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Debaser MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Debaser'
Debaser MBTI type


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ENTP - 16
ESTJ - 10
ENTJ - 7
INTJ - 4

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8W7 - 10

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Now everybody suck my cock. It's a shame this guy left before I got here, he's pretty hilariousCome back stupid assholEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDEBASER IS A FAGGOT. Why does this guy want explanation for every single detail happening in this site . Must be why he was voted ESTJThat was a rethorical question.

MBTI type of Debaser

. Did you finally find out your type. Happened' this guy was the best thing that ever happened to this site.

Find out about Debaser personality type

. What happened to this infamous man. He left the clasification of troll as 'Debaser'.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Debaser. Debaser was like the racist grandpa of this site. I miss him :'(My question has been answered.Which of the 16 personality types is Debaser?. Well, you surely care about gays, that's the question you asked after all. I'm not a man, you fool. Are you by any chance a homophobic madman. Keep avoiding the question, coward. Either you are autistic or gay. Gay to meet other men here, like gays do at the gym. Yet you seem to have a problem with me questioning the hint of homophobia in the aforementioned question. No business, I have completely nothing to do here. For some reason I think you are talking to yourself. hello to: are you by any chance a homophobe. Serious question. This guy is definitely a narrow-minded ESTJ. Donald Trump alone should be proof of that :)@Debaser: now that you're an ENTP, are you going to vote Gregory House as ENTP. Lol anyway: you can't possibly have expected us to know you were "faking" your ETJ persona, especially since you quite soberly made comments about how you're INTJ or ENTJ and even shared test results that pointed toward xNTJ. e. in a way that makes it obvious you're parodying it. . . That said I enjoy your persona, real or not. Debaser my boy. . . I speak Engrish. Perfect diction. And as an xNTP, it's good to know you aren't one of *them* after all. Just wanted to say you're one of the funniest people I've happened to stumble upon on the internet. . . HAHA I VOTED ENTJ SCREW YOU I'M OUTDebaser - Says he doesn't really care about anything. Spams a dozen votes because he thinks he is ENTP. Good going governor. I still find the overtly forceful and ad-hominem-attack centered argumentative style, as opposed to a Socratic (or otherwise Ti) style, to be indicative of Te dominance. structure which seems to make more sense. For example, I as an INFJ cannot see myself as an aux Fi/Ti user or an extravert. But in a more general sense, leading with two same-direction functions seems counterintuitive. Given that the tertiary and inferior functions are often weak, poor, and not comfortable for people, as you said on David Lynch's page, it seems unlikely that extraverts would have /no/ introverted thought process that they are comfortable with and vice versa for introverts. Lol. Also I know it's you Speedy. If it's not you it must be the retard who voted for "Viagra" on the House page of this broken ass site. Either way I really don't give a fuck. So. . . You have to realize this is play for me. I may seem to take it seriously, but I don't. Arguing is basically my sport. I mean I know it probably looks like I spend a lot of time writing long arguments (way more than any ESTJ would by the way about some theory) but the truth is it's autopilot for me. I can easily see all the possible arguments and type em out faster than I can think them. I've already thought ahead to what you're gonna argue next and considered it before you ever do. I'm pretty ENTP bruhAlso do you really believe ENTPs are subtle and non-confrontational. LMAO. Dichotomies wise it's still ENTP. I pretty much reject the Harold Grant function stacks Harold Grant uses that claim ENTP is Ne-Ti-Fe-Si. But it's not my best fit really. Though depending on how you twist it it could be. I mean really what you gotta understand is that the types are just crude approximations. You may have a best fit- and mine is ENTP - but you're never going to "be" the type. No one is ever going to constantly act the way their type is "supposed" to according to some theory all the time. Real people don't function like that. "Wouldn't ENTPs X. " See this is what I hate about personality typing and one of the reasons I left this site. " And it also is totally illogical because my being ESTJ instead would create a whole lot more inconsistencies than it would fill. I do engage in word play in many debates. . . Also, weren't you just pointing out that I had a wrong stereotyped ideas of ESTJs. Seems like you have the same of ENTPs. We're not all Tony Stark making snarky comments with a flippant, devil may care attitude all the time. We can get riled up as easily as anyone else. Anyways mighty Debaser. You are whatever you want to be. I didn't go away for a while because I was pissed. It was because I was bored and because the site is broken, anybody can sign up and flood the polls with viagra, and it's full of nerds who go on and on into an in depth Jungian analysis of fucking Disney cartoons and shit. But yeah, I know exactly how true my self assessment is. Yeah, I'm confrontational. I'm not passive aggressive like you. But I know damn well who I am. lol wow. Yeah I'll admit I score high on neuroticism on the Big Five so I'm probably more. . . But that doesn't mean the stereotype is valid. The truth is it makes no sense why J should be linked to "defensiveness" or