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Butters MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Butters'
Butters MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
South Park

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INFP - 36
ISFJ - 10
ISFP - 4
ENFP - 1
ESFJ - 1

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9W1 - 10

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Old (unmoderated comments)

sure he's not super intuitive but he's enough that he's obviously not a sensor. Was Debaser trying to use likelihood of types in real life to justify his typing of a cartoon character. Logic does not equate to making a claim and then using bolder text after (if it does, I've bern doing this wrong my whole life). There is no point being made in saying "OH MY GOD, how do you not see this.

MBTI type of Butters

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. Butters is shown to follow his own internal sense of morals (the entire Imaginationland arc as an anecdote). Professor Chaos exemplifies Butters's conflict with society, choosing to condemn it (does this seem very ISFJ-ish.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Butters. ). He also has a Hitler youth haircut which is popular among the male hipster communityI mean really, if you think Butters is an INFP and cannot see the ISFJ in him, the only conclusion I can reach is that you have never left the internet, believe the world is almost entirely populated by N types, and think "Sweet and innocent = INFP" for some inexplicable reason.Which of the 16 personality types is Butters?. If you had actually met an ISFJ, and there are many more of them than INFPs, it would be obvious. I really think you'd have to be as dumb as he is to believe that. Anybody, ANYBODY have anything RESEMBLING an argument for that. When BUTTERS is typed as an N type (not to mention a P type. which is almost more absurd), that tells you how incredibly N biased people on sites like this are. Do you honestly believe that BUTTERS is the same type as these people. Make up your minds. Are they not INFPs and Butters is, or is Butters an ISFJ and they are INFPs. (Spoiler: It's the latter. . . . No other type even comes close. His personality reminds me of my grandmother of all people, and she was DEFINITELY an ISFJ and DEFINITELY not any kind of N. There is no way any other type but ISFJ would do this, except maybe ISTJ, and Butters is clearly no T. And then there was that episode when he kissed a girl and started worrying about how he needed to become a responsible adult soon immediately afterwards so he could care for a family. There is no way he is an INFP. He is totally naive, obedient, dutiful, and innocent. He has no Pness at all.