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Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Mars'
Mars MBTI type

Society and Culture

Part of:
Personality Databank

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ISTP - 19
ESTP - 17
ESFJ - 4
ENTP - 3
ENTJ - 3
INTP - 2
INFP - 2
ENFP - 1
ISTJ - 1
ESTJ - 1

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8W7 - 28
7W8 - 5
4W3 - 4
2W3 - 1
3W4 - 1
9W8 - 1

[Famous Enneagram 8]

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Old (unmoderated comments)

873 is a good possibilitydoubt I'm a 7 tbh already mistyped as that b4 but doesn't make much sense looking at my general behavior, especially IRL. I also don't relate at all to the fears of 7s lol if I did i wouldve killed myself alreadyISTP 7w8 sp/sx for you seems rightyou seems very Ti and Se . i will resolve that mistery very soon@Caesar I have seen the light, my dear father. I'm not feeling so good.

MBTI type of Mars

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Find out about Mars personality type

. Oh God. .Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Mars. . com/2017/02/19/turma-da-monica-jovem/ nem cheguei perto de comprar@szero turma da monica mangá AHEUHAU smp tive 1a certa curiosidade porem nunca tive coragem d comprar (mao d vacaaa) pelo q eu lembro do gibi e desenhos da época acho q typearia a Magali como ESFx hmm 7w6 sxso.Which of the 16 personality types is Mars?. deve ter 9 no tritype tb. I need to connect to you through something. Listen my child. At midnight play the game and repeat "I will sell you my soul" 20 times. All the money, power,fame will be yours. How can I access the true plane of existence with the Ouija board Mr. Caesar. Forgot get a Ouija board alsoI promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevi I promise you my soul arai wevioh dude so much stuff went on my page n I just missed everything @DiamondDust hahaha "ENTJ mars" is almost a meme at this point, I score ENTJ on some MBTI tests and act very Te-like IRL when it comes to certain ~responsibilities~ in life (both my parents are Te doms too, one an 873[. ] n other a 136, I picked up many things from them I guess, although I often lecture them abt impractical/wasteful shit they do, which. . . . . @szero Say "I promise you my soul arai wevi" 20 times in real life@szero You have made a poor decision to ignore me. Show me respect or I will cut off your tongueEu acho que o Horácio (dinossauro) é INFJ, olha essa porra mano: https://www. youtube. com/watch. Join meEu comecei a dar uma lida na Turma da Mônica Jovem por tédio puro, minhas suspeitas tentando lembar tb do gibi original: Cebolinha - XNTJ; Cascão - XSTP; Mônica - XNFP. Difícil saber se são I ou E e qual o Eneagrama por causa do jeito das histórias, que eu lembre a Magali é 7 ou 9. Tava curioso. http://i. imgur. jpg Are you sure you're not an ENTJ. Alternatively you are ESxP. You got it. Now imagine the first one has a more reserved attitude whereas the other is more outwardly rebellious in comparison (sexual 6s usually resemble 8s in behavior). Like the phobic 5w6 is the book reader who acts more "gullible" but gets more information to get a conclussion and the counterphobic 5w6 is the one who keeps skeptical about the sources so it gets less but better reviewedJust FYI, when I said "Thinkers" in my previous comment I meant 5s because that's the name I'm used to seeing when reading about them. Anyway, I believe the 5w6 to be more experimental and antiauthoritarian than their phobic counterpart who would be noticeably more by-the-book and loyal to those they trust (although both still have that dominant 5 coldness). If I look for Sheldon Cooper which doesnt seem counterphobic at all then he should be phobic, but he is a person revising information and developing new ways to move in the worldThinkers don't necessarily desire stability, they want to understand how the world works. The main types which may seek stability are the 1 (motivated by wanting perfection) and the 6 (motivated by wanting security). 5w6 challenges the facts when they are blindly followed, whereas 6w5 plays devil's advocate (sometimes out loud, which makes them good debaters). Counterphobic 5w6 is normally the "bad boy" stereotype for ISTPs, for example. 5w6 is the thinker who looks for stability and wants everything to have a sense and not to be done blindly. . . @Synthesizer yes, Bobby Fischer is considered a counterphobic 5w6. Are counterphobic wings a thing. . and I don't have such a negative view on ESTJs but thanks. . I used to be a more clear introvert few years ago (ykno, kinda fitting the angry loner stereotype haha) but I think I've been "getting better" in certain areas, although I still have long, long ways to go. As for enneagram, for now I'm sticking with 8w7 5wcp6 2w1 sp-first, but I guess a point could be made for 862 as well.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: the laugh of an ENTJ 8w7

