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Dan Howell MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Dan Howell'
Dan Howell MBTI type

Acting and Movie Industry

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INFJ - 17
ENTP - 12
INTP - 1
ENFP - 1
ISTP - 1

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9W1 - 9
4W3 - 5
6W7 - 4
4W5 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Not too sure about him being extroverted@swoon. exe Tests are ridiculously inaccurate lmao everyone's an INxx according to those. I'd vote Dan being Enneagram 4. 4w5 or 4w3, whatever.

MBTI type of Dan Howell

. But 4. Also, I don't know if you spotted, but in some videos with Phil he's very expressive and dramatic.

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. In some gaming videos he shouts very loud and releases his anger. When he talks with Phil he often dramatically interrupts Phil because he want's to express his thoughts RIGHT NOW.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Dan Howell. These are some things of Fours. He said he's "IN something".Which of the 16 personality types is Dan Howell?. Even though he says himself that he "isn't kind of that much introverted", he still can't be extrovert at all. He seems a little bit too disorganised to be J, btw. I would bet for INXP, though Ne function doesn't fit him, I think. I don't know if he's F or T. I honestly don't know where some people see dominant Ne. Do some comparison. Seriously, Dan is not Ne dom. However, if you watch some of his videos, I think Fe is very visible. (https://www. youtube. com/watch. guys, he made a video about existential crisises. just listen to how he speaks. he always considers the bigger picture: a lot of mentions of life and death and 'what is the meaning. '. he's really hard to type. he doesn't look really extroverted. he also appears to be an organization freak, which doesn't really influence his cognitive functions but it could be a sign of him being really anxious, which could make him a feeler. he does seem like an INFJ, but at the same time he really seems like an Ne userHe did say that he is "IN something" (twitter. . . Dan actually confirmed on stage that he has taken the test and is INFJ. Coming back to this: ENTP 4w3 so/sx is a horrendous typing. So I'm switching from so/sp 9 to sp/so 6 (which is notorious for being the most phobic form of 6). Also Neptune's comment saying Dan uses Ti/Fe doesn't actually say WHERE he uses Ti/Fe. But whatever, I'll cave on ENTP since everyone will type him that way due to how ENTPs are stereotypically portrayed versus INFPs. If he's ENTP 6w7 sp/so, he'd ALMOST be the exact same type as Chandler Bing from Friends (the sp and so would be flipped in that case) and Dan does seem actually like a good representation of Chandler IRL, so it's believable. In comparison, I think Phil is an extroverted 4. An ENFP so/sx 4. @Neptune: I agree with you as to the ENTP part, the prevalence of Fe over Fi, Ti over Te. @Neptune: I respect the fact you watched every single one of his videos, as I could not have done that myself :-)) Anyway, I value your opinion and you may be right, but let’s analyze the enneatype 4 possibility: Dan is more shameless than shameful, so he cannot be social dominant, because the key word for social 4 is “Shame” (sources: “Personality types” by Riso&Hudson or Beatrice Chestnut quoting Claudio Naranjo in her “Complete enneagram” book). I do not detect any sort of shame in him. At least, it is not an issue. Sexual 4s are competitive, angry and aggressive for envious reasons. They make others suffer (same sources as above) as a projection of their feelings of internalized inadequacy and lacking. If he has sx4, it is in the tritype, as a secondary fixation. So, he is not a sexual dominant 4. Sp 4s are much more restrained or contained than Dan. They do not communicate their suffering. They put a lot of stress and pressure on themselves. It does not seem to be Dan’s portrait. So, he is not a core type 4. He could have 4 as a secondary fixation in the tritype, but not as a core type. Could he be a social 7. The key word is “sacrifice”. Dan is young, but I did not detect counter-gluttony in him. Could he be a sexual 7. They are idealistic dreamers, they see the world through rose-colored glasses. They are light-hearted and enthusiastic and believe they can do everything. That sounds closer to Dan. Could he be a sp 7. Chestnut. It does not sound like Dan either. Could he be a 6. Dan is not phobic like the warm sp 6. If he has some 6, it is secondary like the wing of his enneatype 7. Therefore, to me, he is more likely a sx7w6 with 4 in the tritype as a secondary fixation, not a core type 4. He’s one of the calmest, most easy going people I know. I’ve never even seen him angry or pissed off. That’s actually a trait