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Kawaii_marten MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Kawaii_marten'
Kawaii_marten MBTI type


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INFP - 23
ENFP - 22
ISFJ - 3
INTJ - 2
INTP - 1
INFJ - 1
ISFP - 1
ESTJ - 1

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4W3 - 21
4W5 - 16
6W5 - 7
3W4 - 2
6W7 - 2
1W2 - 1
5W6 - 1
8W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I only came here to vent because I never do in real life and act happy all the timeI want the trolls to come back and spam this websiteJesus Christ this page. Anyway, how come you say you're ENFP on your profile. ) to me, could you explain. Clearly an NP and I think he might be semi-retarded.

MBTI type of Kawaii_marten

. My fart buddy. P-U stinky man.

Find out about Kawaii_marten personality type

. My brother is a six and he always gets paranoid when he's alone. I enjoy being in the dark and listening to the noises I couldn't hear if I didn't stand still and the lights were on and made their annoying little sounds.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Kawaii_marten. I even laughed when I nearly suffocated and I don't really care for my injuries. 6s worry about the future all the time and always need security in their next steps.Which of the 16 personality types is Kawaii_marten?. That's especially true for 4w3s because of the 3 wing that gives them some perfectionistic flavour and image consciousness. It's a bit sad that none of the enneagram votes are accurate. Lol you'd wonder if you'd meet me irl x)additionally,he speaks of himself in 3rd person. Hence: this is an alt. Either as wing (3w4/5w4) or dominant (4w3/4w5) He somewhat cares for what he looks like and craves to know what he's like which are 4w3 traits. ENFP 4w3 maybe. An INFP 9w8 is wayyy different than an ENFP 3w4. i think he's an enfp honestly, he says he uses a lot of fe but he's just so fithis guy is a depressed MPD ENFJMeldou has to defend himself, he's narcissistic like that. There is no way @Kawaii_Marten is Meldou. WHILE I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE BE AWARE THAT KAWAII_MARTEN IS MELDOU. . . . . . . . I am not Meldou. @Bonita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .