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Kanye West MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Kanye West'
Kanye West MBTI type

Music and Music Industry


ENFP - 36
ESFP - 8
ISFJ - 7
ESTP - 5
ENTJ - 4
ISFP - 4
INTP - 3
ENFJ - 3
INFJ - 1
INTJ - 1
ENTP - 1
ESFJ - 1

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3W4 - 18
4W3 - 11
6W7 - 11
8W7 - 2
7W8 - 1
8W9 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

3w4 ironically can be seen more reserved than 4w3 though. 3w4 is still typed 3 meaning they morph into what social standard subscribes to. 4w3 doesn't have that, but w3 still makes them want to create an image still.Kanye doesn't belong in the Fear triad, Kanye is 100% heart driven.

MBTI type of Kanye West

.bigoltitties4 makes a great point about Ye being a 4w3 and not a 3w4. Makes a lot of sense.

Find out about Kanye West personality type

.3w4 also makes sense though because he is very driven and image conscious. A lot of people who make guesses about Kanye's personality only judge him based on his TMZ stories.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Kanye West. Listen to the fans, not the haters.Kanye Omari West is not a damn Fe user.Which of the 16 personality types is Kanye West?. FOH with that.He definitely uses Fe for sure. Debaser made some really solid points though... which kind of leaves me wondering again. I really cannot imagine a single ISFJ pulling the kind of stunt he did with Taylor Swift either. But on the other hand.. his motivations on every album seem primarily geared toward audiences. On his first 2 albums, some of the material he wrote about, he drew from somebody else's experiences. This always struck me as Fe-motivated (being an Fe-user myself, and can relate)...... I can't even finish this comment because typing him is driving up the wall. TBCKanye is a 4w3 Sx/So. Enneagram 3s are always concerned with what people think of them which Kanye doesn't give the tiniest shit about. Instead he wants everyone to know how unique and creative he is. That's why he's always comparing himself to Shakespeare and Google and why he can be really extraverted at award ceremonies and really introverted in interviews. He's a complex guy.ENFP, inferior Si is always super evident in everything he does recently :/ I miss the old Kanye.Been thinking of this for a while. He's for sure an ENFP. As for enneagram, well I have a bit of a theory. I think he's a 6w7 (638). He's a Christian Existentialist (Like Kierkegaard), but he is uncertain about death. He's confused and afraid of death. He doesn't really want it to end. How else would you become "immortal"? By creating a legacy so big it can never be forgotten. His 3w4 teamed up with his 6w7 to create a God Complex so massive that it almost secures his legacy. Thus the idea of Kanye West lives forever.ENFPs are a bit of a golddiggers to be honest. Yes, you can be rich and a goldigger too.I agree with 6w7. Too much of a loose cannon to be a 3.More proof he's ENFP. Zero Se. Low Si also applies. Everything applies here. "Kanye West Slams Head on Sign" sounds completely Sx and So.He seems like a person with double personality. One is a narcisistic jerk, the other a really nice and genuine guy, lol.I do agree with the 6w7, but is he really a Sp/Sx?He was still tinkering with Yeezus an HOUR before he released it. That alone proves he's a P. And don't even get me started on the whole TLOP debacle.That and the fact that he's really awkward in interviews makes me doubt 3w4. A real 3 would be much more confident and much less (unintentionally) controversial. 6w7 makes more sense considering this and his supposed ISFJ qualities. Oh yeah, and he's sp/sx too.Yeah, he's ENFP. You got it right this time. He doesn't filter; many examples. And his emo rants on twitter, then he deletes them.bobnickmad What a Si-dom musician looks like to you?Where are the arguments for Ne?