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Captain Levi MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Captain Levi'
Captain Levi MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
Attack on Titan

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ISTP - 70
INTJ - 22
ISTJ - 11
ENTJ - 1
ISFP - 1

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1W9 - 22
5W6 - 7
5W4 - 6
8W9 - 6
6W5 - 3
4W5 - 1

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MBTI type of Captain Levi

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Find out about Captain Levi personality type

. He was a thief who reformed himself, a typical story of the 4 looking redemption. Also, He's mainly melancholic (and not choleric, like the 1), and the 5 wing gives him the reserve, hermetism and squeamishness.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Captain Levi. A rare case of the shadow dominant function Ni showing itself physically through the eyes. But if you magnify them enough, you'll see Si hidden behind the pupils, ready to strike.Which of the 16 personality types is Captain Levi?. ISTJ. I'm just going to say 5w6 sp/sx. He doesn't seem nearly idealistic enough to be a 1. Ones tend to have some kind of feeling that they are fighting for a sort of grand cause or whatever. I don't think he is nearly outside the moment enough to be a 5w4, either. Honestly, I have no clue what his type is, as he doesn't really fit into any Enneatype that well at all. Where do people see Ni in him. He's Ti/Se. I'm almost certain that he's a 1w9, and not a 5w4. @Thetyperlol Where did you hear that Isayama is "like kinda inspired by himself while writing his character". He actually dominates the situation when things get chaotic. He survives by not thinking TOO much ahead. An INTJ would not quite articulate and focused on the environment to use various techniques and immediate tactics quickly and perfectly. For me, to have all those quick and immediate skills can only be a sensor. If he sometimes thinks at it is precisely for Ni it has. If not ISTP, they are easier to be ISTJ. . . oh. " I would vote for ISTP but he has Te. Seriously. . . After his SPOILER HERE . . . Also, he was kinda angry to Mikasa's hot bloodedness. Would an ISTP get angry because of such thing. I'm still with the INTJ tho. When he gets angry, he uses his Se just like an INTJ. . . Levi just takes things as they come, and doesn't even try to tell Eren what to do. If you go by the functions he's Ti/Se. ISTP. So my analysis is quite superficial. :pI understand. However, what else is left is this mainly to fictional characters that do not show much '' your own thoughts'. What makes me fall for stereotypes. Levi has certain ISTJ and ISTP attitudes, but it actually looks more like ISTP. Ti-dom creates an understanding from their experiences which can be applied to the future. The cleaning thing as far as I am concerned is just a quirk. ISTP can like clean things just as much as anyone else. He just likes his own stuff clean. The key differentiating factor between ISTP and ISTJ types is that P have more of a live-and-let-live lone wolf style. Levi doesn't do this. He seems to have ISTJ traits as well. But that part of the forest was a move quite Ne and Ti. After watching the OVA that his attitude was caught its first mission, where his companions died, he used data from the past to put on now and see what happens, it would be a connection with Si-Ne. That is based on Chapter 76 by the way, where it is referenced. Levi's ISTP backstory is now officially canon, if it wasn't before. After watching the OVA about Levi's backstory, I kind of lean towards ISTP again. There wasn't really any intuition, so I guess that was Se. I think I get it. . . for now. . . . . He looks at what is happening at the moment in order to decide what to do. This is why he is in Special Ops - he is very adaptable and flexible when given a mission while not concerning himself much with the more overarching strategic objectives, as an INTJ, or even INTP, would do. Levi has an aversion to over-planning and structure. If you want to see what an INTJ looks like, compare him to Erwin (some type him as ENTJ but same functions). I've watched the entire series and the OVA episodes which explain Levi's backstory. Since we don't have the mangaka of Shingeki no Kjolin for reference, I would assume that Levi is either an INTJ or an ISTP. There is also an overwhelming majority that says Ymir is an ISTP as well, and (although similar to Levi in a few ways) isn't Levi's twin. So, I would have to go with the INTJ option. If it was Te he would give an order and would force it to respect such an order because of the situation. But no, he just played with the expectation, not even he knew what should be done the same. He can use intuition, but it is best to play it in action. It is more tactical than strategic. A great soldier, a great fighter analyst with the mind focused in the now, in action. He is clearly a ISTP Ni developed. I just read into Se more too, I'm not sure why you think Se would be his second function. . . What I really need to do is watch Levi's backstory. I'm sure that would help me come to a conclusion. You're too close. " Levi: "No, you're the ones who should get back. Get back. . Levi: My intuition. Thinking about the last comment I made, I don't know why that scene convinced me he was a P either. Perhaps I thought the said something different I don't know. I lean towards INTJ again. "He would much sooner be typed as INTP [than INTJ]. Because INTJ is (currently) the second highest vote and there are no votes for INTP. Ni seems to be more popular in the votes than Ne. But I lean towards P after remembering the conversation he had with Eren when they were running away from the female titan. As for S vs. Just that he seemed more INTJ than ISTJ. I think I will change my vote to ISTP. How the does he seem like an INTJ. He uses no long term planning, keeps his options open, and reacts to what is in front of him. Levi is definitely not an E, people. More votes for ISTP than INTJ. . . When I learn more about Levi, I'll change my vote if needed. But after watching season 1 of the anime, he seems like an INTJ. And to think that we're the only two ISTP votes. . . Definitely ISTP. Let's see - independent, rash, in the moment, not a planner. . . I think its between ISTJ and ISTP. He has great potential as a lone man and doesn't seem to rely on others to give him energy