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Driver MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Driver'
Driver MBTI type

Movie Characters

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ISTP - 9
ISFP - 4
INFP - 2

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9W8 - 8
1W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Agree with ISTP, but he definitely not 9w8. . . Where's the Fi.

MBTI type of Driver

. I see overwhelming Ti and Se with a dash of Fe. ISTP who comes into contact with his protective Fe side of him.

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. He might appear a Feeler due to his actions on the course of the movie, but the first time we see him, what does he do for a living. So, we see that in his natural state he's actually detached from his emotions, and only develops strong feeling for this women and her child as he comes into contact with his Fe (lower Fe can develop strong attachment towards specific persons at the expense of everyone else).Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Driver. Let's not forget he also killed someone by bashing his head in front of the one he loved, without taking into consideration the obvious way this would make her feel. I agree that his action way is auxiliary Se.Which of the 16 personality types is Driver?. He's a weird character. He could be an IxFP pretending to be an ISTP action hero I guess. The director seems to be a Ni user with strong Fi, so leaves us either ISFP or INTJ. youtube. com/watch. @scotty I agree with the driver being an ISFP who is looked up as an ISTP stereotype. I find it more often that people should also research about the writer/director since that sometimes has an essential link with the character. The driver didn't really end up with Ne traits at all though, just ISTP and ISFP traits. He deviates from a stereotypical ISTP in his use of Fi. It could be that the director gave him Fi though. I see Fi, Ti, and Se. Crazy theory : I'm starting to think he was written as an ( stereotypically ) ISTP, but because of the influence of the director ( he's apparently an INFP and didn't write the screenplay, only direct ) the driver end up with INFP traits. I mean, it's not unusual INFPs put themselves into characters, just look at the amount of INFPs main characters in books. That's not the case, and his particular kind of intelligence is very direct and sensual based. ISxP is definite. He is pretty much the image of an INFP. You can see he's an Fi-Ne on the motel scene.