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Che Guevara MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Che Guevara'
Che Guevara MBTI type

Politicans and Leaders


ENFP - 37
ESFP - 1
ESTP - 1

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6W7 - 7
7W8 - 3
7W6 - 2
3W4 - 1
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

guided by a sense of moral duty and fought his hardest (not always the most clean way) to get what he desired, a pure revolutionary. enfp.Typer, you think that Che Guevara is ENFP because you is an ENFP communist. Che Guevara is not idealist, he is a brilliant actor and he's love kill people.

MBTI type of Che Guevara

. Che Guevara is a ESxP sociopath.Instead of wallowing in the benefits and retiring to a life of well status after the Cuban Revolution, he went to fight in Africa for other.

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.He was most likely for real in his idealism.It's like when journalist say suicide terrorist are cowards.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Che Guevara. We have a hard time believing that those who oppose us are as sincere in their believes as we are, or even more than we are.He is a poster boy ENFP! No thinker would fight against a whole army with only 60 men who had minimal military training.Which of the 16 personality types is Che Guevara?. Che Guevara had a dream and felt it was his moral duty to spread equality and justice throughout the world no matter how difficult the obstacle was. That is a fact. If that is not idealism at work I don't know what is. Che Guevara also spearheaded the revolution in Cuba through strong inspiration, very well thought out future planning, and strategic execution. That is pure Ne-Fi-Te-Si at work.I saw a documentary about it which says that all idealism bid was nothing but a lie and he was only there to cause. If this is correct, Che Guevara is a EXTP.Yeah he is a CP 638. His goal was to fight for true justice. He has a strong 8 presence though. His CP side may make him look 7 or 8 like but he is a 6 at heart.Nvm I think he is actually 6@Rachxx I voted 7w8 because although he was an idealist he was also quite logical. He was definitely a feeler but more logical than the average feeler and you get this a lot with type 7w8 Fs. I had trouble seeing him as a type 6. When you read his bio and study him further he really seemed like a 7w8.I know he seem like he could be a 6 he also could be a 7. In his early life especially. I vote 7w8.He is definitely an ENFP. No doubt about it.Ok sure because ENFPs could never be narcissistic.... Anyway that book could be considered "western propaganda". We do not know how much of that is even true. I guess everyone is naive because you seem like the only one who doesn't think he is ENFP.You should read the biography of Fidel Castro that his bodyguard wrote about him after being sent i jails for life and serve him for décades, lol. Only the most naive commies wuld type Fidel Castri an=s an ENFP after reading that.Seems like the misinformed people are the ones typing ENFJ and ESTP lolENTX? I dont think so. Maybe ENTP but his relationship with Che was very Ne-Ne. I dont see him being an auxiliary Ti. Che and Fidel are both clear ENFPs. The Ne-Fi is clear in both. If you read biographies on them and their diaries(I have) you would see the ENFP in them more clearly.Fidel was clearly an ENTx. All thèses things about Fidel Castro being an "idealist" and a "Feeler" are bullshit.Lol you people crack me up. Nothing about him is Fe. If you read his diary and the book Che(I have) you will see the Ne-Fi in him. Both Fidel and Che were ENFPs. ENFPs also feel the need to physically help others. This guy is clearly an ENFP.He mainly played the role of medic in the Cuban Revolution although he did take command sometimes but he didn't want to because he thought that the Cubans would disapprove of a foreigner having command over them. Remember he became known during the revolution, before that the Cubans seen him as a fellow Latin American come to help Fidel and company, after the revolution the Cubans seen him as one of them. He did feel a need to be physically helping others but that might be a Fe-Se loop. ENFJs are comfortable with their Se after all. So ENFJ seems right. He complained to Fidel that holding him, a foreigner, in high regard would look bad but Fidel just brushed those complaints to the side, so that could be an Fe to Fi relationship between him and Fidel. Though I'm still not sure.Good point about Se-Ti. But I don't think he was ESTP. I think he was ENFJ.He is very ENFP. He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in and fought for a cause he believed in. Fidel Castro and Che are the definition of an ENFP. He was a revolutionary. Examples: Very idealistic, though not very resilient in following through - Brought a bunch of idiosyncratic ideas to many different jobs - He seemed to function via personal indignation and/or "championing" of Latin Americans. He screams ENFPSo INTJ became a thing with Nietzsche, somewhat understandable... how did ENFP become a thing with Che though? Lol! I guess because he is a 'champion', maybe a Keirsey typing?