whatever you're talking about. Dude last time you got so pissed you went away for a while. Not so sure how true your self assessment is. ;)It's not that I'm not open to suggestions. It's just that I consider suggestions and determine them to be wrong. Jung himself would never even pair Te with Si. First two functions would be extroverted. I'm not even trying to be defensive. This shit is effortless for me. I'm an ENTP cause that's my best skill. Debating. Arguing. I enjoy playing devil's advocate and stirring shit up for the fuck of it. That is the crux of my entire personality. Besides an Ne dom would be more open to suggestions than you seem to be. ESTJs with all their brilliance are known to be defensive about themselves. It's all relative you see. Truth is none of them are really accurate. I didn't realize I was attempting to organize things into an efficient system based on past precedent in those posts. Seeing as that is what Te-Si supposedly is. The way you justify yourself to a complete stranger who is trolling suggests you're a very Te-Si though. Well let's see. I'm not a J. No test has ever shown be to be an SJ. Te somewhat, but then Jung himself would consider the ENTP type to be Ne-Te. The true fact is that I score nearly 100% P on every test I take. But yeah, again, you are someone I've never spoken to in my life but because you read some of my internet comments, which wouldn't be something reliable to analyze someone exclusively on, even if they were not deliberately intended to come across a certain way as they were, you must know me better than I know myself. Someone who has lived with myself every second of every day of my life and knows all my thoughts and experiences. I am very right though Debaser. And deep down you know it ;)Just because you have a wrong impression of ESTJs doesn't mean you aren't one. It's just that the way I delivered them was deliberately intended to be in an over-the-top "Te" way. What if everyone else is playing a character too and you're here thinking its just you. I remember the walls of texts you wrote trying to justify your typings spending way too much time for it to not be serious. You're an ESTJ with well developed Ne. They also remind me why I got bored and left this site tho. Some of y'all take this shit waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too seriously. My whole Debaser character was a persona. Think of it like Stephen Colbert. Only one of you voted for my actual type. Just saying. Maybe the situation calls for it at he moment, or maybe people don't see which function is dominant. If an ENFP is showing his Te and Si, does that mean he's ESTJ. I've seen people exibit little to no of one function, but does it mean they never use it at all, no it just means that they never use it when people are observing. I've seen INTJ's typed as ISTP's and ISFJ's typed as ENFP's simply for what people are observing at the time. Dominant function= driving factor, Aux = supporting factor Tert= less interesting but atill influencing and strong Inferior = one's demon or what they struggle to keep in. Simple as that. As for Debaser's type. Even though I see more Te, he could be Ni, but since he clims to fall in the middle of xNTJ and that Te seems to be the driving favtor in his personality, my vote remains ENTJ. He gets a HUGE kick out of it. I've noticed that dominant Si tends to be a little more transparent than Ni, allowing the Te to show through better, sometimes appearing as Te-doms. He does the same with ENTJ too, though, which is my vote. Either ENTJ or ISTJ. That's what Debaser is. Yeah that could be it. :P I agree that he exhibits much more Te than Ni. I see a lot of hate in this thread. Whoevet responds to this, just try to talk to me in a miral way without sounding like a stupid, arrogant, pig headed chimpanzee that probably takes the form of a worm behind their computer. I agree with Ventus. I'm also going to go out on a whim here and guess that not all estps are sex addicted Narcissistic pigs. On another note, what exactly is this argument about. (An odd combination) I think one of you complained about how people on this site are incapable of using basic logic, however your argument is fairly illogical as it seems the two of you are arguing less about typology and are more interested in proving your own masculinity. Sorry. It is absolutely clear that he extroverts thinking judgments, and he's too detailed in his arguments to be ESTJ. ENTJs can act exactly like Debaser though. It's just that I know an ISTP when I see one. Just go on any online forum where an ISTP might make a post and they will literally speak exactly in the same sorta manner that Debaser speaks online. ISTP's are MOST often confused with INTJ's and even ENTJ's. He doesn't like Debaser and he thinks sensors are stupid therefore Debaser is an ISTP. (Just curious)We have to remember that it is a lot easier to someone's extroverted functions but that's directly was blasted out. Introverted functions can only be assessed by finding recurring patterns in behavior. They're very blunt and direct but not as "aggressive" per say. I liken INTJ's to snipers while Debaser is a nuclear bomb. Sadly Debaser you are an ISTP. . Definite NTJ but can't tell which :PI never said it was "automatic". But Debaser's personality deffects are thoses typcal on the INTJ type. @Scotty: an MBTI web developer (in that context) is a Celebrity Types admin. @Speed Gavroche: since when are certain types automatically "cooler" than others. "Unfortunately, there will be stubborn MBTI amateurs trying to bring a good talented team of MBTI web developers down Debaser is a perfect example who's too stubborn to admit he/she is wrong. xdxw" this user is right, and that show us again that debaser is an INTJ clown. Pathetically