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Lady Gaga MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Lady Gaga'
Lady Gaga MBTI type

Music and Music Industry


ISFP - 41
ESFP - 6
ENFP - 5
INFP - 3
ESTP - 2
INFJ - 1
ENFJ - 1

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4W3 - 13
3W4 - 12
6W7 - 5
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

I don't think she's a 3. It's true that she's worn a lot of over-the-top costumes, and has sung about and talked about fame, but I get the sense that she wants to be a common voice for everybody more than that she wants to be famous for fame's sake. 3s are looking out from behind a facade. But Gaga is not.

MBTI type of Lady Gaga

. She's honest about herself, upfront and pretty unpretentious, though you wouldn't know it by looking at her or listening to her songs. I'd say she's a 6, and 369 tritype.

Find out about Lady Gaga personality type

.This is my favorite song of hers about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Lady on in her career as Lady Gaga, her "sin" was deceit. Self-deceit and also deceit to her fans.Which of the 16 personality types is Lady Gaga?. That's when she was an unhealthy 3. As she's becoming a healthy 3, she's becoming more authentic. Type 3s when healthy are authentic and they learn to let go of their forced self-image. Lady Gaga is becoming a healthier 3. She's dropped all the excessive costume and makeup, opting for a more relatable image and is now dressing more like Madonna during her "Music" era. I found this so INFP. I think she is difficult to type. About the enneagram, I don't see her as 3, maybe because I find her very true in her expression. I knew some speculations that she is 6w7. Maybe she is 4w3. Confusing. But I know she has a lot of troubles with anxiety and depression and she takes medication.ISFPs are highly creative people and they can also be quite intelligent (I think enneagram plays a big factor in their intelligence, though). Lady GaGa is definitely ISFP as she's so obsessed with art, dance, and other visual components and how they relate back to her music.I guess she's like Prince, she doesn't fit ISFP stereotypes, but the Fi and the Se are actually pretty obvious.She seems to believe her art has more depth to it than it really has, and this convice others. I agree with ISFP, she's obsessed with what an artist is, and I don't see an INFP women coming as somewhat rough like she comes. PS: I think both Fi-doms can have melancholic eyes, look at the designer for Apple, he has the most melancholic eyes ever. In fact, I would say ISFP are more likely to have melancholic eyes, while INFP more likely to have dreamy eyes, but it's not a rule.Add to that, only a high Se user can walk victoriously with those heels'd like to clarify a little that I didn't suggest she's a shallow pop star. Her lyrics and ideas suggest otherwise and I agree with you @catchup. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the reason why I think she's an ISFP is because her albums seem to have conceptual idea behind it, and have what she referred to as "era" which sounds like Ni way of thinking, not Ne.Her lyrics are metaphorical and symbolic. She is not a shallow pop star. Her music is becoming more authentic every album she releases. Her album Born This Way is all about identity and being yourself, which I think is indicative of her Fi. She is very articulated in her interviews and obviously is a very smart woman. She strikes me as an INFP, but she can be a very intuitive ISFP too.I've noticed that ISFP eyes tend to look pretty dopey and unassuming, like Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. while INFP eyes look more introspective (deeper) and melancholic. Just my observation.Still in love with Judas babyyyyyyyDaveSuperPowers promised a video justifying she's INFP. Still waiting. I think he later realized she's ISFP.I think I'll settle on ISFP on her. Her lyrics really have nothing N about them, at the sense time she's too quirky to be ESFP.Bowie is ISFP as well. Fi itself is all about personal agenda, she's very passionate about her music, as well. So I'm not sure how any of this ties into ENFP.Her lyrics DO have a lot of depth to them as they usually have multiple meanings and interpretations. Ni terts can look a lot like Ne and Ni doms because tertiary functions will want to lead most of the time, but when they do they come out in a very childish and underdeveloped manner. She's Fi dom and Ni tert.Nothing Ne about her, sorry.