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Magnus Carlsen MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Magnus Carlsen'
Magnus Carlsen MBTI type

Sports and Gaming


INTJ - 10
ISTP - 8
INTP - 1

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5W4 - 3

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He looked a bit ENTJish to me, then I found that on quora.Really? That is surprising! I was super confident that he was an INTP. If the guy who posted that is correct(i trust him) that is really cool. I guess for now I will switch my vote to INTJ.

MBTI type of Magnus Carlsen

.Quora: "Personal friend and clubmate of Magnus Carlsen. 643 Views One of his best friends (who knows him better than me) told me that Magnus actually took an MBTI test and he came out as an INTJ indeed.

Find out about Magnus Carlsen personality type

. Written Sep 30, 2015 •"The answer is actually quite simple if you do enough research on him. He is neither an INTJ nor an ISTP.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Magnus Carlsen. It is quite clear that he has Ti in his relaxed demeanor, his logical yet very out of the box lifestyle, and his impeccable analysis of chess(in his games and others around him). I don't find the evidence for Te very promising.Which of the 16 personality types is Magnus Carlsen?. The first question I have is how there is any strong evidence of him having Se over Si? To be honest loving all kinds of sports and playing sports is not very convincing or direct evidence of Se itself. You would be surprised at the amount of intuitives you will find in the sports world. I personally know an INTP who is very into sports. Even on this site you can find intuitives(like myself) who are very fond of sports. Also calling Se the "big memory function" is false in itself. Si is actually widely considered the function greatly correlated with strong memory. That does not mean that Si is only about memory but in interactions with types with Si you will be surprised by their uncanny strong memory. Now after clearing that up it is known that Carlsen by age 5 could memorize all the names of ever country in the world. We find this behavior in a lot of types with Si. This type of Ti-Si combination is in my opinion what makes him such a difficult and unusual opponent. My second and final question is why no one has written about his intuitive function? When it comes to Ni vs Ne I still don't see where it is obvious that he has more Ni than Ne. I was thinking that the reason he moves his pieces so quickly compared to opponents is because he has thought of ever multiple possibility of moves he could make due to his strong analysis of the game he is playing which could indicate a Ti-Ne combo. In the end I am going with a strong vote in favor of INTP.Although I don't know his type, I want to mention that not looking around is not a lack of Se. It's because Se types are so aware of their surrounding that they don't need to look around too often.He has a very relaxed, sloppy posture like Perceivers typically do. Not caring about an impressive view is also the kind of absent-mindedness you'd rather expect from a Perceiver. I'm also pretty sure an ISTJ would make some kind of effort to seem like a "regular guy". Carlsen is pretty strange and just doesn't care. A final argument in support of ISTP: Apparently a lot of his talent comes from his extraordinary ability to with little effort memorize old games. Though we're probably talking about some kind of irregularity in his brain, Extraverted Sensing is the big memory function. My ISFP friend, who hates Taylor Swift, can recite all her lyrics simply from randomly having heard her on the radio.Based on what you say, ISTJ seems more likely. He doesn't have strong Se at all. I was watching an interview with him where the interviewer was amazed how he didn't look out the window one time at the bustling downtown London. IxxP are the easily distracted kids in school who don't say much and constantly look out the window. His intensity and focus are what makes him look "alien" and it is either Si or Ni out in front accomplishing that. I wouldn't rule out INTJ though.Norwegian here so we get a ridiculous amounts of details about his personal life in the media all the time. Imo he's definitely NOT an INTJ. He has literally no interest in theoretical pursuits, like science or politics. On the other hand he loves all kinds of sports, both playing them himself and just following famous teams. Supposedly self-discipline doesn't come easy to him either, and has had trouble with laziness. Kasparov (ENTJ) talks about him as some kind of alien, and the two did not get along or understand each other very well at all. In short, I'm pretty sure Carlsen is ISTP.