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Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!'

Society and Culture



INTP - 6
ESTJ - 4
INTJ - 2
ENFP - 1
ESFJ - 1

[Famous INTPs]

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1W2 - 4
8W9 - 3

[Famous Enneagram 1]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Hey so welcome here. I have no idea what happened to old Per-DB but it doesnt seem to be coming back soon. On topic, I have been busy with work, but now I am more free to work with this site. So, to make it short, LOTS OF NEW FEATURES COMING SOON!!! -NEW MAIN PAGE -DISCUSSIONS (SIMPLE FORUM) -CHAT -MORE WAYS TO FIND CHARACTERS (MORE PAGES/LISTS) AND BETTER ORGANIZATION -MODERATING (IE LOTS OF POWER TO CHANGE AND EDIT) -- I PLAN TO ADD MODERATORS SOON -PAGE WHERE YOU CAN POST MEMES -ADD IMAGES, MORE INFO (IE QUOTES) AND FIX VOTES IN IMPORTANT ENTRIES -EMOJIS, AND MAYBE OTHER PRACITCAL STUFF -LOST OF OTHER LITTLE FIXES AND STUFF Also I will be doing some SEO and marketing work to bring more traffic and people here.



Yes I agree with Maul about the instinctual variants.

Find out about IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! personality type

. I kinda liked the last activity page on P-D since it showed what exactly the recent votes were/what type was voted for what entry. That might be a nice addition here.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!.

Yes the votes thing makes sense in order to notice the change. As for inst.Which of the 16 personality types is IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!?. i will add them but somewhat latter since they require more work

Aaalso i was thinking to change entries like "Type most likely to..." and the kind of entries which arent exactly characters, into discussions instead of normal entries. Ugh so much stuff to do!

Well have to appreciate CelebrityTypes for at least one thing :p

Any additional info? I just created a new account now. Just know that only 1 account is allowed per IP address.

I need more specific info since i did some tests and registered the accounts successfully. Also thank you for letting me know!

I'm honestly not sure. I just know that there are at least 2 people with the issue, one of which could not create an account no matter what username they tried, saying it was already taken I think. If somebody else has more info feel free to share it.

Yup i believe its the IP issue. Maybe that person has already opened an account before and forgot about it? Cause only 1 account per IP is allowed. In the worst case you can tell me the data I open the account manually and they can change the password then.

I think all the entries without images could be changed so people could add them.

Add instinctual variants and make likes visible to the user receiving likes.

Great idea! Mods are able to do that, but since there are too many entries without images, i will allow it for everyone who is logged in. That and adding quotes/description as well.

Yes I will do the likes soon. I have been working on important pages, and discussions, chat, new index page, and meme/"stuff" pages are coming soon. Then I will do all the little things too.

My hope has been restored. :D

Doing 1/vote per IP kinda complicated things on programming side. As for forgetting accounts, I will just delete accounts which have been unused AND inactive for long time, since its not hard to open new ones in the few cases there may be problems.

Dont worry it will be better than you think, im working. This site will be full of people soon :)

Yup have to change the DB for that. I guess I will do it but later though

The web server is getting rejected by the database server when it tries to connect. It's difficult to know why this is happening but that is probably between segovois (who doesn't exist) and the hosting provider (OVH), who hosts both the web server and mysql. Without segovois it is difficult to know much. But there are 2 computers on the LAN at OVH, and one is rejecting the other.

Yup if i were to guess the database server/account has been deleted or at least out of work

Segovois is probably too lazy to realize that they changed some sorta database configuration. Probably a memo was sent out about 4 months ago.

ADD USERNAMES TO THE VOTES. Seriously, there's no reason voting should remain anonymous, and with working PMs and how fast this website is it'd greatly improve communication. It doesn't even need to be anything fancy, just make it so when you place your mouse over the type vote it shows a list of which people voted that, just like how user information is displayed when you do the same for profile pictures. Since most of the votes are imported from P-D and accounts aren't shared between here and there it might not be useful right now with nothing to show but I guarantee it will be great later.

I see no reason votes should be displayed if they aren't troll votes. That would probably urge some users to ask "Hey! Hey! Why did you vote that?" Not everyone would want the confrontation.

I too think that some people would be uncomfortable with their vote being shown. Its better not to show votes, this is the general approach for things like this i believe.

And people who want to know or discuss that information can do so in the comments

What? Confrontation in what sense? You don't even need to read the comment if you're unconfortable with someone asking you about it. Keeping track of who voted what would be a good way to understand how different users reason.

I just said what confrontation I am talking about. Some people have got angry at how others voted on entries. For a nice community, that should not persist or even be an option.

Asking someone why they voted a certain type is not confrontation. Besides, what's the point of moderation if not to deal with people who get angry at others for stupid stuff like that? You don't make a "nice community" by making everything anonymous and creating a safe bubble where debate is hampered because a few rotten apples might misuse useful features, which vote identification would be because it'd motivate more people to use the PM system and foster discussion.

And why do you think they would feel that way? I for one would very much welcome anyone who corrected me if they wondered about a given vote of mine. On the flip side, you have "Dickbutt69" voting ESFJ on Einstein's entry and they'd be glad to remain anonymous. Anyway, check your PMs.

