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Inuyasha MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Inuyasha'
Inuyasha MBTI type

Society and Culture

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ESFJ - 4
ENFP - 1
ESTP - 1

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2W1 - 4
8W7 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

You're the non-toaster friend then :D*non-toaster. I might have to sleep soon. Mmh n_nLast time I checked, I was not a toaster. Double post of hell.

MBTI type of Inuyasha

. I am an INTP. I am a robot.

Find out about Inuyasha personality type

. Are you friend with your toaster . I am, because we're the same.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Inuyasha. I am an INTP. I am a robot.Which of the 16 personality types is Inuyasha?. Are you friend with your toaster . I am, because we're the same. Oh, yes. I have been lurking, been here and out (or in and out, not sure if that's right. . . :DSomeday, I'll ask someone how to get my head out of the clouds. Also, commenting because it's kinda sad to see you speaking with yourself on your own entry, especially since you seem to be a kinda newcomer ;DIn MBTI world it's a compliment to be typed as an intuitive by other haha but I've always seen myself as pretty concrete. . I think the ennea votes are actually right. . Hey. But I've actually typed as ESFP.

Bro what the hell. Inuyasha is ESTP 8w7 spsx. In no world is he an FE dom 2w1.... I don't really think this needs to be explained just watch the show.

If you're unwilling to explain, others might do the same with you, even if this post of mine already constitutes a massive clue.

Okay first of all the 2w1. He is the opposite of a 2.  In a lot of episodes there is some villager that needs help. Kagome (who is a 2w3) wants to help these people and Inuyasha wants to focus on their mission. He is an 8 from his troubled past and it makes him quick to lash out on others. He has Se+Ti. He is so blind because he does not care what people he doesn't know think about him. If you're confused about my typing, look up what these kinds are like. Or watch the show. Esfj 2w1 Is the complete opposite of Inuyasha if you're aware what they are like. You should do research if you don't know....

You’re on the wrong page. There’s another with Inuyasha’s actual type, this is just the user “Inuyasha”

ok thank you!