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Is this guy a 3w4? MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Is this guy a 3w4?'
Is this guy a 3w4? MBTI type


Hello everyone, I've been wondering about the mbti and enneagram for a while now. I'd like to maybe start a conversation regarding his type. ____________________Hobbies and Interests_________________________ He likes gaming his favorites are, The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Overwatch. He loves computers, he often buys new parts to make a better setup. He adores Graphic Design, he even has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to it. Link to channel: He's pretty good at cooking. He got a part time job from his dad as a mechanic. _____________________________________Personallity____________________ He sends and says inappropriate jokes to his friends for shock humor, people above the age of 14 tend to avoid him for this. He can be really insensitive when talking about something serious, like making weird remarks or just being kinda rude. His sense of humor is a HUGE part of his persona, but everyone in a blue moon he can be very calm and semi "normal" He says that life is too short to take serious so just do a bunch of dumb stupid stuff and see what happens. He can be kinda competitive about somethings. He likes to brag about some of things he does, like his graphic arts, certain friends, and etc. He used to make up stories about joining certain groups or making a lot of money online. _______________________________ If this wasn't enough info to type him, I'll gladly write more.


ESTP - 2

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7W6 - 2
7W8 - 1

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