I can't add any characters right now

I think confrontation is alright, I agree with Szero.

I can so it may be just you atm.

Fine. Let's go full circle.

You are amazing, Admin! MBTI-Database was so great and then it got poisoned! :'( I absolutely love the revamped MBTI-Base. The color scheme is absolutely phenomenal. (I hated the black on the old site). Let me know if you are looking for volunteer mods. I might be able to this year. --------- I have a couple Suggestions for the future of this site! *~Suggestions~* 1. Let us be able to add PHOTOS to those migrated characters/persons from the old site (that don't have photos). That would just make the site as a whole look even better! 2. I think from now on-- a new voting page should automatically have the creator's username posted on it. That way we don't get any of these idiots from MBTI-Database poisoning this site once they find out about it if they haven't already! Let's put an end to the anonymity so that everyone is held accountable!.... Just to be clear, votes can be anonymous! Only the creator of new pages should be forced to disclose their user-identity for the common good of the site as a whole! That way we don't get trolls making stupid new "characters" that aren't even characters but offensive statements meant to trigger others (which is what tragically happened on MBTI-Database).

Whoops! When I said "MBTI-Database" in the comment above, I meant MBTI-Databank! My bad!

When someone arbitrarily defines "confrontation" to mean something that doesn't actually have anything to do with confrontation by itself at all, then I agree that confrontation is alright.

No, unfortunately for you it seems you can't spam alts and entries and just get away with it saying whatever you want this time around so we're not going full circle.


You completely misunderstood my comment. I don't want us to go full circle. Please big fella

Aw thanks for the kind words! Its nice to actually be appreciated for your work once in a while. Well as for Per-DB guys, its a pity since there was some good info and discussions there, but poor kids didnt have any caring parent. I hope they think for themselves and help bring the personality-datasomething name back to its glory.

Sure, soon I will make mod anyone who has the good will and wants to contribute. This site does need mods. But first i will properly finish the site and refine the mod functions. Thank you for volunteering. For now i will enable adding pics and data to everyone with an account.

I'll be a mod if I qualify, admin. I'd love to add pics to old entries or edit broken ones.

I'll also mod too

That's if I qualify, but if I do, I'll definitely help out in anyway I can.

You can also have it be a level system where people get more mod powers over time - like being able to add pictures at first then, edit, ect the longer they've been a mod.

I did understand you but whatever.

@admin could you please check the private message I sent you? Or just add szero#0663 on Discord so we can talk.

If you understood, you wouldn't have made that first comment. You say "unfortunately for you" as if I have some goal or I'm just this big troll. Fuck you, you'll never understand me.

Oh my god, now that's just precious. I said "unfortunately for you" since you're against my idea of making the votes be identified because it's going to create some sort of magic "confrontation", even though you haven't done anything so far to convince anyone around here that you just want a "nice community" after helping ruin P-D. So how about you realize that I do understand you (you are a teenager who spends too much time online) and that nobody here has any obligation to treat you the way you want to?

The "Posted on"s in the bottom right corner of every comment need to be fixed. They often overlap each other and its very confusing.

Keep on misunderstanding. You are part of the problem with humans.

And P-D was ruined before I even came to that site.


People couldn't put a message on p-d if they wanted - sites dead m8.

@admin, I can mod if you want, I like to think I'm more than objective enough at that sort of thing.

Yeah well being without online validation for like a full week I was tempted to genuinely put on some pants, leave my house and get some actual friends or something now DO YOU KNOW THE KIND OF SHIT THAT LINGERS AROUND IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD WAITING TO FUCKING JUMP, DROPKICK AND KILL YOU WHO CARES IF THE SITE'S DEAD WHEN I COULD'VE LOST MY LIFE TO SOME VICIOUS DEADLY VIRUS BEFORE I EVEN FINISHED CROSSING THE FUCKING STREET AAAA (on a serious note, is there some sort of group chat like a discord server I'm not aware of that I could join in case something like this happens again)

Yes I completely agree, it wouldn't be all cluttered and it allows for people to vote instincts without knowing for certain what the core enneagram is.

This site is better, but need an dark theme... is painful to watch, sometimes.

Yes, I'm part of the problem, not the kid who pretended to kill themselves after being an ass to everyone and now just came back like they made things up with the community and demands to be talked to in a certain way. It's good that you're not delusional enough to actually believe the stuff you're saying to me though, but you can keep on spewing meaningless garbage such as "you're the evul bad guy" if it helps you keep up your misunderstood snowflake facade (the sad thing is that there's probably no real difference between that and your actual personality). And whether or not P-D was ruined before you arrived, does that justify making it even worse? You were the user with the most entries made about you, so good luck denying your influence.

A good suggestion, different colors should be added.

Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet but Admin, could you please make it visible to individual signed in users that they've already voted on pages? For example, I can vote on a page and I can see my vote be added, but there won't be any indication or notification telling me that I've already voted on that same page if I come back to it later, and it would be handy if it told me just in case I forgot what I had voted.

How many members from the old site don't know the site moved yet? I mean I haven't really seen Nkcdzy around, I miss my boo

Yeah skins would be a good idea. But never a forced dark theme. It added to my misery.

