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Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one) MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one)'
Feng Shui Types (ignore the previous one) MBTI type


Fire Candles represent the element of fire SOURCE Fire is considered the most powerful of all the elements and represents energy, passion, expansion and transformation. When using the fire element in your home, it can be represented by a candle, or by color, such as a red lampshade. Color: red, orange and yellow Season: summer Direction symbolized: south Wood The element of wood helps to develop creative energies such as inspiration, motivation and passion. It represents personal growth and renewal and purifies and redirects chi. Wood can be represented by plants, trees or by green objects, for example green pillows. Color: green and sometimes purples, not pastels Season: spring Direction symbolized: east and southeast Water The water element of feng shui is directly related to the flow of money and career. Flowing water helps us to let go of things we no longer need. Still water helps the surrounding energies to be calm and offers the feeling of a new beginning and renewed strength. The water element can be represented by a water feature, fish tank or pond. Crystals, wavy statues or artwork and paintings of water scenes are other ways the element of water may be represented. Color: blues Season: winter Direction symbolized: north Metal The element of metal draws and unifies all of the elements together. They act as transmitters, conducting the various energies to different areas. Metal stimulates mental strength and intellectual abilities, making it easier to focus and think clearly. Color: white, silver, gray and black Season: fall Direction symbolized: west and northwest Earth Representing permanence, stability and home, the earth element is solid giving a sense of security and grounding support. It strengthens the feelings of safety and adds a sense of comfort from within. Rock features, thick carpet, antique pottery and old books help to bring the earth element indoors. Color: brown, beige, sierra and other muted colors Season: end of summer Direction symbolized: center, northeast and southwest


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