ESFJ 8w7


Oh come the fuck i wanted to use a kawaii as fuck japanese emoticon

Haha fail! >:)

( ? n?)

Https:// I... I can still be ISFP 9, right, fg-senpai?!! ^_^ jokes aside this test is whack but hey

Hey pls what test is this?

Nevermind, I already found it

No wonder you and I don't get along ESTP

Or an unhealthy ESFJ with 2w3 enneagram

Neeeeeither. ESFJ LOL you’re hilariously shit at this, I had ESFJ on my profile for a little while (not just ESFJ either, had many others) to check how many dumbasses would somehow buy it/what kinda absurd function magic would they use to justify it despite my behavior here contradicting everything that type stands for. But hey, you’re a pussy ass bitch who can’t take ONE (it all started w just one reply from me n u immediately went “you’re SO MEAN!!” vagueing everywhere when I didn’t even notice you weren’t josephty1, n I barely register that dude’s presence HAHAH still barely see you as another real person here, you look n act exactly like josephty1 before cocaine) “rude” comment n still claim to be an 8? This is hilarious good job on making me laugh

I don't take drugs not even caffeine. Trust me there's two weed shops literally a few steps from my house. Not tempted

Okay maybe 50 steps to be precise

I don't understand why people like you and forgot who else, assume that I was on drugs. Unless you count emotions as a drug, I dunno is it because you're a sensor?

okay and my vote changed from ESTP to ENTP 4w3???

and there wasn’t even any ENTP vote expanding brain emoji

B4 the votes showed I rmr that depending on the page apparently ur vote would just reset itself but the previous one still stays in the vote count, n now it’s confirmed this happens bc on some pages it says I haven’t voted when I clearly rmr doing it

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, impaired verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.


so you believe in eugenics?

”Unless you count emotions as a drug, I dunno is it because you're a sensor?” - josephty1, 2017

hey I love that song thank u

we have something in common maybe I am a SENSOR 

autism root word: aut- spontaneous; directed from within -ism This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ISM. It means DOCTRINE, SYSTEM, MANNER, CONDITION, ACT & CHARACTERISTIC.  like Rac-ism the system of discriminating based on race autism is the system of discrimination based on individuality and from -within discrimination against introverts, intuition, and any enneagram 5s INTx or IxTP

maybe you are a SENSOR for liking rick astley 

so you’d say I discriminate against introverts, intuitives, enneagram 5s, INTxs n IxTPs?



"intense need for acceptance"


Thanks for letting us know more abt ESTPs, Joseph!

My fired?

Its good to have enemies, having 0 enemies is unrealisitic

Haters gotta hate, let them hate all they want today

Well I myself consider no person an enemy, but feel free to throw your tantrum

“Motivate your ass, call me Malcom X”

aren’t ESTPs cute?? they just wanna b loved after all <3

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the autoplay on this page is incredible music was meant to be played like this

With all of josephty's pictures it seems like this page is now a museum dedicated to ESTPs.The museum is on an island so you have to go through two pictures of water first and get splashed in the face in the third.  Then you read the signs of protips that accurately deliver the ideology of ESTPs.  You get a few pop-culture examples of what an ESTP is, if you let them have their way, and then a final dose of what makes ESTP tick inside.After the museum is over you discuss with your friends of what you learned and can click on a few videos.

josephty, please die

20 dollars for entance please. Alternatively you can watch a 30 second ad

20 dollars is for renting a boat

I love you. You deserve to accept love in your life.

Yes i agree and need some love too.

Fucking huge red ball of shit!

You and me make a good couple huh?


That effect tho


What makes me cry is the recent Florida School Shooting Victims