I feel bad for you, you guys were so cute together

Alot of people know but many arn't accepting the new site just yet. Nkcdzy doesn't have a way of contacting so he's in the dark about the site.


I don't think this site has a PM function. so come join us here, teru


Great! So will we as users be able to upload pictures to those entries that don't have any? That'd be great! We promise to utilize that function responsibly!

Dude if he doesn't return in like a week we should organize a token funeral or something

Get lives

Your own vote and comment history, better view of last 100 (+ actual vote that's been voted in view), custom field for profile mbti + tritype inclusion for your own enneatype? Maybe add different typology systems' votes, like socionics voting would be p rad

Add a blocking users option, instinctual stackings, ability to change avatar

HEY i was in a (long) trip and now im back. New pages and functions are coming...

I agree with the blocking function and instinctual stackings, however you can already change your avatar. It just has to meet a certain file size limit (A 150x150 or 100x100 size usually works).

Seconding all of this, especially the socionics voting! Would be really interesting imo.

What's the use in blocking someone when there's barely a PM function lol

Linebreak & edit/delete comments needs to be a thing. I also can't make entries right now, is there a daily limit?

Please let us have multiple paragraphs in 1 post

Hey a lot of old P-Ders are hanging out in the chat here, if anyone or admin would like to stop by.

It's expired man.

If it says it's expired you're probably banned

All these grey pictures are bugging me, and what happened to the french?


He still hasn't given users the ability to add pictures, and I guess he wants to Westernize the whole site.

Having the ability to add pictures would be really nice, though jumping on the make me a mod bandwagon is cringe worthy. I'd honestly prefer the system wikipedia has if at all possible, since we're all throwing in ideas with little to no knowledge about what it takes to make it happen.

That's a great idea, sorry you're all alone to implement them.

I'm french france is here with me

Hey nothing against France but its best to use english so everyone can understand. Plus its the internet lol

France is back ou plutôt La France est de retour

I don't think it's crappy, I actually like it better than the old one. the different colors don't bother me and the comments are not too big for me either, I think All_in just didn't get used to the new website yet. I don't think I have to say anything about the last paragraph.

I'd prefer if the votes were colored text rather than white lettering in assorted colors. So like each type has a designated color with the value voted next to it. The comment section is unarguably huge which oddly enough, works better/easier on the eyes when using the site on a mobile device.

I personally enjoy the colors, they're more inviting and nice. The dark theme was intriguing but added a sense of desolation to the site.

J'étais déçu que l'autre site soit down puis en recherchant j'ai vu qu'un nouveau était apparu, je te raconte pas la déception quand j'ai vu cette merde colorée mode teletubbies

Personally I don't mind is the website is brighter. The previous one looked like it was from the deep web. But I find this one too immature. I agree that colored votes text would be much better.

You should because that's the most important part.

Yeah, this site's pretty nice. Kudos Admin-guy.

Well, actually i really like this site.

Hey guys lets use PM for personal interactions. Yes there is PM by the way in the profile page.

Alright. Sorry about that lol

@All_in Hey it may be true that the french part had more quality content, but it isn't much worth if many people cannot understand it. This way the same people may post in english. As for being big, you can always make it smaller, its harder the other way around (like for mobile users). As for looking immature, hmm, idk, it depends on the perspective you look at it maybe? The tilted lines for example invoke motion or smth like that... Like what would you suggest?

The site is great! Having a way to know when someone replies to a message would be cool through.

Also there are colors are like in different personalities, not like in Teletubies -_- Like what, would you prefer the dark better? Actually the dark theme there kinda fit with how the site ended up lol.

@Nyx that was exactly what i was thinking! I will add notifs for replies and likes in the profile page, just after the PMs.

Does adding a new character recquires an image/profile pic now?

Yes (a picture for the character obviously, not for the user). I think its for the better. Also if you can't think of a fitting picture, it probably means the entry fits better as a discussion entry (which are coming soon).

Yeah and i also hope that we can edit pictures of characters without one. I just think that while characters of course need an image, some entries doesnt. But yeah I agree it should be recquired since other people add characters wihtout a profile pic and it's annoying. It's for the better.

No theres no limit. Hmmm

Could we also add/edit a character's page without descriptions or quotes?

Why is every new added character in the "fictional character" realm?

Can we not have mods? Just one admin? There's not enough users here to warrant mods and some of these people are uptight and cliquey as is.

How about you stop trolling? that is so lame

The colors are fantastic!

Hey, Admin. Is there a reason that all real figures/characters pop up as "Fictional"? Are you going to fix that glitch eventually? TY. :)

Mod could abuse of their position, they could exclude people with bad reasons . if there are mods we have to know the judgment criteria .


Holy shit we actually agree on something, what timeline is this

Why calm down everyone. I will clarify my decisions and and clarify what is expected from mods. So cut the BS please and let me do my job.

Its not the first site to have mods. If i decide that something its in the advantage of the site, Ok. Otherwise there is no point to accept anything, simple as that. I like fun too but first i want to make this a place with value. also lol @ the ESTJ votes of of nowhere.

Why are you so worried about mods? And you know mods do other stuff than banning too. And there will be "enough" users once i do marketing and seo

Knowing the criteria sounds fine.

