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Martin Scorsese MBTI

Myers Briggs type and personality details of 'Martin Scorsese'
Martin Scorsese MBTI type

Television, Movie Industry and Mass Media


ENTP - 9
ENFJ - 6
INFJ - 3
ENFP - 1
ISFJ - 1

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6W5 - 5
5W4 - 1
6W7 - 1

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Old (unmoderated comments)

Well I hesitated between ENFJ and ENTP before I settled on ENTP, but I'm taking my vote back and am now thinking ENFJ makes more sense. I think you can't really compare ESFJ and ENFJ in terms of improvisation as it depends on how well the auxiliary is developped. Young and immature ENFJs can be indecisive, unreflexive. But you're right about tertiary Se, there's also something very Se in his first films (same reason I can't type Refn as a Ne user) which is even more developped in The Last Temptation which deals with flesh/spirit/soul (Se/Ni).

MBTI type of Martin Scorsese

.Phobic 6 making movies about counter-phobic 6. His movies are about people, not about ideas, so Fe-dom.

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. While ESFJ is an interesting possibility, I don't see an ESFJ making a movie about Travis Bickle. ESFJ aren't really interested in people living at ''the edge of society'', it's more common for ENFJ to take interest in the one living outside the community.Information about Myers Briggs Type Indicator of Martin Scorsese. Also making such a controversial movie seems more NFJ than SFJ.I really don't think this guy is a S inferior, judging by his movies, so neither ENTP or INFJ, at the same time, he quite obviously has Fe.Which of the 16 personality types is Martin Scorsese?. His personality is also too in-your-face to be ISFJ. Hm, I want to clear my doubts. He does seem rather ESFJ-ish, or maybe it's just his Italian origins.His thing for violence could be tertiary Se but it could also be just a reflection of street violence due to personal memories. He's quite improvisational tough. What Fe-dom type would be more improvisational? I would say ENFJ because of tertiary Se, while ESFJ with strong Ne are good at incorporating different ideas, their aux Si would still keep them on a straight path. Not sure, but I think the discussion should be ENFJ vs ESFJ, rather than ENTP vs INFJ.Another point against him being ENTX is that he didn't write mostly any of his movies, unlike TRUE ENTP directors who do all the work. I told you before that XNXPs are masters of their own domains; don't forget to quote me.#Bonita, Those are good points. Indeed, even if he might improvise allot, his movies feel like very tradition story-telling, nothing like the unconventional and idiosyncratic nature of a Ne-dom. His thing for improvisation could be understood because Fe-dom are very collaborative, and take in other's feedback allot, instead of just sticking with what they believe things should be. He's kind like Myazaki who I think is INFJ, improvisational yet the end results has this strong feeling of familiarity and conventionality to it.Marty doesn't care about boxing, he only made Raging Bull because Deniro ask him.I won't talk about his quotes because they do point towards ENFJ too (family, religion, etc), but his movies. You see, films made by ENTP directors like Peter Greenaway and T Gilliam are amazingly creative. Marty is creative of course, but his movies are not wild and grandiose and so over the top with a touch of intellect like an ENTP would make them. Marty's movies are violent (Se), and there's also an intention to really affect the viewer in a forceful way - Fe ("Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions." Oh, really?). He wants to touch the viewer, so he doesn't make films impossible to understand, like certain ENTP movies are; you need to know so much from your own part to genuinely like and appreciate a movie made by an ENTP. Marty's films are pure traditional storytelling (he cares about us and he wants to make his points across and clear). Also, his attempt to make a religious movie (The last temptation) was successful, being religion important to him from what I've read. And from my experience, XNFJs are very fond of boxing too (Raging Bull). I just read on Celeb Types: "Unusually for ENTPs, Scorsese also has Dependent traits." Dependency; ENFJs suffer from this the most, and no one can deny that. I think I just won this case. And on why he can't be INFJ maybe another post, but I think it won't be necessary. And I don't like to write too much.I'll post something. Stay tuned.People don't take me seriously here, so why waste my time? It's so easy for me to know he's neither INFJ nor ENTP; I know too much.Well, share your arguments.He's ENFJ. I have a lot of arguments, but I don't feel like writing them down. But basically, his movies are not driven by Ne-dom or neither Ni-dom.The Big Shave (1967), de Martin Scorsese :D's interesting is that in most of his movies, his characters are trying to reconstitute a family or community (often mobsters) against society (the streets in taxi driver, residential areas in the ending of goodfellas). Even Jesus last temptation was a family. They seem scared of the outside (6?). So ENTP 6w5 is not that far from the Woody Allen-like persona that fits Scorsese in real life.I hesitated between ENTP and ENFJ myself. The thing is I have trouble thinking an ENTP would direct movies like The Last Temptation of Christ or the forthcoming Silence. But after all, he didn't write them. I also know some ENFJs who struggle to make choices and stand by them. But they're young and they're Ni is stille weak. I have an ENTP teacher myself. He's very talkative, improvising most of his speach in class, but in a social context he can be such a caring host that you would think he's a Fe dom. But he's well over 50. Not all ENTPs are cold and detached. What would you say about his enneagram?About violence in his films: "Emotional violence I picked up growing up on the streets". "Not glamorous". He's not comfortable with computers and technology, describes himself as an anthropology and history buff.He does not strike me as an introvert. His Fe is obvious though. 52 may be right. Even when he turned to the seminar in his youth - which you could think his evidence for Ni - it was actually because of a young priest, a real life role model, who took care of the kids on the streets.I'm not opposed to seeing him as an ISFJ but none of what you said says Si instead of Ni. Remembering your childhood has little to do with Si or any other function. Tolstoy wrote three books on his growing up and he definitely is not Si-dom.His movies deals with situations that he had to deal in his life, growing up in a violent neighborhood, being raised in a catholic italian family, he was also addicted to coke after his third marriage failed, his storytelling looks more sensing than intuitive.He also has his own style of filmmaking, you know when you're watching one of his movies, because he is very attached to his own style and does it over and over again, like a tradition.He is 71 years old and still remebember very clearly his childhood and the movies that he watched.An interesting thought. I'm not entirely opposed—what's your argument for Si?An interesting thought. I'm not entirely opposed—what's your argument for Si?The Si is strong in this one.INFJ. You wouldn't necessarily know it based on his filmography, but in interviews he is very soft-spoken, humble, and agreeable. Films are complex, character-driven, and profound, and he has directed some of the greatest acting performances in history.