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Guys wich are your favorite singers/bands? MBTI

And what are the musical genres that you like the most? And those who least like?

My favorite genre I believe to be alternative rock. but I quite like post-punk and gothic rock. Brazilian rock is very good, too. I like pop (and its sub-genres) and a bit of grunge. Sometimes I have a metal fall. I don't like folk and I'm not much of a fan of Jazz music. I'm also not a huge fan of artists who focus a lot on the combo vocal + piano/guitar (in short, "acoustics"). Hip-hop I find controversial, I like a lot of artists of the genre but doesn't listen too much. and I also listen to Brazilian "Funk" (which is very different from American "Funk" and resembles more hip hop, although only a little.) Brazilian funk is widely criticized here, but that has several songs that are worthwhile, and others are funnier

Probably my two favorite life bands are Radiohead and Nirvana, I can't decide between the two. but I can say that my two favorite albums of them are In Utero and Kid A <3

Also, another artists I like VERY much and whenever I can I'm listening to the entire discography:
Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Morphine (a very very underrated band), PJ Harvey, White Stripes, Legião Urbana, Placebo, Wire, Belle and Sebastian, Joy Division, Cazuza, QOTSA, SOAD, Lebanon Hanover, Talking Heads, R.E.M., Interpol, Bauhaus, Pixies, The Stranglers, Blur, Nick Cave, XTC, Mudhoney, Portishead, Silverchair, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Beck
and the list is simply GIANT, I can't say all, but these are the ones I usually listen to most and most and most.

I have the guilty pleasures too, like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Lana del Rey, Britney Spears, and maybe Melanie Martinez

and to finish, three artists that everyone likes, but I can't and idk why: Bob Dylan; Kate Bush; Bjork. Sorry guys D:

Too long but it's because I love music. Say yours too and will share our tastes. If you want to put your account feel free.

Posted by heathcliff on forum Posted on 2017-11-20 22:27:53

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My favorite bands are franz ferdinand, the arctic monkeys, the black keys, vampire weekend, modest mouse, mac demarco, best coast, arcade fire… yeah i listen to pretty obscure music.

Love AM, I can listen to "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", "Favourite Worst Nightmare" (<3) and "Humbug" track by track without jump no one. And I find controversial that the "AM" album is underrated because it's overrated XD I forgot to put their in my list Franz Ferdinand I remember that I listen their two first album and I loved it. Need to listen the other ones.

MBTI type of Guys wich are your favorite singers/bands?

. My favorite song of them is currently "Jacqueline" AND FUCK I LOVE VAMPIRE WEEKEND. "White Sky" is one of my fav song all time AAAAA

Yes i actually love am i don't get why people don't like it!! and yes yes yes oh gosh i'm so glad you like my jokey list and i loooove your taste btw pj harvey sonic youth xtc portishead lana siouxsie like hell yea dude

AM was a great album, i bought it as soon as i saw it walking into target lol

Nirvana is my all time favorite band, the start of me making music was LARGELY influenced by them, tool, xxx, black flag, L7, bikini kill, bratmobile, pearl jam, silverchair, helmet, blink-182, lorde, green day, babes in toyland, stone temple pilots, fugazi, bad brains, failure, maroon 5, one direction, colin newman's solo stuff, russ, kanye west, ski mask the slump god, phil collins, peter gabriel, and i'm recently getting into brand new

OMG what such good bands.

Find out about Guys wich are your favorite singers/bands? personality type

. Especially the female punk/grunge bands. I remember when I heard all I could from Riot Grrrl.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Guys wich are your favorite singers/bands?. But my favorite album and band of the genre still "Viva Zapata!", From the band "7 Year Bitch". Spectacular, I listen without skipping any track.Which of the 16 personality types is Guys wich are your favorite singers/bands??. Babes in Toyland is my second favorite of the genre, I just love the Fontanelle album (there's Lee Ranaldo as producer !!!)

Stop stealing my music taste

Bands: Brand New, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, At The Drive-In, Radiohead, Fugazi, Minor Threat, The National, Modest Mouse, Manchester Orchestra, Iceage, Black Flag, Jawbreaker, American Football, Drive Like Jehu, Thrice, Joy Division, The Get Up Kids, Weezer (only the early stuff tho), Touche Amore, Cloud Nothings, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World (the last two I barely listen to anymore but I loved them when I was younger so it feels wrong to not include them) solo artists: Sufjan Stevens, Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Aphex Twin, St. Vincent

Put fugazi twice whoops

Forgot Kendrick Lamar and Cursive

Favourite band : Blind Guardian, and also favourite singer (Hansi Kürsch) Favourite album : Time I (Wintersun) Some honorable mentions :p : Cain's Offering ; Insomnium ; Khonsu ; Primordial ; Eiffel ; Noir Désir ; Machinae Supremacy ; Rhapsody of Fire ; Renaud ; Georges Brassens ; and lots of others tbh

You have crazy good taste, Heathcliff. Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, PJ Harvey, White Stripes; all amazing. Personally, Los Campesinos! is the most important band to me, bar none. No one else loves them like I love them; I will be reciting Gareth David lyrics as they lower me into my grave; an inspiration. They're followed by Beach House, Joanna Newsom. and The Mountain Goats in rough order of preference. If you want to make me cry though, just play "Putting the Dog to Sleep" by The Antlers. Nothing even comes close to provoking a sort of raw, immediate emotional reaction in me compared to The Antlers.

Little Mix, Britney spears

Love your taste ^^ Guess that my favorite band is somewhere betweeN Nirvana, Seether and Noir désir. For the best album must be ... well i don't have any fucking idea too much choice

"Love your taste" Someone has given head recently it seems

I like Fugazi, Modest Mouse and American Football too much omg. But they are in the obscure side of my head with another bands that I like but don't hear so much (like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus & Mary Chain). I LOVE The National, I love the Boxer album and "Ada" plays in my replay and replay and replay My sister went through a manic phase for Weezer, I ended up hearing everything along with her. I still listen to some their songs, like "In The Garage". It's cute.

Axtually you overcame the metal you got in the really steel.

@mohie thank you :D I need to immediately listen Noir Désir @khel wow you can do better than this, man (well, ambiguous quote)

Yes Blackout is the truly bible of the world

Thank you hearts for the compliment and most thanks again for the bands recommendations P.S.: Beach House is too good it hurts

Tbh the circus album was better

@khel Well you're used to hear me saying that @heathcliff i have to check Morphine too

I'm too lazy for the moment to share other band i like perhaps tomorrow

I am... Not sure what you wanted to say but I'm gonna say thanks because I like you :v

I mainly enjoy Rock/Alt/Rap/Deutsch/Korean music. fall out boy, top,  milky chance,  lorde, vance joy, alexa feser, namika, NF, P!ATD, EXO, BTS etc.

Guns and Roses and Queen. I barely know any bands.