Oops will fix that soon too. Thank you for telling me. I have been working on discussions, meme page, chat and main page. So stay put :)

Hey I have an idea. Instead of deleting all the votes and starting from zero, I will keep current votes as "old votes" and display them briefly, but also will start another voting section , the new section, from zero which will server as default. What do you think?

Like a middle ground...


You could just add it as an optional function that shows both separately but only when you click on it, don't think it should be a priority though

Because, like I said they're bias and will circle-jerk. Also I don't want these people having authority over me, it's condescending.

They're just not very competent. All the people that would be fair such as DD and Nkcdzy aren't here anyways.

It will show both. The old votes only with text (not bars), but the bars can be shown if visitor clicks "Show full (old) votes". This is the idea

No I mean could we add/edit the description and quote of an already finished character page? Sorry english is not my native language.

Yeah sure, I meant something similar but the votes would still be combined unless you want to separate the old and new ones by clicking on "show full votes" or whatever, I mean that's how I would do it

I agree with you, admin. If nothing else, having a crew of folks with the power to clean things up, even just small stuff, will dramatically decrease your workload. It makes sense to have a staff, especially if the intent is to expand.

I think there's a lot of controversial entries that have a lot of votes where someone could easily and probably will manipulate them if the new votes are shown first, I wouldn't completely separate them just yet and wait until the site has more users

I think Maul and hearts would be pretty competent mods tbh

Hearts? Sure. So long as he doesn't make other people mods. Maul? No, he's proven to be incompetent as a mod, as well as passive-aggressive.

"No, he's proven to be incompetent as a mod" Because you got banned.

No sparky 1. You took orders from Hairspray, even though it was supposed to be your chat so that alone shows your poor leadership skills. 2. Once Hairspray left you got all offended and started banning people left and right for no reason. I didn't even act out in your chat. So basically you just ban people for no reason. 3. You're just going to side with your "friends" on everything. You don't think for yourself, you've shown this time and time again.

You got banned for being one of the p-d trolls, shorty.

Tritype voting section maybe?

I've been trolling ever since I entered your chat so no, try again, you're a shit liar. You banned a bunch of other people too. Why should you be a moderator? You have shit leadership skills, you're passive-aggressive and wont give reasons for banning people and you'll just side with what your "friends" want. If there's going to be moderators then I advocate that they not be puppets.

Only two people are banned in my chat.

Wrong, and you didn't answer my question.

I don't have to answer to you about why I should a mod, you are just a user like me. It's completely up to the admin to decide. And I'm right about the ban, just checked the ban list only you and mike are banned right now.

Well I gave reasons as o why you shouldn't, it you can't give reasons why you can than you shouldn't. You banned Melanie and others too, I asked.

Nipsey banned melanie. Hairspray also kicked/banned alot of people but that's history now.

Lol no

One admin is good, I agree. No country has 10 rulers.

"Banned for being one of the P-D trolls" That chat wasn't even originally about P-D, what a fucking disgrace. It was my idea from the beginning to bring people to Discord for those who didn't only want one chat experience. You just fucking stepped on all the original meaning it had.

And maul can be a mod here sure if you really think this will be a good idea (Remember what happened before when there was too many mods and too much subjectivity?)

Sure, but just leave all the banning to you. Everyone should have the ability to do simple things such as adding images, changing titles if something is spelled incorrectly, etc.

That "criteria" can be bent to fit a narrative.

That "criteria" can be bent to fit a narrative.

Why tf my peepee hard lmao

Yeah kind of what I'm afraid of as well tbh

I'd like that too but people will most likely abuse it lol

I agree with PikUp, I wouldn't want to be controlled by these people. It's such an insult.

RIP Nkcdzy. We will remember you as the greatest/only swedish INTJ in history. Hope you marry an INFP like you wanted.

Here's an idea: how about starting a discord server that users on this site can join where the people that are genuinely interesting and fun to talk to don't get banned over personal grudges so it doesn't fucking die

I'll be willing to start one.

Https:// there

Reliable mods aren't going to be power tripping and abusing the ban hammer so I don't know why everyone has their knickers in a twist.

The site and users as far as interactions have gone is fine, so long as it doesn't go down hill you guys probably won't even notice moderation.

Idk if it's been mentioned but how about a flagging posts option?

I like higher volume on the votes and the website really doesn't have many visitors yet, it might leave characters open to less educated votes from users who are more casual in mbti or votes before someone has finished the series/content.

Flagging posts? Ok no, that's just going too far. You assholes are just gonna flag posts you don't agree with. The reason that you people are lining up to be mods is so you can enforce your agendas, not to bring stability to the site.

Who want to stand against fascism in mbti site with me?

If you put that option than you get to silence people anonymously and with no explanation.

Jeez, have some faith in your community or the admin. I don't know how much baggage the other site brought but I'm sure in time the admin can deal with it appropriately. Not to mention he should be able to log actions performed at least by the mods in secret to silence any mods who are acting against the agenda, unwittingly in full view! But at least your cynicism hasn't reached the stage where you don't express it.

I read below, you cynicism appears to be justified.

Fug the fashist! I live a America Dream forever and you cannot stop of me. Even if you can try, I will block it with punches and kicks, and destroy any enemy in mu way with punches and kicks.

