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Favorite games for the Intuitive Types? MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Favorite games for the Intuitive Types?'
Favorite games for the Intuitive Types? MBTI type


Description: INTJ (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Judging) – The Architect Minecraft-Amplified-World-2.Jpg While only making up 2% of the population as a whole, this type is generally more represented online. They are a combination of deep, abstract thinkers full of imagination and practical, detail-oriented behavior. Both idealistic and cynical, it makes perfect sense many would be drawn into the imaginative world of gaming where seemingly impossible goals are achievable once you put in the right amount of time and effort. In gaming, INTJs can be drawn to mentally-demanding games which allow for long-term planning. Favorite genres: Puzzle, Turn-based Strategy, Sandbox Games to try: Myst, Civilization, Minecraft INTP (Introvert INtuitive Thinking Perceiving) — The Logician Rogue Legacy Red.Jpg Another rare type, INTPs make up only 3% of the population. They are similar to INTJs but pride themselves on their originality. They are able to see the bigger picture while applying practical logic to the situation. They love to spot patterns, and are usually the most logically precise of all the types. At the same time, they are extremely imaginative; they need space in which to explore their big theories and thought processes. In gaming, you may find INTPs enjoying broad games with intricate systems underlying them or imaginative, boundary-pushing titles in genres such as horror. Favorite genres: Action role-playing, Rogue-likes, Mystery/horror Games to try: Fallout: New Vegas, Rogue Legacy, Amnesia: the Dark Descent ENTJ (Extroverted INtuitive Thinking Judging) — The Commander Evolve Cabot.Jpg These are the natural-born leaders. People who are usually student body presidents, team squad leaders, or high-ranking military officials. When they decide to do something, they will usually do it at all costs, which can often be perceived as ruthless. They might get pushback from it, but that doesn’t concern them as much as achieving their goal. They are very good negotiators, but at the same time they are extremely stubborn. You may think these types wouldn’t be drawn to video games, but actually some of the the most popular forms of gaming are right up their alley. If you have one on your side in a multiplayer game, you'll know it right away -- and you'll probably benefit from it. Favorite genres: First-person shooter, Co-op teamplay, MOBA. Games to try: Battlefield 4, Evolve, Dota 2 ENTP (Extroverted INtuitive Thinking Perceiving) — The Debator Mass Effect Zaeed.Jpg This type of person you either love or hate. Even if you’re best friends with one you may still hate them sometimes, because they are always playing the devil’s advocate. They will debate for the sake of debating, and love to rile people up. They can be the epitome of mischievous troll. ENTPs can be both intelligent and extremely frustrating at times for others when they don’t do the leg work in a job. They are often very creative -- just don’t get into an argument with one. In the world of gaming, you might find these folks enjoying the important choices offered by a game like Mass Effect or the opportunities to tell people what they are doing wrong in survival-focused titles. Favorite genres: Action role-playing, MMO shooter, Action-adventure survival. Games to try: Mass Effect 2, DayZ, ARK: Survival Evolved. INFJ (Introverted INtuitive Feeling Judging) — The Advocate Dragon-Age-Inquisition-Sera-Best-4.Jpg The “mother Teresa” of types, this is the rarest of all personality classifications. Less than 1% of the population falls into this category. INFJs feel very strongly about their morals and will strive to execute them on a daily basis. They are introverted in part because, after a while, the world’s problems become too much and they must hide away in order to maintain their sanity. They are also one of the least competitive types. INFJs playing games will enjoy opportunities to make moral choices and inspire others, whether those others are digital or actual living people. They desire to engage with a story over "‘winning" in a game. Favorite genres: Action role-playing, MMORPG, Life simulation Games to try: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Final Fantasy XIV, The Sims INFP (Introverted INtuitive Feeling Perceiving) — The Mediator Portal 2 Coop.Jpg INFPs are deeply sensitive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take criticism. They hate conflict with others and just want everyone to get along. They are also true idealists, seeing the good in everyone, and they really feel the injustice if someone else is wronged (don’t get INFPs and ENTPs in the same room). Like INFJs, they’d rather work towards a common goal and are not motivated by competing against others. They like staying in the background, but are extremely passionate about what they do like. If you're playing an online game with an INFP, they are probably hanging out in your teamspeak with their mic muted. If the team starts arguing though, they'll be the ones to speak up and keep everyone focused on working together. Favorite genres: Story-driven single player, MMORPG, Co-op action Games to try: The Half Life series, Guild Wars 2, Portal 2 multiplayer ENFJ (Extroverted INtuitive Feeling Judging) — The Protagonist Destiny Queen 1 J.Jpg Like ENTJs ENFJs are natural-born leaders, but are more attuned to other people’s feelings. No matter where they go, the party is sure to follow. As such, they are good coaches and politicians, charismatic to a fault. Less noble ENFJs can easily manipulate others, but most of the time they get enjoyment from bringing up other people and "taking one for the team." Their downsides include sometimes overanalyzing a situation or taking on other people’s problems needlessly. ENFJs are probably the most vocal in your teamspeak, but you most likely won’t mind. Favorite genres: Tactical shooter, MOBA, MMO shooter Games to try: Ghost Recon, Heroes of the Storm, Destiny ENFP (Extroverted INtuitive Feeling Perceiving) - The Campaigner Wolf Among Us Episode 4.Jpg I’ve decided to wrap things up with my own personality type: ENFP. While the E is definitely a part of the type, ENFPs generally skirt the line between introverted and extroverted. They love people but also crave time to themselves. ENFPs are not very competitive, and hate conflict. They also want to experience everything, so they like to try all kinds of different things. They’re always reading between the lines and trying to find the deeper meaning to things. Deeper meanings are important for ENFPs, so open-world experiences might not resonate well with them. Structured stories and games that allow for and reward improvisation are solid options. Favorite genres: Choose-your-own adventure, Co-op first-person shooter, MOBAs Games to try: A Wolf Among Us, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends


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