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Gasai Yuno MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Gasai Yuno'
Gasai Yuno MBTI type

Anime and Manga Characters

Part of:
Mirai Nikki

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INFJ - 52
ESFJ - 5
ISFJ - 4
INFP - 1
ENTJ - 1

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2W3 - 37
7W6 - 5
7W8 - 2
2W1 - 1
4W5 - 1
6W5 - 1
8W9 - 1
9W8 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

All she wants is the perfect world with Yuki. Near the end of Mirai Nikki, she showed more obvious Ni (after the end of the game #trytonotspoil) when she told Yukki why she did what she did, and what's the point of it all. I really can't see Yuno as an introvert. She "thinks like an NT".

MBTI type of Gasai Yuno

. When you leave the functions and start going to temperaments, typings get distorted. She would not even fit a description of a "Rational".

Find out about Gasai Yuno personality type

. Where are any signs of Ni. Crazy = intuitive.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Gasai Yuno. She looks at one thing with tunnel vision without considering the rest around it. The lack of consideration to what else she is affecting rules out Ni.Which of the 16 personality types is Gasai Yuno?. Fi as much as Fe vs. Te. Te uses methods that are more independent of the feelings of others, and TJ types thus are able to avoid being very observant of the feeling of others. Yuno lacks this observant nature of the feeling of others which is uncharacteristic of FJ types. I think typing off her controlling demeanor can confuse her as an ENTJ 8 (or INFJ 2) despite not using the right functions. She is an ISTJ, using Si with unhealthy, mismanaged Fi, not Ni or Fe. She responds to her desires with logical but insensitive approaches which is her use of Te. She's XNFJ and Yukiteru is INFP, perfect match XD. It's just that she's become iconic for another aspect of her character design. Actually ENxJs do have better hold on their Se than INxJs, the Se repressed function is repressed because it plays tug of war with the dominant so the user represses it because the dominant is the favoured function but that hold on the repressed function isn't always going to be firm, especially under heavy emotional stress. Oh, and she is emotionally dependent on Yuki, it goes on about it for most of the series, even she herself admits it. Fi-users, all Fi-users still want an emotionally distance, even ENTJs are big on their emotional independence. " Really. She knows the whole time that she's on shaky ground with Yuki and even tells him to lie to her just so she can at least pretend. Fe-types are actually more controlling in personal relations then Fi-types because Fe-types naturally have an active personal interest in the other person while Fi-types have a natural interest in keeping their persons to themselves, even when in love they'll retain a fair amount of independence. She's an unhealthy type, yes. she's 14, what INFJ is going to have the charm needed for that at that age, they're not an Fe-dom. You said she was a caricature of an ENTJ and there you're oversimplified it. A good example of an ENTJ with severe mental problems would be Asuka Langley Soryu. If you don't think that she uses Te, rewatch episodes 13 and 14. It happens all the time with ENTJ's. Ni types as a whole are prone to obsessive behavior, and she tends to favor force and trickery over charm. Her personal end objective may be more about the "happy ending" thing which was in her diary, rather than Yuki himself. Also, she is barely emotionally "dependent" on Yuki. And if your argument is really going to be that ENxJ's are less likely to act out impulsively than INxJ's due to "good hold on their Se", conventional knowledge is the opposite. Fuck off, Te types aren't as dependent on a love interest, you wanker. She is dependency intensified. I don't know where you get half the shit you come up with from. You're becoming obsessively paranoid that everyone on this site is becoming INFJ despite the fact that they're obviously not. I'm starting to think you're try to make a fucking crusade out of this. Being obsessive does not make you an Fe type or even a feeling type. I don't think anyone is actually like this character IRL, but shes seems more like a caricature of ENTJ. T types in general are more likely to feel entitled to reciprocated love, anyway. She most likely to be an unhealthy, obsessive Fe-user than Fi. I don't know how people are getting INFP she has no Fi at all. An INFJ in love can be extreme due to the Ni/Fe with their love target becoming their Ni goal.