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Hermione Granger MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Hermione Granger'
Hermione Granger MBTI type

Movie Characters

Part of:
Harry Potter

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ESTJ - 82
ISTJ - 57
INFJ - 9
ISFJ - 9
INTJ - 5
ENTJ - 2
ENFJ - 2
ESTP - 2
INTP - 1
INFP - 1
ESFJ - 1

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1W2 - 41
5W6 - 3
1W9 - 2
3W2 - 2
6W5 - 1
7W6 - 1

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MBTI type of Hermione Granger

. What part. Looks like a 12 year old.

Find out about Hermione Granger personality type

. Don't know why anyone would want herMore like O V E R R A T E Dmaddog12, thank you. :)I think that in the movie is a 6w5, but in the books is a 1w2.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Hermione Granger. I think that in the movie is a 6w5, but in the books is a 1w2. I think that in the movie is a 6w5, but in the books is a 1w2.Which of the 16 personality types is Hermione Granger?. I say ISTJ as well although I understand why others chose ESTJ. When she appears in the first book/movie, it is hard to know whether she had already developed her Te ahead of time. HOWEVER, the way we can tell she is ISTJ and not ESTJ is by considering the order of the functions. Her Fi appears to be stronger than Ne at several different points in the series. She always had difficulty with out-of-the-box thinking. Therefore, I don't think she would be ESTJ because that is Te-Si-Ne-Fi. And her Fi is stronger than Ne. So ISTJ. . . . Hermione is an ISTJ, everybody. She gets her energy more from spending time alone, reading her books, studying her little heart out. Which makes sense. When she pops up on the train in Book 1, she makes observations of Harry and Ron. . . You can see her secondary Te develop during her teenager years, year after year in school. She uses logic and makes calculated decisions. I can see why so many of you have voted for ESTJ. Her bossy nature, a strong Te could indicate that. The Te is strong, yes, but it's only secondary, she leads with Si, she completely relies on the learned stuff and has a very good memory. Also her Fi is tertiary, not inferior, she has strong morals and values and always fights for what she believes in, she stands up for her friends etc. This is why Ne is the inferior function, the source of stress, not Fi. Therefore she is ISTJ, not ESTJ. She is not very outgoing,spends a lot of time reading and alone and only has two close friends. Yes ESTJ without any doubt. The ISFJ arguments here are too strong for me to go with my first impression of ESTJ. I wondered how she could read others' emotions before, even when I thought she was ESTJ, but the ISFJ typing explains it perfectly. Hm. Never thought I would find an (even ostensibly) overconfident ISFJ, but Hermione fits the bill. I see maybe how people could see INFJ for Hermione because so much INFJ is behind her character. I totally see ISFJ or maybe ISTJ in some places but I still see what led me to INFJ before because again a lot of INFJ is behind her character. I agree with most of what you're currently saying, shahenshah, but what's disturbing me is that even though she's clearly a person who bases her decisions on feelings, the ISFJ description doesn't really fit her, whereas the ISTJ description fits her more, she still uses logic in her decisions, so that's why I really think that she's between both, but she's more a person based on her feelings, but she still tries to use her logic to control the way she acts when she's surrendered by them. Yes a lot of people tend to forget that Ni-doms aren't that great on everyday routines and management but tend to keep their eye on the prize or prizes whatever they may be and even if they're vague which they often start out as. Also I don't see ISTJ and definitely not ESTJ. Her relations to Ron seem Fe rather than Fi. I don't see an ESTJ or ISTJ starting civil rights movements. They tend to see that kind of thing as nice but for them a waste of time. The highest student in my grade was actually an ISFJ followed by an ISTJ (whom I'm good friends with). So yes they can be high achievers. SJs are much more studious and are better at micromanaging their lives than NJs. If you want to argue Rowling made a carbon copy of herself with Hermione (she did base her off herself, but I doubt to that extent), then I sort of understand INFJ, but INTJ. Contrast her with Snape and Dumbledore: the latter two both followed their own bent as students and innovated new perspectives rather than mastered existing ones like Hermione did. I get the sense that they cared very little about doing academics in the traditional way (as students). " Additionally they both are inwardly motivated, derive their emotional convictions from within, and often disregard them for the sake of logic (T + Fi) while Hermione is more interpersonally motivated, feeds off the external emotional situation, and sometimes disregards logic for the emotions' sake (F + Fe). Also SJs actually excel at building their own plans to manage time: they're masters of logistics and day-to-day time management. INFJ/INTJ is my view just for the wat she studies very intensely but still with schedules or systems she made herself that appear in the books and the movies. I can see ISTJ and ESTJ but I see her as a intuitive for many parts of the stories. ISTJs also tend to hide their emotions and keep them out of their decisions. ISFJs feed more off the external emotional situation and are more upfront about their feelings, making decisions based on them sometimes. I don't see Fi in Hermione. People vote T because she's a high achiever (SJ) and also logical, which again is no more beyond an F type than being emotional is beyond a T type. . . I'm not a fan of the books or movies but just come to point out that ISTJs can be emotional too, and they have strong morals. As they have tertiary Fi, the feeling may not be as evident or conscious as feelers. Clarification: wanting to free the house elves for purely ethical reasons IS indicative of F, and if she indeed wanted to do so for normalcy's sake that's indicative of Fe. A few points: (1) J. K. That doesn't make Hermione INFJ, of course, but hints at the notion that there's an element of Rowling's own personality in Hermione. Rowling said she was a know-it-all as a child, which has nothing to do with Te. Remember after Harry kisses Cho and he and Ron (Fi types) both are completely perplexed as to why she'd be crying. Hermione gives a very well-reasoned Fe-style explanation for it. Ron, a Fi type, is perplexed by this. And don't forget the "Harry, we forgot to celebrate your birthday. (3) On a broader T vs. F scale, both T and F types can be emotionally unstable. Wanting elf rights for the sake of normalcy has absolutely nothing to do with T or F; if anything, it suggests Fe (normalcy is a desirable trait). Also take note of the times (at least once a book/film, sometimes more) where she lets her emotions and values override her logic. There shouldn't be any non-SJ votes. The extremely strong SJ-ness (Si + Je) can give the appearance of Te simply because it entails a structured, over-preparing, high-achieving personality style. (5) Te has nothing to do with patience or lack thereof. (6) How I arrive at the typing of ISFJ: SJ + Fe/F + unrepressed T function = ISFJ. I agree with ILIntp on her being an extravert—she is well known for always raising her hand in class, and (at least initially) has a haughty Te-dom demeanor instead of a nervous Si-dom one. * Also, she comes across in the first book/movie as brash and impatient, which I see as indicative of Te dominance. This is likely due to inferior Ne—individuals usually distrust the inferior function and Ne is seeing all of the possibilities, ergo, Si-doms usually distrust the possibilities they see. See I would think Hermione's an extrovert. She's introduced as someone who took it upon herself to help Neville's poor lost soul, she nearly goes out of her way to correct people doing things "wrong," and for goodness sake she tried to start a civil rights movement by herself. Speaking of which, I would counter Debaser's argument for Hermione as an F by saying that even though she was arguing for rights, it was because she wanted to make things "normal. I concur with Debaser. She's very strongly SJ, which makes her very direct and thus appear T even though she's really an F. ISTJ. T doesn't equal smart people. ISFJ is one of the types that does best in school. I shall give her that. Didn't vote though.