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Darth Vader MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Darth Vader'
Darth Vader MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Star Wars

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ISTJ - 58
INTJ - 6
ESTJ - 6
ENTJ - 5
ESFP - 2
INFJ - 1
ENFP - 1
ESTP - 1

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8W9 - 27
1W9 - 9
6W5 - 3
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

ENFP to ISTJJust wondering what arguments there are for E1. Riso/Hudson even included Darth Vader in their original list of famous 8w9s. How many ones start strangling someone who disagrees with them in an otherwise peaceful meeting. Definitely more concerned with powering through his opponents than convincing them that he is right.

MBTI type of Darth Vader

. Both Anakin and Darth Vader exhibit the 8's psychology by doing anything to protect and/or avenge their loved ones, including both evil acts like massacring the Sandpeople and the Younglings and acts of heroism like killing Palpatine to save Luke. ISTJ.

Find out about Darth Vader personality type

. He seems introverted rather than extroverted, because he never uses more words than he needs to and, if my memory serves, is shown seeking alone time in at least one scene (maybe more) during the movies. He's also quite dutiful to the Emperor and does not question his authority, implying probably S over N.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Darth Vader. that's the french name (LOL)