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Lester Nygaard MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Lester Nygaard'
Lester Nygaard MBTI type

Literature (Book), Movie and TV Show Characters

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ISTJ - 5
INFJ - 3
ISFJ - 3

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9W1 - 4
6W5 - 3

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I have a hard time buying Lester as a feeler. Let alone an Fe user. Lester doesn't value his relationships at all. He doesn't.

MBTI type of Lester Nygaard


Find out about Lester Nygaard personality type

.value people at all. Not his wife.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Lester Nygaard. Not his brother. No one.Which of the 16 personality types is Lester Nygaard?. There's this black...void...where his heart should be and a lot of people catch-on to this really quick. It's why despite his apparent agreeableness and mostly harmless demeanor, he's aggressively un-charismatic and unlikable. He's uncaring and indifferent. There's something...missing. I voted ISTJ. Type 6 is fairly obvious, but why FJ over TJ?

IxFJ 6 would be more loyal to some people, like, an extreme example, Norman Bates (ISFJ 6w5 sx/sp) who was completely obedient to the figure of her mother. Lester is loyal mostly to daily routine/robotic life and seemed to be cold with people and he listens to Malvo only as long as he provides efficient solutions and helps him with survival, he never liked him as a human, maybe he never liked anybody at all, since he killed his first wife and let her second wife die. His superficially nice face could be an effect of secondary social instict (I think he's ISTJ 6w5 sp/so) and possibly enneagram 9 in the tritype instead of 1, which is more popular with IxFJ's and it made him more like a classic doormat who can't release his anger for his whole life until one day it explodes under very hard pressure and kill someone right away (wing 1 taking charge of E9, like "Ok, you know, it's not right that you treat me this way for all these years so actually I'm gonna kill you").

His wife isn't the most likable person though.

Why 6w5 over 9w1? He puts such a minimal effort into stabilizing his marriage which doesn't seem 6-like at all. The 1 wing can be shown in his general politeness. As for MBTI, it's hard to go much past IxxJ. I really don't know.

I think he's 962 tritype.