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Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one) MBTI

Candles represent the element of fire SOURCE
Fire is considered the most powerful of all the elements and represents energy, passion, expansion and transformation. When using the fire element in your home, it can be represented by a candle, or by color, such as a red lampshade.

Color: red, orange and yellow
Season: summer
Direction symbolized: south

The element of wood helps to develop creative energies such as inspiration, motivation and passion. It represents personal growth and renewal and purifies and redirects chi. Wood can be represented by plants, trees or by green objects, for example green pillows.

Color: green and sometimes purples, not pastels
Season: spring
Direction symbolized: east and southeast

The water element of feng shui is directly related to the flow of money and career. Flowing water helps us to let go of things we no longer need. Still water helps the surrounding energies to be calm and offers the feeling of a new beginning and renewed strength. The water element can be represented by a water feature, fish tank or pond. Crystals, wavy statues or artwork and paintings of water scenes are other ways the element of water may be represented.

Color: blues
Season: winter
Direction symbolized: north

The element of metal draws and unifies all of the elements together. They act as transmitters, conducting the various energies to different areas. Metal stimulates mental strength and intellectual abilities, making it easier to focus and think clearly.

Color: white, silver, gray and black
Season: fall
Direction symbolized: west and northwest

Representing permanence, stability and home, the earth element is solid giving a sense of security and grounding support. It strengthens the feelings of safety and adds a sense of comfort from within. Rock features, thick carpet, antique pottery and old books help to bring the earth element indoors.

Color: brown, beige, sierra and other muted colors
Season: end of summer
Direction symbolized: center, northeast and southwest

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Now this is somewhat oversimplified to know your kua number go here

I'm 3 which is in the east Family Guy Lois (Alex Borstein) - East Peter, Stewie, Brian, forgot other characters (Seth M.)- East Chris Griffin (Seth Green) - West Meg Griffin (Mila Kunis) - West No wonder, I never liked Chris Griffin. Never really felt bad for Meg for some reason Ned Declassified, the 5 starring actors are all east, mostly 9's Drake and Josh (the actors birthday) Drake - West Josh Peck - West Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) - West Interesting, the show was okay.

MBTI type of Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one)


Find out about Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one) personality type

.. iCarly Carly - West Sam - West Freddie - West Interesting, never understood why Freddie never stood up to Sam

Never type in the character's birthday, the actor/actress or voice actor/actress

Because the actors/ voice actors birthday is more important I think than the character's birthday

You know, I think this is my new astrology tool.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one). I know there were "two types of people in the world". I happen to fall in the "East category".Which of the 16 personality types is Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one)?. MBTI is nice but you can't just "guess" the MBTI type or enneagram of a celebrity. However, it is assured most celebrities who are famous enough has their birthday posted. That's really it. Plain and simple

I didn't use the chart I used and search engine/wikipedia to look up exact birthdays

Donald Trump - East Barack Obama - East George W. Bush - East Hillary Clinton - West

Ha if any of you are in the West category that voted for Clinton wow. I'm not surprised. Bernie Sanders - West Marco Rubio - West Ted Cruz - East Well Sanders was an interesting candidate.

You know I liked Obama, his speech was very inspirational. Clinton's lacked christma. Plus Sanders could never convince Bible believers or Democrats to favor him over Clinton. Ben Carson - 4 - East Jeb Bush - 3 - East Damn I forgot to put the actual number in my notepad file for the previous entries and when I lookup another celeb's birthday it refreshes the page and doesn't save the previous one oh well.

Plus gender does matter too in the calculator

Spongebob Spongebob (Tom Kenny) Jul 13, 1962 - Male - 2 - West Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) October 4, 1957 - Male - 7 - West Squidward (Rodger Bumpass), Nov 20, 1951 - Male - 4 - EAST Oh wow. I now understand why I liked Squidward. Hmm I must be a sensor lol.

The Squidward Torture Porns really sucked though

As someone in the East, I'm almost certain that Mars Khel mike ike scotty is in the west category. I'm curious what fg is in

No i'm not dude lmao YOUR KUA NUMBER IS: 9 Birthday: September 15, 2000 Gender: Male Element: Fire Color: Red, Orange Group: East

Looks like you and i are one in the same joseph, how does it feel to be like an ESFP

Dunno my hipster side of me is there....the five year old part of me The East Category tends to not do well with (metal/electronic) technology. I know with experience that computers tend to make me addicted while not the same with printed paper books or wooden chess boards. Not that good with chess but I did enjoy the few chess games I did play. Plus I cannot stand iPhones or mac computers. My parents are also 3 but my sister is a 7(west). I'm still using a Windows 7, I would've used a Vista had I not crashed that laptop along with crashing my Windows XP computer 6-7 years ago. It was a Dell computer too, 512 MB. Plus I definitely am planning to get a new laptop, but it would have to be Windows 7 refurbished.

I'll admit, Microsoft and Apple's operating system sucks. I might take the time to learn Linux or something because I can't just USE the next Windows 8, 10, 20, 100, 1000, etc.

Just looked up Kazuki Takahashi, creator of Yugioh. Number 1 - water/wood. No wonder I loved Yugioh, the card game, the manga, the anime, water is supposed to help the wood type.

Also Jeff Bezos, is a 1 too. No wonder I loved

It told me to put a small fan on a 6-rod hollow windchime facing northwest to “stimulate romance” and that I should decorate the west side of my house with 7 (seven. Exactly seven) crystal balls which must be either white, gray or silver for good health. Also this part: “Strenuously avoid the north because it is the VERY worst direction for you. A front door facing this direction can lead to a loss of children or other close family members. Infertility can also arise, causing the family name to die out.” I’m laughing my ass off this is wackier than astrology I hope my front door is facing north so I’ll be sterile

Kua is 9. Fire element. Auspicious direction is East.

Kua number 2?