I want to be mod because I believe I can set things straight. Don't worry my friend, if anything happens it will be to the other side! We will have our revenge on the world.

I want to be mod because I believe I can set things straight. Don't worry my friend, if anything happens it will be to the other side! We will have our revenge on the world.

Seem take a no ball ISFJ very influencable and passive agressive 9 as mod is a bad idea

"Revenge" against what, it's an mbti site.

Mod ya really got to fix the duplicate post thing first.

Mod ya really got to fix the duplicate post thing first.

On the world!

Get a life

A little late, but I think it would be nice to be able to send private messages to someone. So if you have a problem with someone you can talk directly to them instead create mocking public entries

Ffs bro those were jokes, I like fg

You already can though, check your profile

I really did not know about it, sorry XD And PikUp that's was not just specifically about you, there are several things I would particularly like to discuss privately with other member rather than in a public comment

Obviously the most essential rule that should exist is the ban of INFP votes for Hinata

And INTJ votes for Vegeta

We really need active mods =.= People are going to start leaving if this turns into another P-D

Go ahead and hit me with that ban admin. i'm ready to depart.


Yeah it's already going downhill with the lack of moderation.


It does bring back memories though. Getting all nostalgic over here.


See ya blandy

Haha yeah... tbh I kinda like the drama sonetimes, but I don't want people to feel repulsed because of it

You didn't do anything to deserve a ban Omni, you're fine lol. And in the event that you ever want to return to the chat in the future you are always welcome. Good luck in life m8.

The only thing saving this website is a team of mods. Mods who are objective and know what they are doing. It would lower admin's responsibilities a lot and provide some stability to the website. That doesn't necessarily mean a dictatorship, just some order. I'm just not sure if admin is open to that idea though.

Yeah, good luck Omni, you deserve the best. We'll miss you.

And a team of mods also doesn't mean a hugbox. Free speech is allowed and people have the right to challenge opinions they disagree with, just as long as they aren't just hurling insults for the sake of hurling insults with no substance. Good discussion is what makes this site interesting.

I'm with you. The situation is fraught. We ought to tread carefully so things don't spiral out of hand. Although, as The Sons and Daughters of Personality-Databank, a little drama is par for the course.

To people, hugbox = a place where they aren't allowed to be toxic lol

Nope you guys are bias, you tell people what they want to hear and will pick sides. I don't think people who like omni's comments and spam vote 6 on me, bigol's, bonita's and hairspray's pages cause they're butthurt are objective sorry

One admin is good, there's not much activity on this site

I don't pick sides I just go along for the ride, buddy. Also I voted Bonita as a 4 and haven't touched hairsprays page yet.

You do pick sides and you tell people what they want to hear, you're not fit to be mod

It's not as black-and-white as you think PikUp. Again, a team of mods doesn't and shouldn't mean a fascist hugbox where there is no good discussion and people are afraid of opposing viewpoints. It's just additional stability. What part of that don't you understand?

There's a disparity between your actions and what you say which I've pointed out multiple times. You people just want power and influence. A team of mods on a site that's so small one person can manage it, not buying it guys

I don't pick sides at all lol but I will tell people what they want to hear sometimes, I don't see that as a big deal. Never said I want to be a mod and I would turn down the opportunity (even though I have experience modding other people's groups and am objective enough to keep people on task).

Pikup seems uncomfortable with the idea of moderation because he has so thoroughly ruined his reputation with incessant bullying shitposts that the threat of getting shut-out is very real.

But I do agree that the current activity level of this website, as is, probably doesn't warrant a staff of moderators. It would be nice for some people to have the power to add images and edit pre-existing entries though.

Yes you obviously do, I've seen it. I could behave entirely and you'll still ban with no explanation, maul already has. And dont act like you're all so innocent

Nobody said anybody was innocent nor were they acting like it.

You people are putting the blame on just me, you sided with omni and if you people act out too than you should be mods why?

Not everyone is against you, maybe they just found Omni's comebacks funnier than yours. You're also one of the only people to act out on this site yet so idk what you're talking about.

I doubt you found omni's generic comebacks funny, try again hun. Omni was acting out and if most of the people here are against me than yeah, they shouldnt be mods

Especially when when I do it people get uppity, so yes you're taking sides. Quit lying, be honest for once

"There shouldn't be any votes, omni doesn't even have a personality" you LITERALLY started in on him and he responded and you got destroyed. For every action there is a reaction. And if he said the same thing about you I'd defend your right to respond. Free speech works both ways.

You calling me a liar? No offense but I thought his comebacks were hilarious. While it doesn't excuse what he did, he was acting out because he wanted to get the ban hammer, tru story. I don't know why you're arguing so much, I'm completely neutral on 99% of the crap you keep on bringing up.

Lol no, his generic insults aren't what I'd call "destroyed" the man has no wit. And he insulted me first with an alt.

No you didn't, you people liked his comments cause it was against me. I've caught you lying countless times about things but you use half-ass excuses to cover them

I don't think Omni is Adrian Gray.

Dude I liked his comments because they made me laugh, chill.

