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Comparison of cognitive function to lifestyle MBTI


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Fe is feeling and this is based on emotional expression and this is good for raising families and any profession involving people. Money rating $$$$$$ (6/6)

Ti is the kind of thinking that makes you able to analyze details and is good for computer programming nd repetitive tasks. Money rating $$$ (3/6) Money rating with computers (8/8) $$$$$$$$$$ (8/6)

Te is the kind of thinking that would make you good for executive lifestyle and generally is the well rounded businessman who has a life. Money rating (5/6) $$$$$

Fi is the kind of feeling that makes good fighters and is excellent in any profession that requires courage. Writing books takes a lot of courage to fight your nagging voice if not the most challenging profession. Money rating (3/6) $$$

Ne is the kind of imagnitive ideas that are good for advising other people and generally reserved for white collar jobs. Money rating (4.5/6) $$$$$

Ni is good for religion and journalism because journalism originally was about bible sermons and fortunetelling. Money rating (4.5/6) $$$$$

Posted by fg2 on forum Posted on 2018-04-23 05:53:52

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I forgot Fi rating would be a (8/6) with computers $$$$$$$$