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Mahomet MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Mahomet'
Mahomet MBTI type

Religion and Spirituality


ENTJ - 18
INFJ - 16
ENFJ - 8
ESTJ - 5

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1W2 - 6
6W7 - 1
8W7 - 1
9W1 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

He was a man with a big heart and he had great communication and social skills. [Dom Fe] He spent his life before his prophethood alot alone meditating and doing prayers and thinking about God (For years after his marriage, Muhammad had been accustomed to secluding himself in a cave in Mount Hira, a few miles from Mecca. To this cave he used to go for prayer and meditation, sometimes alone and sometimes with his family. There, he often spent whole nights in deep thought and profound communion with the Unseen yet All-Knowing Allah of the Universe.

MBTI type of Mahomet

.). Even after his prophethood he communicated with Jinns (Spirits, Unknown Ghosts, Astral creatures) and went to their world and did invitation to islam.

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. [ Auxiliary Ni] The idea of Muhammad as a military man will be new to many but he was a great warrior, yet he was a truly great general. In the space of a single decade he fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids, and planned another thirty-eight military operations [Tertiary Se} First, he was illiterate! Mohammad (pbuh) never went to school! No one taught him.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Mahomet. He had no teacher of any kind in any subjects. How can he have the knowledge of all the science, astronomy, oceanography, etc that is contained in the Quran? How can an illiterate person come up with such a rich, poetic, intellectual, and inspiring text.Which of the 16 personality types is Mahomet?. An illiterate man is simply not capable of writing such a book which is showing his [Inferior Ti].Mahomet ENTJ 1w2 nothing in commun to this faggot of jesus ixfj 9w1Also "excellent" in point 2 was an understatement: Quran changed poetic Arabic for ever, of course.Quick clarifications: a-Point 3 assumes populism is an NTJ/NFP thing. b-Whether or not one believes in gods is irrelevant: what's important is that people back then did.Clear ESTJ. xNFJ is what he wanted Allah (and probably himself then) to be.Islam is the religion of peace.You insulted the Holy Prophet. Your head has a price, bigoltitties4.Not an ENFJ. Just a violent, war-mongering pedophile.What is going on with all those ENFJ spams? This days there have been a lot here.In regards to his MBTI , He taught the middle poistion in all the aspects of life. He was (PBUH) perfectly individuated and this make it very hard to type.By the way i agree with you victorHello guys ; I'm muslim and he is my prophet and that's what he represent for us As the seal of prophecy we consider him Necessary as a 9. May peace be with you .ENFJ Spamming :) Started with 16 ENFJ votes... Just saying. Even though he is one, spamming is never fine.I agree with people who argue for Fe. ESTJ only makes sense if he judged by contemporary western standards. I'll however take a more nuanced route in determining his type, without giving much consideration to his religion rather his personal context. (agreeing with TooEasyToSignUp regarding his ESTJ image propping up in Abbasid era). Okay for starters Muhammad was born in the family which housed the idols of various Arabian gods etc. Since childhood it is said that Muhammad distanced himself from that. Muhammad appears to be disturbed by downtrodden of society and therefore his call to his religion is primarily accepted by poor and women. The nobles of Mecca are against him. He migrates to Medina to counsel conflict between two major factions there because he is seen as a diplomat who can make people to compromise. Medina becomes a mixed society where different faiths coexist. Muhammad initially envisioned a united monotheistic society and tried to woo christians and jews in. This all takes up majority of his life. The wars come in last 5-6 years of his life when he has gained enough following and has many generals/fighters in his rank who force him to face opposition with arms. Mekkah is conquered. Muhammad dies, uniting much of Arabia under a common religion which defied original Arabian values/religion and culture. Muslims gain an identity completely separate from other Abrahamic religions much later. For quite some time Islam was seen as a christian deviant group. I can't see ESTJ frankly. ENFJ makes sense. The image of Muhammad wielding a sword and striking down every opposition is a pretty huge exaggeration which is blind to all the peace treaties and unions Muhammad formed. Charter of Medina appears to be one of the first equal rights document. I am not saying he had no motives or that he wasn't bad but his image today as an oppressor is contrasted by his image as a revolutionary and contrarian in the Arab world of his time. He still could be ESTJ but he is more probably an NFJ. His image as a general is also greatly exaggerated both by later muslims and later Muhammad haters. Even earlier Islamic historians agree that most of his tough decisions were actually taken by his trusted allies and companions like Umar, Abu Bakr and Ali. It was only later that Muhammad's skills and abilities were exaggerated to make him a myth. I have trouble seeing why an ESTJ would turn his societal structure upside down. Convince me and I'll happy change vote.Si and Fe? Like an ESFJ? Idk. ESTJ's more likely. As was said below, he cared more about right and wrong, about the Shariah being proclaimed (and his own personal values) than about unity.I think Si and Fe is a real possibility hereYou gotta think he's ESTJ. At least the war hero version of Muhammad. He becomes enraged at the heresy he witnesses and all of the polytheism of his time. He takes up the sword. That all sounds so ESTJ. He seems very convincted of his own values (Fi). If he had Fe, he would have been more of a unifying figure. He didn't seem to have as much concern for harmony as he did for the goal of Allah's Shariah (Law) reigning supreme.Though charismatic for sure Mohammad seems to be introverted in nature atleast in his earlier life.Oh and the ESTJ thing is obviously through the lens of Abbasid Jurists.He's more like Yasser Arafat than like Napoleon. A charismatic Idealist who's capable of making both and war and who was too busy with the duties of his office to groom a successor. He's E/INFJ. I'm voting E for now.Those who portray him as a manipulator say he used personal charisma to influence and effect the weak and downridden if society. He is shown to be moved by miseries of people. He would cry at mention of female infanticide.Muslim sources portray him as a man with a Gid given vision which he strictly adhered to. In personal contact he is almost always shown as kind, understanding individual. I have my own opinion and I too don't agree with the usual ENTJ or ESTJ typing of him. I vote ENFJ.Depends on the sources and perspectives. The kind, reclusive, meditative Muhammad distressed by societal injustices sounds INFJ. The ambitious leader, the utilitarian, the prophet bearing arms sounds ENTJ. The law giver, the model of society is ESTJ. The inspirer, the protector of weak sounds ENFJ. The Muslim source Muhammad is mostly NFJ, challenged and changed the Meccan and Medinan society mostly with diplomacy, persuasion and compromises. The Orientalist Muhammad is more rigid, more authoritative and utilitarian but still a great leader and commander sounds more ETJ.I'll challenge the common notion of him being E_TJ as that only fits the description of him as portrayed by orientalists. I'd go on and say he can very well be an _NFJ. A complete study with different opinions paints a different picture. We forget the role of his close confidants and advisers and thus alot more is attributed to him...