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Dio Brando MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Dio Brando'
Dio Brando MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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ENTJ - 37
INTJ - 4
ESTP - 2
ESTJ - 1

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8W7 - 22
3W4 - 7

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He thinks about things so abstractly, he must prefer an intuitive function over a sensing function.I agree, I don't see any Fe in him at all. ENTJ with overactive Se and underdeveloped Fi?Inferior functions even when developed are hardly ever useful because your dominant function will pretty much always try to stamp it out. I don't think he could be Ni inferior because of that.

MBTI type of Dio Brando

. I don't really get much Fe from him in any of the stuff either. I think ENTJ fits him well.

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.As others stated, it largely depends on the series that you look at. But, ENTJ is probably the most fitting overall with that Te/Se combo.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Dio Brando.Dio is an ENTJ 3w4, Sx/So I think.Who is voting INTJ to Dio? Where are introverted and reserved and distant traits? He is clearly outgoing, determined, expressive and immediate.Which of the 16 personality types is Dio Brando?. He is ENTJ with a loop SeDio could look ESTJ or ESTP only in the third series (Stardust Crusaders), but that's because his character isn't very depth and doesn't had a major role in the story, which is more focused on the protagonists group. However if we look better at the first and the sixth series, Dio sounds very intuitive, in Phantom Blood he shows his excellent manipulation skills while in Stone Ocean he sounds very deep in his thoughts in the flashback on the boat with Pucci. I confirm my ENTJ vote.Dio is just like the Mello because of Fi. Mello is full of ideas and lives constantly with the possibilities. Often had to improvise in the anime. It details the possibilities and not rule nor one. Ne-Si Mello is more alive in the past than Dio. The past is something important to Mello because that's where it all began, and he always need to see the past to remember the motivation he's doing Fi-Si. Dio can look into the past, but this is just something from him Fi. It is aimed in a future where he should be king. It does not show Ne. It does not show traditionalism. He wants just the facts and pragmatism. Te-Ni-Se Indeed Dio is a complicated character determine his blood type. But I believe ENTJ with developed Se would be best for him.It can not be ESTP. It is dominated by Te.Now let's compare Dio with characters NTJ's.Now let's compare Dio with characters TJ's. Where is the similarity of it with Raito Yagami taking the Te? Where is his resemblance to Ghriffit of Berserk taking the Te? Where is his resemblance to Hannibal Lecter? Where is the similarity of it with Lelouch? The difference is that they have a plan for the future and perform, some are more cautious, others are faster. Dio has a plan to dominate the world, but only that. Dio lives constantly in the past, and as an ESTJ, tried to win looking to the past and not the future. He tried to have fun just for settle scores and dominate the world. If it is a type N, it is an ENTJ who uses quite Se. Only a full planning improvisation and rancor.Dio Brando is introverted? WTF ?! If you watch Part 1 and 3 you will see that the character uses Si. He thinks in detail the past, as his father was a shit and how much he hates to compare with her father. In part 3 he lives only thinking of one of the details of how he was defeated, and what he must do to not be beaten. He is moved by You. Not because he has a plan to change the world that it can not be S. It may very well be a ESTJ with Ne developed. When he arrives at the mansion totally top finding is clear evidence of Te. You gift takes a pragmatic view of the world. They want to dominate and control the outside environment. The point is that ENTJ's not waste time looking at the past as it is more pragmatic and futuristic, as ESTJ's living with details of the past and dream of a world dominated practice for them thanks to Ne. Mello is an example of an ENFP with Te developed trying to act like an ESTJ. Dio is very similar to Mello in some respects, both are bitter with the past and live in the details of the past. Everything they do, they look pro passdo. Only Dio has this need to dominate the world (Te) and Mello needs to get even to eliminate their inferiority complex with Near (Fi-Si).Okay, so he changed his personality to a xNTJ. Because in the one and three he demonstrates fully impulsiveness and improvisation. The way his act on the mansion, to manipulate people with their self-centered skills, lack of planning the consequences of their actions ... it can not, the author has totally changed the Dio personality in Part 6.In part 6 , it is revealed that Dio had a plan to conquer the world and to shape it into a better place for him