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Damon Albarn MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Damon Albarn'
Damon Albarn MBTI type

Music and Music Industry


ENTJ - 8
INFJ - 2
INTJ - 2
ENTP - 1

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3W4 - 8
8W9 - 2
5W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I've already seen him hugging a fan on the stage I guess he's infj, his smile tooExtrovert? Hm, no. He is very reflective in a very internal way. INTJ or INFJ. I think INFJ suits him better.

MBTI type of Damon Albarn

. He has the Feeler face. Likes to sing about other people (Fe).

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.I'm changing my vote from ENTJ to INTJ for Damon. I just watched an interview where he said he doesn't own a phone and he said that even back when he did own a phone, he'd never answer calls which is really weird for an extrovert, but not weird at all for an introvert.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Damon Albarn.His confrontational nature can be explained by enneatype 8. Despite this, he can control himself, this last thing aims to a J.Which of the 16 personality types is Damon Albarn?. So he's an xNTJ, but I'm still between I/E.Yeah, I think ENTJ is a right fit for him. If he was ENTP, I feel like he probably would have lost himself in his heroin habit. But he's always maintained that even when he was on heroin, he had control over himself. He didn't become addicted and was able to stop when he didn't feel like doing it anymore without the effects of withdrawal. Not even an INTP like William Burroughs could kick his heroin addiction. So for now I'm saying Damon is ENTJ 5w6 so/sx. There's definitely a 3 somewhere in his tritype, but I don't think it's his core.There's that one time during the 1995 Brit Awards when Blur won the award for Best British Group, Damon runs up the steps to the stage and physically throws himself on top one of the award presenters and kisses him. INTJ? I think not. The way that he talks and acts reminds me of a bit of the actor Cillian Murphy who I believe is 5w6. Damon seems like a head type to me, and a charming one at that -- probably so/sx. So/sx are the instinct stackings that generally know how to seduce an audience.No way he is J or an introvert.If you want to look at his lyrics, they deal with his perceptions of how he thinks the future will treat him personally, the well being of society as a whole and the future of humanity, etc etc. He demonstrates a healthy amount of Ni without being too whiny, so I doubt he's Ni inferior. Probably Fi inferior.ENTJ. Te/Se is quite prominent in his interviews even if he's fairly calm. He's always quick to snap back and reiterate what he says when he talks about his views and his projects. Very clear, no nonsense kind of guy.