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Daenerys Targaryen MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Daenerys Targaryen'
Daenerys Targaryen MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Game of Thrones

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INFJ - 84
ISFP - 26
INFP - 14
ENFJ - 14
ISFJ - 4
ENFP - 3
ENTJ - 2
ESFP - 1
ESTJ - 1
ESFJ - 1

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1W2 - 24
8W9 - 17
2W1 - 9
9W8 - 5
1W9 - 1
2W3 - 1
3W4 - 1
4W3 - 1
6W7 - 1
8W7 - 1

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MBTI type of Daenerys Targaryen

. An ENFJ who sucks at persuassion that he has to threaten everybody to get her way. Clearly not Fe-dom.

Find out about Daenerys Targaryen personality type

. 100% ENFJ. Idk why a lot of you thinks otherwise.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Daenerys Targaryen. Also, to everyone who thinks she's P - excuse me, why. And don't tell me every Judger ALWAYS acts with plan and NEVER does sth spontaneously.Which of the 16 personality types is Daenerys Targaryen?. C'mon guys. . . Why INFJ. If Dany's Ni exists at all, it's definitely not dominant and very little is being used. She is definitely FP. Daenerys is an ISFP to me for sure. She's all about Fi, making decisions on her own inner values. She's nothing like Ni-users like Littlefinger, Varys, Roose Bolton, Jojen and Doran Martell . . . 2) Obsession with idealized German identity. Both Hitler and Dany have a very clear and thought out vision of how things should be but lack the understanding of practical implications (no Te) but know how to rile up crowds and garner support (Fe). She doesn't seem to have a well developed T function. She doesn't seem Se/Ne dom either. She also doesn't compromise or understand the real life implications so she can't be ENFJ. ENFP or idealistic ESFP . She doesn't seem awfully Ne-dom, then again she seems to have an inferior Si obsession with the legacy of her family. Hitler-esque without all the Nazi thing. The only thing she is good at is conquering. Typical Mary Sue. She has all these ideals of what her kingdom will be like, but often doesn't detail or plan out how to get there. The moral foundations are steady and internal, while the methodology for reaching the endpoint is very chaotic and unplanned, sometimes at the expense of feasibility. But she does entertain many ways for doing things, as long as they meet her moral standards. She doesn't really ponders different possibilities, so if she's Fi, she's Se rather than Ne. ENFP. Fi not Fe. INFJ in the book. INTJ/ISFP on TV. My vote still goes to ISFP 8w7 Sx/Sp. I agree about the long-term vision thing. Daenerys keeps pushing though, no matter what happens, because this is simply who she is and what she does. This kind of almost dispassionate, stubborn idealism slightly out of touch with reality (Inferior Se) I feel is definitively an INFJ thing. She has those completely ruthless outbursts, for one. I really do think she is INFJ though. She has also spent a looot of time with pretty ruthless and violent people, like the horse people and her brother, and have absorbed their values. She is still very idealistic though, like when she lets go of those slaves, collapsing the city economy. I also think what some may be interpreting as Te+Fi, for example when she steals that slave army, is in fact Ni+Ti. What we get to see is the final step of plans that she has long been working on. They both have very strange, fixed ideas about superiority that make them do terrible things without thinking twice about it. They are also prone to brash, idealistic decisions that come back at them. The people who work for her are almost tripping over each other to show who is the most loyal subject . . . The closest was probably Renly (ENFP. ). Sometimes I wonder if GRRM is setting her up to be some kind of final villain, but nah . . . She seems to change from a FJ who wants to live up to her familiy's name to a FP who keeps to her pure sense of idealism, reality be damned. Hmm. ISFP has the same functions of ENTJ. She might be an example of a strong ISFP enneagram 8 then. She is highly idealistic and has trouble when reality goes against her schemes. But could be SFJ. She's nothing like Tywin or Olenna, putting her in the same type with them it's ridiculous. At the same time, I began to realize Ni-dom doesn't make much sense for her either. She's no Varys or Melisandre either. She doesn't use persuasion like them either. Sure, she's younger than Tywin, Olenna, Varys and doesn't have their experience, but even sough, she shows little common sense or persuasion. ISFP would make sense, with the uncompromising nature of Fi-Te and the drive of tertiary Ni, almost like non-sociopatic Lucy from Elfen Lied. It's strange to see people type her as INFJ. I experience Daenerys as a very cold person. She doesn't seem to manipulate people at all by using Fe. To me, she is Te dominant. . It is not in my current vision that INFJ want to reintegrate the land of their father just for reintegrate it. I think she's 1(w2) sxI changed my mind to INFP, she is very FiBut yes now I think she's an INFJI changed my mind since I wrote this message, but it's because I saw her motivated by her personal feelings first and not that much her ideals, but in fact the vision is dominant in her. And I also forgot she's young and kind of immature, that's why I did not see her as an INFJIt's hard to type her correctly, seeing that she's grown up in a highly xSTJ environment, her functions development is probably pretty stunted. I watched the first three episodes of the new season, and it validates what I already thought about her. I really have difficulties to see Daenerys as an INFJ. It sounds much more like Fi/Te, actually. She is the epitome of the INFJ on a mission. . . .