and for his fellows. Basically, all the plot of part 6 is due to him even if he wasnt an actual character of this part, as the villain (a father named Enrico Pucci) was pursuing his plans. Dio had several discussions with that priest, on abstract, spiritual, philosophical subjects. He was the one starting these discussions, showing great knowledge on many area (probably the fact that he reads a lot). Finding that the priest was trustworthy, he revealed to him his plans and ambitions, and gave him a key to pursue this dream if he happened to die. All this to say that Dio was much more than what you described, part 6 added interesting informations about him. He has more Ni-Se than Si-Ne just like the resurgence of his not well developed Se showed it. To summarize, Dio had his own vision of the world that he wanted to achieve (and had a concrete plan), a basical NTJ thing just like Light Yagami, Voldemort or Palpatine/Sidious. According on whether he prefers the fact of ruling the world or having his vision achieved he could be I or E. So please, reconsider the fact of him being a Sensor.It is not ESTJ or xNTJ,. he is a ESTP Ni developed. As I said before, it's charismatic, elegant, athletic. He likes to have the sensation of power. In fact he enters an illusion, and is also a good strategist, but the illusion is clearly If and the strategy comes from Ti and Ni developed. When he fights he underestimates other opponents, In part three it could be strategic, but had to improvise a lot. ESTJ's and ENTJ's are good chief among Dio can be good, but not quite. It is limited too. Impulsive and self-centered. Clearly ESTP. Incidentally, a type S can be a good strategist, Jotaro and Joseph are there to prove it.It is a type S. It needs feeling of having power, not for power. And that makes him get into an illusion and lack of vision. In my opinion he developed his intuitive side to have been trapped for 100 years, but he is clearly S impulsive and outgoing. Not to mention the way he Enturma is totally easy. The way it enters the minds of people. An INTJ would take to achieve this. Or for lack of interest or thinking too much. I do not see it as an ENTJ because compared with stereotypical characters as ENTJ's he's not a good strategic planner. It has NOTHING like the Griffith from Berserk. And yes, a type S can be strategic. Joseph Joestar is a highly intelligent ESTP who developed Ni. He does think it's a ESTx. But potentially ESTJ, for easy gain entry into people's minds and be aggressive and totalitarian.I can understand the fact of him being an introvert difficult to believe, but a S type.... Have you read the part 6 ? Not mentioning that since he passed 100 years under the water, he gained much more introversion. The deal for me isn't to know if he is a I or E, but he clearly is an NTJ.I do not understand. Dio is clearly an impulsive person. He can plan and plot against people who do not like, but any type can do it. If he were INTJ he would not act in a completely extroverted and impulsive way - as when he came in every mansion full of it without thinking of the people who could find. Plans and his judgments are vague, in part 3 he shows a certain side introverted but only because it was necessary. Not to mention that Dio is fully expressive and impulsive. An INTJ in fiction is clearly quiet and subtle. In my opinion, from what was shown, it is a ESTJ. It's gotten to tactics than strategies. And if not, I can not consider it an introverted person.Dio, speaking about himself " Something's wrong with me recently ! My emotions are running wild ! why ? it that's damn Jojo fault (...) I can't stop drinking ! I hate myself for doing the same thing as that worthless father ! damn !". We can see here the clear expression of his Fi-Se couple, due to the fact of being in big trouble. He judges it himself as not part of his habits, and the expression of these functions is in a bad, uncontrolled way as they are not well developped. During the part 6, you can in a more obvious way see that he was a great visionary, a great strategist and a thoughtful person.When in trouble, inferior Se knocks at the door "Hey, want a drink ?". A drinking behavior of his father that he despise above all else.So much bad reasoning is going on in here. It's basically your "every villain is an INTJ" folks vs your "every psychopath is an ESTP" folks, ignoring that he's actually an ESTJ.Classic Psychopath. Psychopath = ESTP :DDio is elegant, charismatic, athletic, and loves the sensation of power and recognition.But different from the ENTJ, it does not plan to detail. He just does.Dio is not introverted. There's no way he's INTJ. Dio is not a natural and strategic leader. There's no way he's ENTJ. Dio is sensory, likes to live the feeling, the moment. You need to have power and rule the world with its elegance and intellect. Dio developed Ni in the third part of the anime, but still, it was not enough because eventually lost. If he were a little smarter would have sent all their allies to capture Joseph and Jotaro.xNTJ? Realy? Bitch Please...