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How tall is everyone? MBTI

I need to know for a friend :/

Posted by M@l@rken on forum Posted on 2018-04-18 04:14:19

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192cm/ 6'3.5

183 cm. Yes, I'm a manlet.

bruh last time I checked the French avg height was 175cm.

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Damn everybody is taller than I thought. I thought y'all would all be like 5 foot nothin.

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155 cm /   5'1"


179 cm

Hello neighbour


5'2 (technically 5'1 3/4) or 157 cm. This is basically me.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of How tall is everyone?.

And me 

176 cm

"manlet" -> 1m83 bruh

Now, how fat is everyone???


How tall are you?

I know I said I'm a 6'6 black hebrew israelite before but that first part wasn't a lie

I was winning this post until you came up.

A fuckton of other guys are taller than me.Which of the 16 personality types is How tall is everyone??.  

5'9 for scum.

184cm (6'0.5)

... So basically all of the guys are tall af and all the girls are midgets...?


I'm painfully average height.


Oops another one of not wanting to be average thing, I can easily see your profile picture as being fed up for being average height lol

As a genderfluid person, I’m highly offended by your assumption.

4 it is lol.

Your gender says 'male' so I could only assume.

Fuck. Attempt to troll, failure. Abort mission.

I can lend you a couple of cms lol in that way you'd reach above average, how tall do ya want to be anyways?

I sense an overly sensitive motherfucker above me!   >>>OPERATION ABORTED

What gave you the impression that I’m overly sensitive? My curiosity is piqued.

Actually, is it weird I want to be shorter? Lol

Shit. Attempt at sarcasm, failure. Abort mission.

I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, thus have great difficulty with picking up on sarcasm. HOW DARE YOU?! ABLEIST SCUM!

Ouch! Fine then lend me some then. And yes it is indeed weird but then again it's being you right? You aren't wannabe unique, you are unique lol. Are you an artist? Coz you're username and your comments seem creative.

@malarken for 15 yo you're pretty tall you might sprout upto 6'4 until 21 

I grew 2 inches since october lol


Hmm. Actualy, no, I used to write, but I was actually not that good at it. I used to draw, too, but some things happened and I can't do it as well anymore. I'm actually not that artistic if I think about it. Only my ideas and my imagination are lol.


i'm currently 5'11 but i'm only 16 so i'll still grow a bit

I thought you were 100...


i secretly am


Oh what happened? And if you're ideas and imaginations are creative then I hope you would still be able to write very well. All you need is to practice some more. Intially we tend to not perform something well but if we want I think then we'd be able to work on it. I'm sure you'll be amazing if you do.

I've noticed I got better as I continued to write, but I would never finish anything I started (INFP curse, I guess). And I would always feel as if I went about it the wrong way and I would restart a lot. That is a part of writing though. And I could still pick drawing back up again, but I kind of have to re-learn it. I got an autoimmune disorder a while back and I can't feel my right hand very well.

Ouch! Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you're dealing well with it and getting a good cure for it. And about that, you can really finish it, it just takes a bit of discipline I guess, coz it's normal for everyone to get bored with whatever has been started. For me I just push hard myself no matter what, I guess I've learnt to embrace the boredom lol. Anyways I hope you get well soon, but I'd recommend move your right hand nevertheless even so just a little bit, otherwise it'll become completely paralyzed if it's not active :)

I'm doing very well actually. Things could be a lot worse. I've become ambidextrous in a lot of ways now, so that's cool too. I'm pretty lucky, actually. And thank you for the well wishes :). Do you write?

No I don't write :( I'm a student in quantitative finance actually so I don't write now, I'll maybe think about it whenever time permits for that :)

You're indeed lucky girl. Life always compensates I suppose, in the form of miracles. I wish I was ambidextrous. It'd help me better with multitasking lol. It's good to hear that you're doing very well with it. I hope sooner another miracle pops up and heal it completely:)

Another weird bomb: I'm actually kind of grateful for it, and don't really look forward to getting it cured anytime soon (though there will probably never be an end all cure anyway). But life does hand miracles over, too. They're all too easy to overlook sometimes, but I am always reminded of how wonderful life is regardless of everything it throws at us :). There's always something positive to find, I suppose.

5'6 :P