@boxwithgod That article could also make ENFP more plausible due to the fact that ENFPs are the most introverted extroverts. Some of the reasons they listed are stupid but a couple of them do make me wonder if he's an introvert.just like when you fantasize about "beating the shit out of me" behind your computer, you're just a yappy dog yowling because he's unable to bite. There's no insightfu argument in your post. Only childish personal attack and alignment of common places that anyone here could have think about. You believe you're a great contributor of typology, but you don't bring any improvment.Also, you know, jokes are a thing. I was making one of them. But that would require the intelligence of a toddler to recognize that, so I don't blame you.Well if you think that, I know I must be right because you are the god of retards.You are ridiculous. If a retard like you is a Genius, therefore anyone on this site must be a god."Debaser is the Kanye West of this site." I'm going to take that in the nicest way possible and assume you are just saying that I am a genius and the voice of a generation.Actually though his music is very Ne so maybe he is a messed up ENFP.He is definitely an ENFJ. Just read his quotes. Pretty much all of them either show Fe or an extroverted form of Ni. At least Celebritytypes got the Fe right.One small addendum: Compare Kanye to Bono. Both of them are prone to provocative antics. It's all Fe-driven. Bono is still near-universally held to be an ENFJ. There is also a similarity in their mannerisms.His more personable interviews lack the spontaneity or unfocused Ne-attitude expected of an ENFP. He's controlled and poised, respectful but quite gossipy. This says xFxJ. I would say the spectacles he creates seem Fe driven rather than Fi. If he is indeed an intuitive, it would explain his tendency to reject certain norms and reatrictions. His appreciation of aesthetic could also be explained by Se. My vote is for ENFJ; they're more likely to be narcissistic anyway ;)Its tempting to claim he is ISFJ just to piss people off but I hate celebritytypes as much as the next fellow so I do think he is ENFP. His music is intuitive not at all like the mainstream sensor rap musicLong time fan of the guy. He's about as far from an SJ as humanly possible. Seriously, I have no idea how anyone could come to the conclusion that this dude processes things through INTROVERTED SENSING first of all things. I can see why someone would think he's an xSFP, but Kanye West as an ISFJ is the single most ridiculous typing I've seen in all my years of typology. No ISFJ would have the gall to perform a song called "Black Skinhead" on live television. No ISFJ would have the gall to accuse the president on live television of not caring about black people. He rejects the traditions and conventions of his genre of music more and more with each album. He's all about new, fresh ideas. He's all about innovation. He's all about his personal code and individualism. He's aggressively non-conformist. He's constantly at war with how society expects him (and others to be) and denounces it in just about every interview he's ever done. The guy is Ne-Fi as it gets. The only time I've ever seen him act ISFJ is when his mother in law was interviewing him and he was obviously putting on an act to make their family look good. Kanye West is an ENFP, plain and simple. I'm sure Celebrity Types knows this too, they just don't WANT him to be.ISFJ???? That is by far the single dumbest typing I have ever seen in my life. I am at a loss for words. And of course, Celebrity Types's poison seems to be the culprit again. I know many ISFJs, and every single one of them is utterlly appalled by Kanye's behavior and in no way does it resemble theirs at all. In no universe is Kanye anything near ISFJ. For starters, he's an extrovert. An introvert, let alone an introverted SJ, wouldn't hop up on a stage on live national television, grab the mic from the person accepting an award, interrupt them and proclaim their opinion that someone else is the greatest of all-time. Picture an ISFJ doing this. Just try it. You can't do it, can you? Because never in a million years would that ever happen. Plus Kanye is a total attention whore. ISFJs are humble people who shun the spotlight and simply want to lead traditional, comfortable, normal lives. Kanye clearly could not be more different. He is also an N. One must grudgingly admit that he is indeed a "creative genius" as he says. His music screams NP, because that's what he is. The P is obvious as well in his impulsivity, spontaneity, and constant changes. I have trouble seeing him as ENTP, plus he has ranted in the past about his "feelings" getting hurt, the Katrina outburst, etc. so I'm going with ENFP. An insecure ENFP who overcompensates with an insanely inflated ego, but an ENFP. You could make a reasonable case for other types: ENFJ, ENTP, ESFP. But ISFJ is just insane.