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fg diamonddust post #1 MBTI

Introversion - perfers writing long essays, would do well in school
Extraversion - perfers talking about it, perfers NOT to write long essays

Intuitive/sensing - most users in this website are intuitives

Feeling - changes profile picture a lot
Thinking - rarely changes profile picture

Judging/Perceiving - i'll vote on the most popular result, especially if it exceeds the other results by 5+ votes


scotty - ENTP, I did remember you said you hate writing college essays
khel - ENTP, you're a deviantart artist not a "reflective" writer

tiger_greengrass ISTP you made that video... you seem like you would perfer to write about it
mars ESTP wow if you wrote a college essay on MBTI or personality theory I would want to read it!
heathcliff - ENFP - send me your college essays or any of your writing samples (example: blog, tumblr, etc.) that exceed half page single space 12 font or 1 page double space 12 font and I'll change my typing to INFP

other users please PM me in chatango or the mbtibase reddit or

Posted by josephty1 on forum Posted on 2017-12-03 08:35:57

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Though Khel did publish some college essays so I am willing to change Khel's MBTI type back to INTP 

now that you think about mars' profile picture has been changing often lately but its not as frequent as heathcliff, mike ike, I'll still type mars as ESTP

Signs of extroversion: Opinions on writing college essays, amount of times your profile pic changed

How many times did I change my profile pic on this website hey can u count it??? It’s important typology related information


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hey joseph im a 6'6 black hebrew israelite and like my steak medium rare what's my type

I also thought girls had dicks until I was 7 hope this helps

I hate writing so..


Oh, now I understand why people think some people on this site are crazy.