I’ve always admired him for. As someone who’s watched every single one of his videos and also watches his live streams on a regular basis, I'm absolutely convinced that he's enneagram type 4. There aren't that many ENTP Type 4s, but they do exist. And I believe that's the main reason why he's so hard to type, and why a lot of people tend to think he's an introvert and a feeler. But there are two major reasons why I don't think he's an INFP. The first one is that Phil is an obvious INFP, but the two of them are so different that it seems really unlikely to me that they're the same type. Yes, he's socially awkward, but being an extrovert doesn't mean that you constantly feel the need to socialise and it doesn’t even necessarily has anything to do with how advanced you social skills are. He even said in some of his videos that he's not an introvert, and he also has trouble relating to people who actually are introverted. The main reason why I don't believe he's a feeler is because he uses Fe instead of Fi. The only types that use both Fe and Ne are ENTPs and INTPs. I actually do see Ti in him, especially if you watch how he and Phil interact with each other. Phil (as an Fi and Ne user) often says random things that he doesn’t really think through, and Dan is always the one pointing out the logical errors in Phil's comments, using Ti and Fe. " Thinkers aren't necessarily selfish bricks who love arguments and don't care about other people’s feelings. From my own experience, it's seems to be pretty common for ExTPs to shy away from unnecessary conflict and drama, which is exactly what Dan does. He's every aware of other people’s feelings and how he comes across to people (compare him to Phil and maybe you'll see what I mean). As I said, the main reason why he seems a bit different from most ENTPs might be because his enneagram is pretty unusual for his MBTI type. Type 4 also strongly correlates with Fi. That’s why Type 4 Fe users can easily be mistaken for Fi users. Too bad, we cannot edit our posts. :-)Not everyone can be an efficient entertainer on youtube, even if there is a will to be so ;-) A 4, even extroverted, would not come up as that entertaining (for a specific audience), social 4 or not. 6w7 is not to be excluded completely, though I lean towards 7w6. He is a core head type to my opinion, but I am open to other point of views. "so/sx is also an incredibly personable type" haha you're so humble Chanaynay. No, but I agree =) If he were a 4, so/sx is the only stacking I can see joking around as much as him, but for a 9 so/sp would work. Furthermore, he is too fast-paced for being a 9. Is he envy driven like an extroverted 4. Is he lead by fear like a 6. Not really, I did not detect any anxiety or doubt in him. Admittedly, I am not clear about the instinct stacking. I will think over it, but definitely a 7w6. sorry that comment was aimed at antarios. but i agree quillian, 479 is a likely tritype. his head-fix is either 7w6 or 6w7 but there's no 5 influence in him really. but i'm still going with INFP 9w1 so/sp as the core typing. i think the head type he seems to have the most connection with is e6. the only positive outlook type i can see for him is 9. he's an entertainer sure, but that's it. an e7 ETP youtube is, once again, jenna marbles. i don't see any 8 in him at all really and asserting himself is one of the main issues he struggles with. and i don't get where people are seeing the Ti in him other than the fact that he's a little eccentric. almost all of his stories account for how he's sharply aware of his presence in the room and and how interpersonal dynamics are at play. so/sx is also an incredibly personable type, and that's not just from my personal experience as an so/sx but for any so/sx i've encountered (even the introverted ones). AH you've met him in person. . You'd have a better idea than I would then. And I see what you're saying, I thought before you meant he seems to light to be a 4. Probably a 7w6 head fix. 479 is possible. sp/sx 7w6 is probably closer for the instinct stacking. I did not know him, but looking at a few of his silly videos, I recognized the extroverted Entertainer 7w6. In particular, I watched a video about his fears. He projects his power and fears onto the world, which is typical of head types. :/I can definitely see 9w1, but I'm personally a social 4 and I have a very self-deprecating sense of humor. It is a sensitive issue, but I'm not likely to let that on. ENTP 4w3. No. My guess is that he's an INFP who seems Ne in his videos due to its extroverted nature. And I can't really see Ti in him at all really. INFP 4w3 so/sx might be a good guess. But a 4's sense of social shame is a sensitive issue. So with all of this combined with the fact that he seems to be chronically and internally pissed off, my conclusion is INFP 9w1 so/sp.