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Jack the Ripper MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Jack the Ripper'
Jack the Ripper MBTI type

Television, Movie Industry and Mass Media


INTJ - 4
ENTP - 2
ISTJ - 1

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5W6 - 3
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

well if he is unknown, this a perfect time to use my dominant intuition :) I'd imagine that jack was a very charming, but very cold and calculating guy. He was able to connect very easily with women before he ate them, because honestly, how would he get them in the right spot without careful calculation and charm. I would think he was very scheming and strategic with each murder and very good at hiding himself and covering up his tracks. He gets his thrill from interacting with women and attacking them, which leads me to E, his strategic way of doing things and his ability to calculate his next move while covering up his tracks seems either NJ or NT.

MBTI type of Jack the Ripper

. To decide between NTJ and NTP, I can use the fact that he connected with the women's emotions before each attack, because how else would one get inside a woman's house long enough to eat her without the woman calling the police and then need another person to mess around with rather than committing his emotions to one cause or belief. He wasn't feeding off his his own soul like Fi would, he is definitely oriented to other people, but obviously doesn't have a preference for feeling or mature enough Fe to be considered even an unhealthy INFJ.

Find out about Jack the Ripper personality type

. My final vote is a very sick and detached ENTP. An ENTP with no emotion, yet is driven by other people's emotions.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Jack the Ripper.How is one supposed to type an unknown person?

That guy would probably be a troll on the internet nowadays.