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Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'INFJs'



INFJ - 10
INFP - 3
ENTP - 3
INTP - 1
ESFP - 1
ESTP - 1
ISTP - 1

[Famous INFJs]

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9W1 - 17
1W9 - 17
6W5 - 14
4W5 - 10
5W4 - 6
1W2 - 5
2W1 - 4
4W3 - 2
5W6 - 1

[Famous Enneagram 1]
[Famous Enneagram 9]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

@Sthereo0 you are too open to be INFJ. I don't want to create a controversy or anything. But I believe if you say you're one.But again, INFPs are the most stupid people on earth.

MBTI type of INFJs

.You fucked it. That's what happened.

Find out about INFJs personality type

.I once had an otaku INFP friend and we were like siblings but one day we stopped talking for no reason and she unfollowed me on twitter and now I don't know how or where she is :^(Let's talk about how much INFPs turn INFJs on.INTPs love INFJs so much.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of INFJs. I don't know why but they do.I've seen somewhere that both INFJs and INFPs score the highest as enneagram 4, and the % between 4w5 and 4w3 are the same, as in 75% and 25%.Which of the 16 personality types is INFJs?. However, INFPs are more grossly enneagram 4, while INFJs are divided among enneagram 4, 5, 1. INTPs also scored hugely on enneagram 5 too. So 5w4 is more typically INTP than INFJ.Yeah, I think 4w5. The feeling of having a unique way of looking at the world and not being understood because of this works as well with Ni-dom as with Fi-dom. 4w5 over 4w3 (would even say 5w4 over 4w5) because they have this analytical and holistic aspect to them that fits a 4w5 better than 4w3.Statistically, INFJs is more likely to be 5w4 than any F type, but the majority of them is still enneagram 4.You can see it by statistic too, INFJs is more likely 4w5 or 4w3 second your lol. Definitely not the 5w4 votes. If you really think that INFJ's are best associated with the 5w4 type, you really need to rethink things.