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Fa Mulan MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Fa Mulan'
Fa Mulan MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Mulan Disney

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ISTP - 36
INFJ - 20
ISFP - 14
INTP - 2
INFP - 2
ESFP - 1
ISTJ - 1
ISFJ - 1

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4W5 - 13
6W7 - 8
1W9 - 3
9W8 - 3
2W3 - 1
4W3 - 1
6W5 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Because of that I can't accept ISxP. But if I was to choose between ISFP or ISTP. http://thoughtcatalog. com/heidi-priebe/2015/12/how-each-cognitive-function-manifests-based-on-its-position-in-your-stacking/I still don't see that as inferior Fe reasoning.

MBTI type of Fa Mulan

. So she decide the best option is she will join the army, to leave the female life behind and the same time protect her father. She didn't continue with the training session, so I can't tell she will get better or become worse.

Find out about Fa Mulan personality type

. All I know is in the end she accepts her role being a women, and at the same time prove that she can be something nothing ever thought a women could do. A developed ISFJ.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Fa Mulan. I give her 6w5, because she was mostly practical not because she was loyalty per se. "She is rather clumsy when she first join the army but she got better and improve.Which of the 16 personality types is Fa Mulan?. " Well in the beginning she has pretty much no training or knowledge of how to fight, since she has been raised to be a delicate little girl her entire life. And if she were truly accustomed to habit, wouldn't you think she'd have been better with her manners and other stuff that she was expected to be good at as a female in that society, which was practically being drilled into her head since she was a little girl. She's clumsy, dislikes societal norms, is not that great at planning things out, and works best when improvising. That is like the opposite of SJ right there. @Yep. . . . " This is an indication of her perception on society not her judgement. Therefore irrational function(Ne Ni Si Se). As for your Ti-Fe. I will not argue. But Ti is lower part. She perceive then act. Also she is not observant Se. She is rather clumsy when she first join the army but she got better and improve. (Se will be that cocky ace person that bulldoze on their first day of training because they notice something that other has missed. )@Snowpetal She is an actual well balance ISFJ. Fe-auxiliary because all her decision is by doing the right thing. This has cause her into trouble and made others worry about her. Ne-inferior- She struggles what she wants to be. She wants to be other than following the norms. I don't know she sound an epic ISFJ imo. I guess we agree and disagree here. What. . She wants to make her family happy, but at the same time hates having to put on a mask and act like someone she's not. The song "reflection" is one of the most type 4 songs I've ever heard lol. She hates social norms, and her blunt Ti-dom nature, along with her natural talent of improvising within her environment/fighting (Se) is what makes her seem less girly in the first place. https://www. com/misidentifying-2-and-4 I check this just in case I was off. 2 sounds more reasonable to Mulan then 4 in the first movie. It only shows an aspect of her, but not her overall character concept. I look at the enneagram. Plus enneagram 2 instinct social is consider as leader. So it makes for me of how Mulan overcome all the odds and become a respected person by the Han. This is a good example when you are stuck with ISFJ, ISFP and ISTP. She is ISFJ overall. lol jk). 1w2 2w3 6w5. Lol her reason to become a soldier was so her dad doesn't have to fight. She is more of a 2 then a 4. 4 will more likely to withdrawn and be something else unique than 2. 2 will fight to prove their worth. That's some really messed up votingISTP 4w5 is unlikely to be found in actual people, but is more likely than INTP 4w5. Tertiary Ni. I see a lot of Fi in her and she's great at improvising and going with the moment, so I put ISFP. ISTP. Plus she's too rebellious, she questions everything (even her own family) and doesn't understand why society is the way it is and why she has to follow their rules. Even though she wants to understand, she obviously struggles to understand how to properly fit in and keep people happy by fitting in while maintaining her own personality. Definitely Ti-Fe . . . . . I don't see her acting in the Se grip, either. ISTP fits better. She's all about discovering who she is in the movie. Yeah, I like ISTP for Mulan. " It seems like in the beginning she wants to fit in but she doesn't know how, hence inferior Fe over Fi. The way she come up with plans on the fly for example when she shoot thedynamite on the snow seems like ti seCan you explain more please :)yeah she is one of the Fe type. She's definitely an Fe user (well in the first movie anyway), she's always worried about the impression she gives people. ISFP - definitely not. I don't see her as INFJ at all :0 I see Fi in her not an iNFP ----> ISFPI agree with petrichor that she is a Fi-user, more specifically an ISFP. That's true; fictional characters aren't as consistent regarding functions. Or Fe. She is introverted and since she is not a real person she seems to use both Fe and Fi. So any of the 4 I_F_. INTJ and ENTP. Haha. She's ESFJ. Eh. . . She /cannot/ be an INFJ.