Calling bullshit, they were too generic to be "hilarious"

Half of the "funny" crap you watch on YouTube I would call "generic" so perhaps it's just a difference in taste :)

Where is your evidence that Adrian Gray is Omni?

You people have never laughed at anything omni said on P-D, you're siding with him cause he's your friend. Just like they tell you you're ISTP cause you're their friend. His jokes are too generic

He insulted me out of nowhere, wrote no other comments and talks like omni does. Also omni got on a bit later so obviously he was on if he knew I insulted him

That's circumstantial. I have pretty good reason to believe Adrian Gray is not Omni.

That's circumstantial. I have pretty good reason to believe Adrian Gray is not Omni.

You take this website way too seriously, you bitch about every slight against you. If the facts are on your side and you feel that you are correct, then why are you so butthurt and defensive? This is fucking pathetic, get a grip dude.

I laughed at a lot of the things he said on P-D, I just never saw the point in announcing it since that would reference the possibility of me taking sides and egging on people. People will still vote me as ISFP and not really anyone on P-D has told me that I'm ISTP in a while (irl though I do get told I'm ISTP). You seem to cling onto the idea that I'm a liar just to try and disprove me which shows that you're running out of crap to fling at me. And while I would call Omni's comebacks anything busy generic, 99% of the things you have favorited on YouTube I would call very generic, yet to you that doesn't denounce their quality in enjoyability. And it shouldn't because something being generic =\= it being unenjoyable.

*anything BUT generic, didn't see that autocorrect mistake while I was typing.

I've given enough evidence to prove you wrong, I'm calling you a liar because that's what you've shown time and time again. Who tells you you're ISTP? Your friends? Exactly. Also I've used similar comebacks, calling swoon acne ridden, did you laugh at that? No

Idc that I was insulted as I dont buy it. The lies and hypocrisy and circle-jerk is what pisses me off.

I didn't laugh at the comments of you being acne ridden, I laughed at other comments of you. I'm much more serious and "logical" around other MBTI people and irl hence the ISTP typing. If all you're going to argue is "you're a liar so you're wrong" then there's no point in arguing with you. You haven't even given any evidence except for your own paranoid thoughts of what people are like and what they're trying to do to you. Do you have IP matchups? Same login keys? No, you don't, just your own suspicions. You think I'm a liar because you're a skeptic and anything that doesn't fit your logic is automatically a lie in your eyes. Maybe it's just my 9 nature to fit in with others and go with the flow that makes you think I'm a liar bc otherwise I'm just not seeing it. But since you keep on using that lazy excuse to try and debunk my reasonings then I'm going to have to write this up as my last message because that along with your inability to think or reason outside of your own suspicions and the way you seem to only want pointless fighting makes it impossible to answer anything you try and toss at me.

You act whatever type you think you are atm but when we get down to it you're ISFP, you people contradict yourselves and apply double-standards, that's why I'm calling bs. You lie all the time and never have a response when called out. I'm not saying you're wrong cause

You lie, I'm saying you're not objective and I have no reason to believe any of what you say cause you lie. I knew you'd say you didnt laugh at that one specifically, other trolls have made similar generic jokes about others but yall just got mad, enough mental gymnastas

I gave reasons why I think it's omni, you had no counter-arguments and fuck off. Ip matchups. That doesnt mean its not him just cause I cant see it. And ya'll wouldnt shut up about me having alts on P-D even though you couldnt prove it. I explained my reasoning

How many times do I have to tell you, Sloppy? I don't need alts to insult you when I'll gladly call you a dumb cunt on my main. Someone has been dropping hints they're Adrian Gray in two threads but you're too stupid to read between the lines.

Thanks guys. Wish you all the best as well.

You come up with suspicions about other people too, difference is I explain my reasoning. You people just assert things you'd like to be true.

Omni this is a personality site, you have no business here. Hints mean nothing, it's a red-herring, its you you coward. Go back to moping in the corner about how bland you are now

You've repeated that same personality joke several times now and each time it has fallen flat, just like how you fell flat every time you got knocked out while boxing. If you wanna talk about moping, look in the mirror kid. "you people hate me wahhh" in every fucking comment you make. You pick fights and you wonder why people don't like you. Something's seriously wrong in that head of yours. Maybe CTE from all the times you got knocked the fuck out?

They weren't jokes, proof of my loss claim? I'm just calling out the hypocrisy, idc who likes and hates me. It's not exactly hard to get them to like you, just be a yes man like you and you're gtg

Half of this thread is PikUp making up problems so he can feel the accomplishment of actually tackling something for once lol.

I have a really good counter-argument. Omni isn't Adrian Gray because I'M Adrian Gray. Or, rather, Adrian Gray is something I created a long time ago. I only told a handful of people about Adrian Gray and the origins of the name. And Omni isn't one of them. Unless he independently came up with the name on his own and registered it here specifically to troll you, he isn't Adrian Gray.

No, you're just sheltered and not used to people telling you what you dont want to hear. I've given multiple example of you peoples bias, double standards and contradictions in your arguments, but you don't understand how logic works

Why should I take your word for it?

What do you mean I've lived my whole life hearing things I don't wanna hear and successfully dealing with it, quit projecting dude.

See you are given literal truths and you still won't believe it.