funny, but still funny. To develop more, it's obvious tha he is an insecure and unhealthy INTJ by the way he interacts on this board. His tertiary Fi is obvious because he felt attack when nobody attacks him, which is a mark of his insecurity and susceptibility. His repression of Se is also obvious because he has never facts to support his subjective thought. All of this are clear Ni projections and pathetic attempt to hide his insecurities and weakness. An ENTJ would not do that, not would do an ISTP either. That's why this does'nt make sense. *looks at the last thousand posts* This got fun :)I don't why are your egoes on stakes here. Why not be comfortable in your own skin. Why are you both so keen trying to put other down and be the alpha male or whatever you're trying to do. By the way, speking about TypologyCentral, I published a video of me on this site, and then received many comments from girls of the site about how hot I'am. That's not unusual. So are men sometimes. So I have no problem to attract girls, even not on closing two at the same time on some occasions. Well. Think that if you want. "I am aggressive. I don't deny that. It's a sign of confidence. I am convicted in my opinions, and so I push them hard" Precisely. You're agressive because you're angry. And that's not a good sign. Halla 74 has also posted more than me, while I have post at max 10 or 15 posts on this site for the past two years. None of theme would contest that I'am an ESTP. EJarendee made dosens of elaborated videos about typology, something that I could not find the time to do. So, not only that I don't spend so much time on typology sites, but spending a lot of time on typology site is not in contradiction with the ESTP type. Wow. On what I said earlier, indeed in a pure letter by letter model S is indeed more common sense and grounded and N is more intellectual and imaginative. As for the openness of Big 5, the thing is that if someone indeed scores at very high end of opennes then by definition you are prone to be into what you call bullshit while on the other end you'll be totally grounded and unable to think abstractly in the slightest. There if you claim that you're a very grounded guy who only accepts things based entirely on their empirical evidence and not just out of abstract intellectual necessity or speculation then you can't score very high openness at the same time. He's got a point there. INTJs can be extremely agressive simply because they're adamant on having the truth prevail when they're completely sure of being right. Also, YOU calling ME insecure. That's rich. You can deny it all you want, but you spend a ridiculous amount of time on these sites, way more than me, way more than most people who use them, let alone most ESTPs. It's obvious just from looking through your post history here and on Typology Central. I don't deny that. But it's not a sign of insecurity. I am convicted in my opinions, and so I push them hard. Some people hate that. Something very obvious is your agressivity. Your agressivity is a sign of your insecurity. Most people on typing site who've met me would type me as an STP. 2/3 would say i'm ISTP, 1/3 that I'am ESTP. My interventions are actually relatively sporadic, except on some days. "You said that you were playful but that I was unable to see that. " Wrong again. I did not say I'm playful in general. Example, the Kanye West joke, my comment about being better than you, etc. Nothing concrete about that because it's bullshit. When really you are the pathetic one, who said that to try to resolve your own insecurity. I was calling you out on that, and you got severely butthurt. You wouldn't know what empiric proof was if it hit you in the face. I just want to say your feud is hilarious. There's no contradiction. " Nope, but spending huge, huge chunks of your time, if not all your time on internet forums for years does. You also act nothing like an ESTP on said forums so. . . . And no you say you did not say it. haha. So we have a concrete clue of you insecurity. While there's no concrete clue of mine. "That's what I do. " AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow. Also, what the fuck is "intention input," and what about my "intention input fail. ""shouldn't you be out doing cool action hero stuff and getting pussy " That's what I do. There's no contradiction. Some ESTPs like EJarendee or Whatever spend even more time that me on this. I didn't say I was playful and laid back. I said you aren't. You were making a stupid argument based on stupid reasoning. If THAT was supposed to be a joke, well, I guess it kind of was, but not an intentional one on your part. " You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Poor little thing. Just give up for Christs's sake, you're embarrassing yourself. "I don't feel like I have to prove that I'm right, i know I'am". But no, you are not. You're not "playful and laid back". That's very visible for example when you believed that a comment I made about INTJs on the Arnold S page was directed at you. Then I realised that you were a pathetic egotistical and compulsive guy who can't even bear any joke about his type. And that's why you believed it was directed at you, and because you are so angry Poor little thing. Your typology central posts go back years. Don't ESTPs have lives and get bored easily. You are the all bark and no bite one. You are the pathetic one who fantasizes himself to be something he is not because your reality is so pitiful. Very sad really. Setting aside whatever the hell a "scandalised" reaction may be, I don't "writtent" "wall of text" "compulsively by dosens. It takes me no effort and no time at all to write my comments. They flow out of me extremely quickly. It is easy. I enjoy arguing with morons like you. I don't