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DJArendee MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'DJArendee'
DJArendee MBTI type


Part of:
Youtube Video Poster

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ESTP - 15
INFP - 3
ISTP - 2
INTP - 1

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6W7 - 11
8W7 - 6
7W8 - 2
6W5 - 1
8W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I hate when people conflate the systemsHe was very informative, very hands on with the community. I enjoyed his videos. Look at the way he typed--very Se. There's a video he uses images of celebrity to tell the different between types by the way they look,i.

MBTI type of DJArendee

. e. He also struggles to come up with the exact words to describe the impression that he got from people, which is Se to a tee, and Ti "urge to get it right".

Find out about DJArendee personality type

. His body language is also Se. why do you say that he is mbti istj, I am very interested.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of DJArendee. why do you say that he is mbti istj, I am very interested. I just wonder if ESTP in that state realize and/or are conscious of themselves or not.Which of the 16 personality types is DJArendee?. It's very intriguing, very. It's too bad he went batshit crazy as his MBTI videos helped me a lot to get the hang of it. Also, he is a terrible typer lolI think this dude is perceptive in a lot of aspects, but many of his understanding usually comes from his anecdotes and 'vibe' readings (ESTP's way to read face, emotion using Se+Fe) which sometimes are off and created many wrong stereotypes to the typology newbies. I can't believe there's actually a page on him lol. obvious ESTP. His recent videos are extremely entertaining. Gotta love all those INFP votes. . lol :D He self-typed ESTP, enneagram 8w7 .