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Deidara MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Deidara'
Deidara MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

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ISFP - 17
ESFP - 12
ESTP - 6
INFP - 2
ENTP - 2

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4W3 - 16
7W8 - 5
7W6 - 4

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He is pretty straight forward. Love explosion, Se. Bomb and keep bombing Te. Ni wants to be the best explosive clay-artist.

MBTI type of Deidara

. As I stated he and Sasori is another classic pair of INTJ and ESFP. Enneagram probably 4w3 sx/so.

Find out about Deidara personality type

. Deidara closely resembles the Mello Death Note which is ENFP. Deidara looks only with a Se-user because of the obsession he has the art of the explosion, but this obsession can come from enneagram 4W3 it.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Deidara. I think is an INFP sociopath with strong Si and TeAbout enneagram maybe 7w6 sx/sp. I read the comments and in my honest opinion he's xNxP type, he's intuitive and conceptual, i can see INFP, ENFP, ENTP and INTP.Which of the 16 personality types is Deidara?. He's an xSFP for sure, and he is passionate by her art and esthetic, definitely he's a feeler type i can se ESFP, ENFP, an ISFP. Yeah, now I see Ni. ISFP makes much more sense than ESTP. There is no TI and there is a very strong Fi. His obsession with Itachi is because he diminished his art by using a much more beautiful one. I do see NI in him. Remember his fight with Deidara and his counter sharingan trick. Deidara is complicated . . . I'm a xNFP 4w3 (I now feel more like a I) and I identify a lot with the way the character is expressed to the world and people. The need to value something and do everything possible to show everyone how much he values is great makes me see myself in it. I have huge identification for this character, but probably more for Fi by his enneagram. But I admit it I see more like ISFP even seeing traces of Ne and Si within it. Te for analysing and Fi for his enthusiasm. I can't easily capture any Se - Ni behaviour but Ni can be seen at the Sasuke fight scenes. Or he might be some kind of weird/unhealthy ExFP. What makes me unable to type him is, he possesses a great Si and Ne. Do they count. Dunno. . . Mocking Sasori every minute. Seriously. A lot of NPs can't get along with SPs and same with the opposite. I have no better idea :/Well, I can see why people voted for ISFP cause he really has that ISFP side but I can't convince myself. Second, he LOVES arguing. Looking back to his 'journey to Akatsuki' there's obvious Fi tho. ESTP is a good option for him, he's too loud even though he says 'Akatsuki members should me calm, less talking and serious' he is not lol. The thing is, I think he has Ne because his way of doing things -like explosions he used while fighting against Sasuke- are pretty interesting. . . Never mind. Gonna rewatch some episodes before voting. . . Personally I think he is xSFP, ISFP are usually more artistic than ESFP, but he talks so much. . . If I have to choose one, I guess ISFP however. His fight with Sasuke is a good example of xSFP vs xNTJ. He is anything but a Ti user. I think we can break it down this way: Deidara at heart is an Fi user. " His short temper reminds me of an Fi kind of temper. His sense of individuality is very Fi. He seems to only care about how things will affect him and seems to only rely on a system of (skewed) moral values. Although this may seem like inferior Fi thinking we see this kind of behavior with Fi dominates a lot. He has a sort of quirkiness that you see with a lot of strong Ne users however it is not mutually exclusive to Ne. In terms of personality, processing information, and technique in general, he is an Se user. I think this exhibits Se. Also his unique way of molding clay in his hands and the way he is trying to create different objects of clay to use screams "artisan" Se. He analyzes more on his gut feelings rather than Ti "logical analysis" at the time and tries to come up with conclusions based on patterns over time. We can briefly see this in his fight against Sasuke where he exhibits a lot of Ni. He seems only concerned with feelings of the moment and doesn't even use logic when making his impulsive decisions. He is literally willing to kill himself to make himself feel good about his art. I would say his use of functions fit ISFP best. I am open to other arguments. Changing my vote for the last time to ISFP. I have rewatched episodes and am now convinced he is an ENFP. I would understand ESFP but ESTP just doesn't make sense. I peg him as either sn INFP or ISFP.