

Find out about Buddha personality type

. @Typer, if only he was even a "religious leader" of people. He was led by his own solitary drive for answers.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Buddha.Another case of "religious leader = NFJ stereotype" I see.I don't want any part in any sort of useless bickering that has been taking place lately on numerous comment sections.Which of the 16 personality types is Buddha?. Its tiring and unproductive. The ad hominems and belligerence needs to tone down for all this to be of any benefit. I agree with scotty to the extent that there is quite a bit of Ti and perhaps even Fi in some of Buddha's teaching but I can't say that about the core of Buddha's thought and subsequent philosophy. Buddha's middle path between asceticism and material indulgence came about after Buddha partook in both. Only after much contemplation did he arrive at the proposition that only a middle path is helpful but insisted in transcendence of knowledge and happiness (I'm paraphrasing obviously due to my limited knowledge). Buddha's position doesn't come from a position of pure logical deduction but rather an insight to human nature and motivation. I am fairly content in my personal opinion that INFJ is the best fit.Actually, we can never be sure that Buddha is indeed an INFJ or INTP or whatsoever. It is only the best guess we can come up with. I think Parthia_Glory strawmanned scotty and scotty returned the favour in his usual belligerence. All that we know of Buddha is from second hand and third hand accounts. Buddhism developed over a long long period with teachings of many buddhist teachers mixing in with Buddha's. But its my personal opinion that the more INFJish parts of Buddhism i.e the source of philosophical thought of Buddhism is indeed from Buddha but alot of philosophical codification and numerous buddhist scriptures later are a mix of different personalities, Nagarjuna e.g an INTP (likely?).@scotty - If your argument is actually sound, you don't need to resort to belligerence and ad hominem to prove your point. It'd be much friendlier and more productive if when people offer counterarguments you rebut them with better arguments/evidence without sourness, especially since I genuinely care about what your arguments are and am open to changing my mind in the face of better ones. Please explain why you think Buddha is Ji/Ne and not INFJ or change your vote. That said, @Parthia_Glory I read scotty's original post as "I'm not sure whether he's INTP or INFP because I think I see evidence of Ti but also think I see evidence of Fi," not "he's a Ti-Fi thinker." There indeed are INFPs who can look INTP from afar (e.g. Orwell) and vice versa (can't think of any examples right now) so I can understand someone being unsure. But in the case of Buddha, since scotty didn't offer any concrete arguments, I'm assuming he's just interpreting Buddha's auxiliary Fe as high Fi and his tertiary Ti as high Ti.Strawmanning much. I said before that cognitive function is just a part of personality theory. But in this theory there are 16 types. Humans fall in one of those without being similar in other aspects not relevant to the typology. Again not hard to understand. If you don't follow typology why come and whine about every INFJ not being voted INTP? why not stfu and go away if you disagree with the basis of it all.It says alot about me. Since I have figured out one axes of my stack and still open to exploring about my dominant function. However I am not both at thr same time. Not that hard to fathom Id think but you're not serious but a troll, butthurt troll actually.Hint: if you can't even figure whether or not you yourself use "Ti" or "Fi" as your dominant function, doesn't that say something to you?There's a difference between understanding function theory and endorsing a rigid version of it where everyone can be completely explained by 1 of 16 types.Its one thing to not know what one's dominant function is and another to say that a person is both Fi and Ti and thus INFP and INTP. I believe I'm an Introvert with Ne. I love science and analysing stuff. Like exceeding death says I am not 100% sure of it. I think I am an INFP because I can't see myself as inferior Fe. Inferior Te makes some sense because I generally dislike conflict. So I am not INFP and INTP at the same time but just unsure.You claim to understand cognitive functions yet you claim two introverted judging functions exist together in Buddha. Buddha's transformation occured after he saw the sufferings of others (Fe), he made a philosophy on how to live life of selflessness (antidote of Fi) and the Buddhist doctrine that all beings are one United (Ni-Fe). Fi proudly wear their individuality and actually insist that each and every individual is unique and separate. Noobs like you think that Fe is just good manners. Well I can see your genius now.I know plenty of people who struggle finding whether they are Ti or Fi dominant (among other things) and they tend to be some of the best at understanding jungian typology and mbti persons I know. I too felt this way for a long time and i'm still occasionally questioning my type again. In the case of INPs it can be explained by Ne always digging for more data and more possibilities or perspectives and a general, skeptical/curious state of mind. I could easily see an INFP 5 feeling lost between T and F especially seeing how INFP tend to be stereotyped online.Also you have identified yourself as INT/FP whatever that means. You cant figure whether or not you're a dominant thinker or feeler? Lol what a funny guy.You talk to me as if I'm not familiar with all this function theory stuff. my argument simply has to do with him having traits expected of both INTP and INFP. If you want to figure out what those traits are, read about it. You're the one who started this childish crap about INFP and INTP being so easily discernible, and in many borderline cases they're not. Show his obvious Fe over Fi if you're so smart lolWhat do you understand by Fe exactly? Seems like you don't understand much.Childish. Your argument is baseless since no one claimed that cognitive functions explained everything about personality, its you who assume that. We are "evolved (not made by God)" to favour a type of mental function over another. There can be a clear contrast between how Ti works and how Te works. And its not behaviours. Goes on to show your grip on the topic. Buddha uses Ti, absolutely but along with Ni and Fe. You call me stupid when you claim Buddha is two distinct types. Stop with your whining stupidity and take your belligerent ass elsewhere.People are not programmed by God to operate via these "cognitive functions". Functions are just behavioral patterns that some people are more prone to using than others. Buddha used the Fi and Ti pattern a lot, and no Fe, so your stupid INFJ typing is stupid.INTP is lead thinker, INFP lead feeler. Sure they both make sense. Never mind that they are as different as it can get.Self evident INFJ. Atleast the best conjecture. I can see INTP but not really. Scotty in your world it seems everyone is an INTP.One things for sure is that he was the definition of Ji/Ne. Both INTP and INFP make good sense in their own way. Another unfortunate case of "everyone is an INFJ", and yes I'll get back in the Chomsky thread soon I'm just tired now. I agree the 5w4 seems to make sense as well.Buddha was a 5 not a 9. Why would he be a 9? I don't know where to begin with an argument: all of his actions and philosophy seem so obviously 5-like.I disagree with INFP votes. I see INTP and INFJ as reasonable choices.I disagree with INFP votes. I see INTP and INFJ as reasonable choices.There probably weren't any ISTP votes because he's very overtly N, and so most people only consider INxx types when trying to type him. I agree with INFJ and everything that has already been said in this thread.I'm surprised there are no ISTP votes. I don't know where the Fi-Dom votes came from. INTP is still fairly relevant. The discussion in my opinion should be between INFJ, ISTP and INTP (Maybe). I_FP makes little to no sense.No Ne to be an INTP. Only INFJ and ISTP fit if we consider Jungian cognitive functions. INFJs are stereotypical mystics.Strong Ni and fairly strong Ti. INFJ is most probable, followed by ISTP. Can't see any other option.He was an N type for sure. And P Vs J I would choose J on any given day. He was extremely organized and driven and actually sat under a tree and swore to himself that he would not get up until he had eradicated all cravings. I believe he did that within 6 hours. Hmmm... what else? Or he actually lived by a TIME TABLE. Yes a time table. Waking up, washing, preaching, preaching to Bikkhus, goes in search of people who's understand him to preach etc etc. He was extremely DECISIVE. Being decisive is not an INTP thing. He knew what he wanted and somehow arrived there. Etc etc.