You are so dense, I give evidence and you ignore it. You are clearly a very sheltered individual

Whether your believe me or not is ultimately up to you. But the name "Adrian Gray" is mine. It comes from one of my writing projects. Very few people from P-D know anything about it. I never told Omni. It did make me kinda happy that someone used the name of a character I wrote as their user name, but I have absolutely zero reason to believe Omni knows anything about it.

I like the changes , especially adding the quotes, now concepts can be typed more easily to people who don't want to do extensive research on the concepts, and users can share new ideas/concepts. However, would it be possible to have tags in the future? Comparing Yahoo Answers and Quora, Yahoo Answers uses categories, Quora uses tags. In theory the Series/Domain section could include tags with a comma or some other way to differentiate, for example. If there is a way to re-upload images when the image link eventually gets deleted? I assume your website isn't storing the images.

It's probably been suggested before but oh well ¯\_(?)_/¯ i think an entry should display your current vote, it's a bit confusing otherwise. also vote/comment history would be nice.

That emoji tho.

LOL how did this not get any likes?

LOL how did this not get any likes?

I thought the r/INTJ community was a bit volatile, but you guys.. I thought it was some kind of sarcasm at first. The comment saying "I enjoy the drama" is the most real one here.

We're a family.

I might have a few issues.

@hearts *dysfdonctionnal

I really just wanted to point out things like typing people because you disagree with them, you can't really get less productive or farther from the point than that. This is the internet, there is no better place to have issues. But some places are more "internet" than others.

I don't even feel connected to my family. Lord knows this isn't one.

Oh boy this thread is becoming strangely relatable

I was in the hospital and man, so much happened here. Anyway, I don't think Omni is ISTP just because "he's my friend" I genuinely think it could be his type. He's solidly I and T and I think he's too chill and unflappable to be a judger. Sensing just feels more likely than intuiting.

As for you Hearts, I remember Adrian Gray. I wish you luck and success with your writing! I'd love to see some one day and I could show you mine.

That'd be awesome. We should exchange prose one of these days.

I'm gonna start using that emoji at work

We really need a mod.

Hey lets just say that the site starts now for real.

Hell yeah.

In case any drama arises, there should be a drama-only chat/forum strictly for drama. That should reduce slanderous entries.

If you're still considering adding moderators here's who I'd recommend: scotty, strawberry crisis (i think she uses a different name here though), Maul, Zeego, and Oxytocin.

Also hearts.

Tritype votes would be nice

Hearts/Zeego I agree.

I'd like to be mod pretty much only to add images to entries. That's the only thing that bugs me.

I'd also say Taco would be a good moderator. His biggest focus has been objectivity since the beginning.

Yeah for real. I think some people should have the power to edit pre-existing entries in general. Just to add images, quotes, links, series affiliation, etc.

I humbly think that I should be mod here. I don't come as much as others but let's face it : all my interventions are top quality,

Not very humble is it

You can moderate the non-existent french section, monsieur

Delete the whore, taylor swift

If we’re going to have multiple mods we need to have an understanding of how well the mods can work together in such a situation (removing bias, fact over feels, chemistry etc.). We all need to be on the same page. Everyone may get along in the chat, but modding could be a different story. If we don’t have a functioning team or a consensus of some kind, it won’t be effective long-term.

Hey Im doing the mod functions it will come soon first i say we start with basic modding stuff (adding images and info) then as it gets more complex i will prepare better

Hey whores have types too :p

Other then whore i mean... right?

Sounds like a plan

I wonder if there was any way to add quotes to an existing mbtibase character. Perhaps needing a mod for approval? After all, someone needs to make sure the quotes added aren't random insults to another user or whatnot.

Please consider making the mbti/enneagram fields freely editable... I would like to display both my instinctual variant stacking + my enneagram tritype with wings as well as changing my ENFJ type to a more accurate ENFx. I'd greatly appreciate any consideration, thank you

I think for adding images, there should be some kind of request function where we ask to be given certain categories/domains. That way two mods who are fans of the same TV show aren't fighting over who gets to put the images up for that show's characters.

Hey i think you can do that in Your (profile) description (ie put ENFx) and enneagram field (which i made wider in db so you can put more info). However as for character voting/typing, unfortunately that would open the way for lots of spam. Yes there will be mods but the purpose is to keep things clean.

I made the functionallity to add quotes and images and description, but now im doing the log so that changes are stored and logged.

Thank you!!! And yes, I only meant for profile descriptions -- it'd be wayyy too hectic and messy with voting

I'm asking this again but is there a way to add/edit the picture, quote and description of an already existing character page?

It helps for typing characters accurately.

Still no rules, still no basis to actually ban anyone or remove their comments, both of which already happened.

Yeah exactly, there’s really no structure or criteria for banning

Thank you!! even somebody's wing can say so much more about them, MUCH appreciated

I find people make new characters just to click-bait people into commenting, posts like where it makes no sense to try to vote a MBTI type or enneagram type (other than guessing the type of the perosn who originally created that character post?) Obviously that character post was made before the "Discuss" feature existed In addition, consider adding a "recent posts" column.

