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Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'God'
God MBTI type

Religion and Spirituality


INTJ - 27
ENFJ - 10
ENTJ - 9
ESTJ - 6
INTP - 4
INFJ - 4
INFP - 2
ENTP - 1
ISTJ - 1

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8W9 - 14
1W9 - 13
2W1 - 4
9W1 - 3
1W2 - 2
5W4 - 2
7W8 - 2
4W5 - 1
5W6 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

God is real, he even has a profile on P-D.Why isn't this labeled under fictional characters?The all present judging and contrlolling sadistic God, vs. the smart, cunning, seductive and enfant terrible Devil. To me it's always been about the ENTJ God vs.

MBTI type of God

. the ENTP Devil.He's definitely not an INTJ, not even close.

Find out about God personality type

.MELDOU AND SCOTTY AND FAGGOT AND BONITA FOUND GOD LAST NIGHT!!!! I WANTED TO SHARE THE GOOD NEWS WITH ALL OF YOU, FUCKING PLEBS!!!!!!!!!!!life is tough but if you don't fight through it afterlife is goin be roughJust like me, God came up with a brilliant plan, started it, and moved on to the next for the plan to die.God failed miserably to see all the possibilities in which humanity could fail (low Ne), he is terrible at that.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of God. And he found a solution: send everyone to hell for his maid take care of. All because of his need of control (Te).Which of the 16 personality types is God?. But he still is rancorous and can never forget the past and never ever ever would reconsiderate his laws (Si). And all this shit started because of his flawed values and blurred notions of right and wrong. He couldn't recognize that control was important to him, not taking care of his poor humans. (inferior Fi).Though God has created the universe (which is typically associated with intuition), he is a conservative authoritarian jerk who likes to take care of everybody's asses, thus ESTJ. Furthermore, he shows Si when he ordened Maria to have a baby without her having sex first.Really, God he's an obvious ENTP "The Originator", people he created all things at the universeI vote ENTJ because he's kind of the ultimate CEO.No matter what type God is, he will always be perceived as the perfect being by whatever person is typing him. No one will ever agree on God's typing so I'm not even going to get into this.Seriously if God does exist, what makes you think that he is restricted to functions order? if he is an INTJ, then he has 4 shadowed functions, means Si is in the bottom, this makes him incomplete :\ Like I said the only logical choice IMO is EISNFTJP.Sorry, admin please delete my redundant posts.This page is so much fun XDThis page is so much fun XDThis page is so much fun XDI know how this "REAL" "FAKE" votes are made. This site is extremely basic so its pretty easy... I hope the admin would take notice of these absurdities soon.Well he's still more INTJ than he is real.Wtf how 12 people voted "REAL" ?If God really created everything, at one point there would have been nothing to sense, so it seems pretty impossible for God to really have sensor qualities and the world that God created can't be sensed in the way that humans use sensing. God kind of reminds me of a mad scientist watching from afar but more of the INTJ kind than INTP cause he has a preconceived way of how he wants his experiment to look and acts accordingly to that objective, constantly judging little human-folk.I'm assuming we're voting for God's type based on how He was portrayed in the Christian Bible. If that's the case, then certainly INTJ.God It is easy. He pocess all the functions he is not a human to be ristricted to 2 of them :/ so EISNTFJP :DObviously you can't type God. No man alive has ever met him (or prove his existence). It's just interesting how many intj votes here are. lolESTJ-Old Testament INTP- Towards nonbelievers ESFJ-Towards christians that have received the holy ghost ISFJ-Towards Jews of the world ISTP-Towards AfricaI'm just kidding. God supposedly is omniscient and omnipotent, right? That would make him use all parts of the "brain" equally and at max potency (that's dumb). Ventus413's suggestion seems the best. I personally think God has no personality, tho. And I read somewhere you can't properly type psychopaths.But the closest "type" to God really is "EISNTFJP."Haha well yes, typing God isn't scientific because he's not actually human. So of course no type will fit him perfectly, and that's why it's fitting that there's a wide array of MBTI votes for him on this site. But in my mind, it does make more sense to type him -NTJ than it does to type him ES-J. I never said size had anything to do with his Ni or lack thereof. I said the creation of a universe is indicative of big-picture thinking. It wouldn't matter if it was big or small. God started broadly ("let there be light" on the first day) and then filled in the details (didn't make individual species until later on). From the forest to the trees. That's indicative of N-type thinking in my mind. Also, the bible speaks metaphorically. God may have created the evolutioary processes that created the detailed species, etc... That's more plausible, actually, than pure intelligent design. And less Si. As for his concern with small human matters, that's a control/perfection thing. When everything else in the universe works smoothly, what else can he focus on but mankind? Not saying all of this rules out him being an S, but N seems more plausible given everything.Assuming God is indeed the creator then he has taken great pains in creating a very detailed picture. Big universe is by no means an indication of Ni or "big picture". Thats like saying Ni users built bigger buildings and S types built smaller ones. Abrahamic God apparently made a very large universe but is so concerned with mundane things we humans do to the point of so much details that an N type would always avoid. Regardless I find it hard to type God given so many attributes associated with him. You can argue for any type. INTJ and INFJ makes no better sense than ESTJ or ESFJ.Why an S type? Creating a working universe seems too "big picture" for him to be an S. I could see ENTJ or INTJ, but because the universe was created ex nihilo, that implies that he had to have a vision before being able to make it work. So INTJ is the most fathomable choice. Ni-Te (creation of a working universe). Any type can want to be praised all the time.I only INFP. Do u guys know what other types need to be praised all the time?Looks like an ESTJ. Angry and demanding like one, at least. Otherwise I would have voted INFP - we have constant need for appraisal. And we're attention whosIf we assume that he created the universe, that seems to be strong N-related evidence to me. Why do you think he's an S type? I'm curious and never heard that before.One of my favorite fictional characters