feel I have to prove I am right; I know I am. It's just too easy to make you look like the moron you are. You take everything very seriously and get very butthurt about it. Exhibit A: Your last comment. So yes you do have "such behavior. " As for "you just play the yappy dog who yowl because he can't bie. I'm sorry, can you translate that to English. Nice try. Anyone here can see strong clus of your compulsive and anal retentive behavior, simply by the way you react as soon as something happen which don't fit with your bias. Sandalised reaction, wall of text writtent compulsively by dosens to try to prove that you are right. I have not such behavior, so you fail. Just like when you say that you are better than me. And though your compulsive and uncool personality is obvious, your "playful" side is not. Why that. And since you are never funny, but boring as hell, it your playfulness may be hard to detect, if it even exist. According to CT, by the way, ENTJ is heavily associated with compulsive personality while INTJ is not. Also irony, Speedy my friend: based on your own criteria for an INTJ who "paces on the internet" and is totally uncool, you fit the criteria WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. See you don't even recognize when I'm being playful because you're too fucking stupid. I don't actually get angry. I stop by every few weeks or so, argue, and leave. . . Much more butthurt. Wrong impeccable. And I score as high openness on the Big Five, which matters more. I don't take things literally, I am more intellectual than practical and physical, etc. Like any sane and reasonable person. Oh I don't believe I'm special and unique Speed Gavroche. Also where you're getting "compulsive" and "anal retentive" from I have zero clue. Probably from your own anus, as usual. Thoses two types usually realease a cool and playful aura that debaser don't have a drop of. He's basically just one of the multitude of uncool, arrogant, compulsive and anal retentive INTJ who pace on the internet while believing that they are special and unique. And its near impossible that a real human being fit one box. Therefore four letter approach fails on its own and only works in conjunction with the cognitive functions model. . . Her. Hahahahahahahaha. In fact when I took the official Big Five NEO PI-R test, I got literally squarely in the middle of extroversion, but high openness and conscientiousness and low agreeableness. Which indicates xNTJ. Quit typing out of your ass. Whatever happened to rationality. Why can people on this site not put their own stupid cognitive biases aside for five fucking seconds and just judge something correctly that should be totally obvious. It's really quite pitiful. And while sometimes people may confuse INTJs with ISTPs (though I struggle to think of a single instance other than Stanley Kubrick, and that was just Celebrity Types confusing an INTJ for an ISTP), I am most definitely a TJ. No way in hell am I an SP, certainly no "Se subtype. Not ISTP. Again, I asked for an explanation for said typing and you failed to provide one. But then, you should also know that it is Te types who prefer to make judgments based on empirical standards, not Ti types. Nothing to do with Se. I hope we can all agree on that. Oh it's you. Often times people confuse INTJ's with ISTP's. Seriously, I wanna know why someone voted ISTP. Explain. Cause I just don't get it. Please don't tell me someone just voted me as ISTP because I said I valued empirical evidence. It's worth noting though that Nietzche, who everyone agrees is INTJ, said "All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses. " And Marx said "Philosophy is to science as masturbation is to sex. Actually, I've been considering I might well be ENTJ after all recently. I hadn't really thought of myself as an extrovert, but then again I'm not an extreme introvert either. And though I believe Enneagram is a crock of crap, I admit that I do relate and have consistently tested as type 8, which is supposedly correlated with ENTJ. So I'm not opposed to the idea of being an ENTJ. Especially if the only argument you have against it is that you don't see "Ni dominance. " I really am more of an ambivert at any rate. Yes, I would have guessed ENTJ as well. I too find his debating style enjoyable to read and stimulating to reply to, even though I disagree with his interpretation. But @Debaser, why do you identify as INTJ rather than ENTJ, especially given your I-score is pretty close to E. I think he is a Te-Dom. ) typology as opposed to more subtle and philosophically driven Jungian typology. Therefore I don't see NI dominance. I voted ENTJ. Shouldn't Debaser be in "Jet Set, Buzz, and Society World" like the rest of us. " :PWell the results didn't seem far off. May be the one thing that CT is good for. Ha, well, their test doesn't go by functions but by letters. Interesting how that works out. I gotta say though, I find it interesting a few people voted for ExTJ. My scores according to Celebrity Types' admittedly good test are about 55% I, 64% N, 91% T, and 82% J. I guess I just find his posts more insightful than you do :)Scotty, I definitely don't hate Debaser and INTJs (though admittedly there can be struggled between an INTJs and I). In truth, this site wouldn't be the same without Debaser. It's hard to tell who is and isn't an extrovert on the internets, but can't see many extroverts bothering with commenting here. Our patron saint of explosively critical diatribes that are surprisingly devoid of supporting logic. INTJ. I haven't given this guy much thought besides recognizing his glaring Te, but out of curiosity why does everyone agree he's an introvert rather than an extrovert. Well not too ridiculous. Isn't it a bit ridiculous. Like quite ridiculous