Recent Discussion Posts column

Plus, I realize that you may need to condense the "Recent Views" to one column instead of two, so perhaps a little more like the original MBTI-Databank, increase the recent 10 posts to 20? If this idea potentially could slow down the time it takes to load a page or may signinficantly increase the cost/storage space/etc of the website, than someone please suggest a better idea. Or add a Javascript program where the DISCUSS has a (number) ex: (2) or (3) to reflect how many new unanswered posts or something like that. "Discuss" isn't popular yet since this website is different from websites like MBTI sub-reddits or the other forums like personalitycafe. Since there a character posts where people ask things like where it would be better to link a link, or be migrated to the discussion forum of this website for example

Admin, the creator is probably busy, i'm patient

That's good and all but I think taking 2 months or however long this site's been up to write a bunch of lines is pushing it

Hopefully mods will be added with some kind of alert system they can monitor so that normal users can flag changes that need to be made for any content mods don't personally know themselves.

Hey admin, sorry if I'm bothering you, but did you happen to get my pm? I'm just wondering since it's been a few days since I sent it

I sure hope not, immature moderators like that should be removed

BTW the duplicate post thing happens when you refresh the page after commenting.

Admin, suspending users might be a good alternative to banning. When a user has 3 strikes on their account from suspensions then a ban could happen. I'd also only like to add pics & DELETE duplicate entries if I become a mod. I don't need to ban because this place hardly has any users anyway.

Does pm work?


+ tritypessssssssss

You should categorize types by their temperaments when it comes to voting rather than the first two letters. So like NT or SP rather than IN or EN.


Or just add another search filter

The forum buttons page 2 and page 3 only work AFTER you modify the categories from Date submitted to any else, and then switch them back, NOW you can press page 2 and page 3 without the 404 Not Found nginx/1.10.1

I can't change my profile picture anymore. I've tried resizing, changing file format (jpg -> png), and uploading from my phone. Here's the error: Warning: getimagesize(): Filename cannot be empty in /var/www/mbtibase/includes/uploader.php on line 26

I had this problem a lot too. Usually the thing that would work for me is resizing the image with the ratio of a perfect square.

It seems like this site improved real good since my last visit. There's also a lot of new people. Definitely nice to see.

I was thinking this too

Make sure the image is under 500x500 and 100kb

Can we have an option to delete our account if we don't like the site anymore?

Http:// works results in a 404 error

Http:// works results in a 404 error

Seriously though, please add instinctual variants

Did admin post anything this month at all? is anyone in contact with him? what if he already left us? what if he's been kidnapped by mysterious evil creatures like segovois? what will happen to colourful mbti database? *trembling with fear escalates*

This admin is a mysterious evil creature himself


I actually like it this way, the first two letters inherently share more in common than the middle (NF/NT) and second/fourth (SJ/SP)

Can you add the option to delete your own comments? Sometimes I'm not thinking clearly so I post a lot of bad comments to various "characters".

YES pls I can't deal with all my cringy comments

Yeah, or ban me by ip or something admin, fuck this place

Apparently not

Apparently pms don't work? That should probably be fixed. Well anyway, I'll just sum up what I tried to send you, admin. Basically, the user bluey couldn't access their account here and also couldn't create a new one. I was just wondering if you could maybe change their password or allow them to create a new account so they can actually use the site?

Add a birthday feature, seriously, other MBTI websites are not as social as this one

MBTI + Social Media = did you find the right social media website?

Plus add a donate feature, unless you can find some advertisements

I'm curious what ads would differentiate by which type


FIX VOTING SYSTEM, it changes the type I voted for and fucks up the votes on certain pages in general.

Oh nuuuuu ill look at it wth it worked fineeeee

Gooooddd so much to do!!!!! It will be a long night

Thank god i have nice food and lots of beer with me.


Hey :)

Good luck admin



You can use this website as an image sharing website by changing your profile images as many times as possible and if you remmeber the name of the pic you uploaded. How much storage space can admin afford?

Not to bother you but at some point could we have vote percentages? I really liked that feature on Personality-Databank and I do miss it.

"For real"

Then why didn't you make an account before? You could open the account because I allowed that manually for some time since some people requested that.

Ip ban me

Just curious what is this memes n stuff. When can we be able to use it. Also personal blog entry for user would be nice.

Out of curiosity I just made an alt, and it worked. That, uh... should probably be fixed. I think most of us are tired of this game of "guess who". Feel free to delete this account too.

I really like the front page, random discussions lol

I did not know gifs werer now allowed that's cool

Not really, just make it obvious =)

Can we edit our own pages? Like change the pic or delete it.

Any way to export a live count of mbti and enneagram votes to another website?


this doesn't work becomes

This website really reminds me of those "still in beta" indie games on steam where everytime you play it you see a new neat feature or two but it still seems to be missing something important (Pictures).

fg's list of typing for anyone who doesn't want to scroll down or hunt for it in this website: Comparison of typing will be 100% filled eventraully 

One suggestion: donate. I'd get more value out of this website if I spent even 1 dollar. Then again, if I spent that dollar combined to make a Labaconaise Jones t shirt, that would be worth it too.

To protect people's privacy I will have to shut down this website


Joseph corners admin into a dark alley, slippping several stolen monopoly bills into admin’s pockets; “You know what to do”, he whispers.